Dessert-gasm For The Sweet Toothed In Dubai

Fancy chaat arrangements, exotic pizza toppings sided with colourful cocktails and mock-tails, amidst the plush lit background of Dubai- we’ve seen all that. Whilst everyone’s busy taking polaroid clad snaps of the spiciest and trendiest place, what they have been missing out on is some of Dubai’s finest, hidden and splendour struck dessert joints that leave you drooling over everything sweet and more.

Too much sweet sure killed the world and spread diabetes but hey, there ain’t no fun without some guilty indulgence once in a while. And when you do, you need to try some of Dubai’s newest joints that share some sweetly twisted delicacies having you with saliva sprouting in the tongue but a sophisticated selfie smile capturing every dish that has you in complete awe.

Here are 5 newly opened sugar splurge-worthy dessert specialists in Dubai that you must visit rather than the usual touristy spots and have your own experience of Sugar, Gold and of course the perfect skyline cold.

  1. Sukkar Dose 

One look at their Instagram profile gets you caught in a desire to team up a few pals and get going to discover every bit of awesome spelled on their menu. Full of de-stress clad in chocolate, Sukkar gives you a dose you’d never regret. They might be located in Abu Dhabi which is about an hour’s ride from Dubai but going all the way is definitely worth the wait. Be it their Kinder spilled mini pancakes, Lot Us milkshake or the Caught N Candy Bubble Waffle; every bit of delight evokes a sense of utter pleasure as you slip a bite into your mouth an experience what I’d call a tasteful dessertgasm. What’s special? NewTella Milkshake has all those Nutella fanatics having their soul drink finally beat to perfection.

  1. Dip N Dip

Ever since it made its entry into the dessert scene in the desert land, Dip N Dip has been a must stop for locals and tourists alike for its yummylicious items sugared to make you dwell upon each bite. With everything chocolate, this place has a wide variety of appetizing desserts that include the Triple Chocolate Waffle, Caramel Pain Perdu, and Spiced Latte. The Caramel Pain Perdu is a delicious dish that tastes like a hint of butter and cinnamon. The staff is extremely courteous and what better than dining at their Jumeirah branch for some great views.

  1. Freez


I remember when Freez opened in the city, all collegiates and adults alike rushed onto a sugar high with its tempting delicacies, each with a unique angle to them. Their menu is home to a large variety of sinful yet splendid crepes like the Oreo Crepe, the Flake Crepe, and the Crispy Kinder Waffle. If you are someone who’s craving a break from the choco zone, try their Pistachio milkshake as it will have you crunching over some of life’s most simple yet soothing dessert-ed lands.

  1. Sugar Moo

A vegan hit, this newly opened place also doubles up as an online store and if their Instagram profile is not drool-worthy enough, you need to go check out their store. Their bio reads “desserts done differently” and indeed, they live up to it. It will have you finding it hard to decide which creation to go for. Sugar Moo is one of the few places in Dubai that’s got the vegan blues just right. Their Brownie madness in a jar infused with some tasty mousse is a must try and so is the Crazy Cake. They have some really good looking cake options in case you are looking to set the mood right for a special one’s event!

  1. Ice Lab

This is one of Dubai’s best kept hidden secrets with branches spread around the city. Once here, you are sure to find quirk and taste combined with zeal to give you the best sugar rush. One of their must try’s is the Nutella Waffle Stick drizzling with Nutella. If you are someone who screams Nutella in times of dark, this one’s sure to be your best solace. Their Blue Maki Sushi Cake is another twisted taste of dessert for sushi lovers.



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