Karishma Hingorani

Born amidst the madness of Bombay with a fate led by multiple stamps on my passport and a mole on my feet signifying travel, I was bred in Dubai until I began to flirt with this birthright I had been bestowed with. Currently pursuing Masters in Singapore, I am like a parasite that creeps onto any plan that encompasses the usual and gives me a chance to breathe in the world with all its beauty and infinite entirety. A Bollywood fanatic at heart, my heart skips a beat when Raj is found in Switzerland, Naina prays for Bunny on a hill top and Rani decides to go on solo journey to Paris. And I believe in the potentiality of all these dreams to be true kyunki "tum kisi chees ko shidat se chaho, to puri qaynat usse tumse milaane ki koshish me lag jaati hai"