The USA will host The World Games Tour this year in Alabama from 7 to 17 July, where over 100 countries will compete in 34 of the fastest-growing sports in the world. From popular sports like climbing and canoeing to thrill-seeking sports like parachuting and water skiing, Visit The USA rounds up ten destinations across the USA for travellers to design their very own World Games adventure this summer.

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Canoe alongside dolphins at St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Whilst elite athletes will be competing in marathon canoeing at The World Games, travellers can try their hand at a slower-paced canoe experience in the company of dolphins at St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. One of the exotic islands in the Caribbean archipelago, the U.S. Virgin Islands offers dreamy seascapes and an abundance of exhilarating water activities. Enjoy your own canoe race in crystal clear waters whilst bottlenose dolphins swim just inches away, or experience world-class diving, sailing, snorkelling and windsurfing on your island getaway.

Strike while the pins are hot at the oldest bowling alley in the U.S. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Midwest is home to the U.S.’ oldest bowling alley, Holler House, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Boasting five generations of pinsetters since 1908, the alley’s two bowling lanes offer the same bowling experience as a century ago. Keep score by hand while basking in Milwaukee’s breezy city nightlife, nestled in the shores of Lake Michigan. 

Roller skate across Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California

Roller skating has become increasingly popular over the past year as an enjoyable sport for a lazy weekend in the park, but also as a competitive sport; with elite athletes vying for the top spot in speed skating and artistic skating at The World Games. There are few more lively and colourful places to try your hand at roller skating than LA’s famous Venice Beach. Venice Beach Boardwalk spans over two miles, and hosts hundreds of colourful street vendors and even more colourful performers to watch as you zoom by. After your skate, enjoy a refreshing dip in the Pacific Ocean.

Climb out of Robbers Cave in Oklahoma’s infamous outlaw hideout

Climbing has recently captivated audiences’ awe for its dexterity and dizzying challenges, and Oklahoma is home to over 3,000 hectares of forests that may well have provided the original climbing grounds for the Wild West’s toughest outlaws. Some of the area’s best rock climbing and rappelling locales are nestled in the rocky crags of Robbers Cave State Park, where you can trail the rough and tumble days of 19th-century criminals whilst scaling the park’s sandstone cliffs. Those not keen on testing their bouldering skills can enjoy biking, horseback riding and picnicking through the park’s scenic trails, caves and lakes.

Break it down in birthplace of hip hop, The Bronx 

The Bronx is the home of hip hop and the heart of New York Street culture, so if you can’t make it to this year’s World Games, there’s no better place to witness the best of break dancing than at a local tour of The Bronx. From DJs to MCs, B-Boys and graffiti artists, break dancing has a vibrant 40-year living history in The Bronx, and even the most un-coordinated might be inspired to bust a move. Whilst there, head over to The Yankee Stadium to catch a world-class baseball match. 

Parachute over the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania 

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania sit just 90-minutes from NYC – an adventure playground for outdoor fans and nature haven for hikers, mountain bikers and skydiving enthusiasts. If skydiving over Big Pocono will get your heart-rate flying too high, try zip-lining over the treetops or take the Appalachian Mountain Coaster through the valley. 

Shoot some pool in a classic Missouri college town

Columbia in Missouri is a classic college town with a lot going on, including coffeehouses, dive bars, poetry readings and one of the U.S.’s most iconic billiard halls. Booches Billiard Hall is a local hangout dating back to when the American flag only had 38 stars in 1884. The pool hall serves rightfully famous hamburgers on wax paper, and boasts a mixture of pool, billiard and snooker tables with a cinematic atmosphere to boot.

Orienteer through the Appalachian Foothills of Georgia

Orienteering is a sport that combines racing with navigation at this year’s World Games tour, but travellers can perhaps leave behind the stopwatch when they head to the mountains to hike the evergreen trails of Chattahoochee National Forest. Discover tumbling waterfalls and relish in the solace of the Appalachian Foothills by orienteering your way through with a map and compass as your guide. An hour’s drive from Atlanta, this is a getaway not only for budding hikers but foodies alike, with classic American and Southern cuisine scattered across the park. 

Snag a bullseye on a Colorado mountain ranch

Archery is one of the most famous sports to watch at The World Games tour, but it’s also an accessible sport you can try your hand at whilst on holiday. Elk Mountain Ranch overlooking the Arkansas Valley in Colorado is arguably one of the most picturesque ranches in the U.S. with archery classes and ranges. Other action-packed activities available on the ranch include skeet shooting, white water rafting, fly fishing, and horseback riding. After a day of bullseye practice, sit by the campfire and enjoy a square dance or simply sit back and soak up the dramatic view of a sky full of stars. 

Waterski on the New Hampshire lakes

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire offers a traditional summer retreat, and there are fewer better places to waterski. When you’re done with your skis, try a leisurely cruise of Lake Winnipesaukee, or take a relaxing dip at Weirs Beach with ice cream and some arcade games. For those who want to stay dry, discover the 50,000-year-old granite caves at the Polar Caves Park in Rumney. 

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