Holi is a coruscating festival of colors, but the Holi colours used today come with synthetic pigments that not only damage our skin and hair but are also hazardous to our health. It becomes really important to protect your hair and skin from Holi colours. Gone are those days when Holi was played with gulaal and flowers. These days the colors that are available in the market are synthetic in nature. These synthetic or chemical-filled colors contain chemicals like lead oxide, mercury sulfide and copper sulfate etc. These chemicals can penetrate your skin and cause damage to your eyes, skin and lungs. These chemicals can also cause:

  •         – Redness in the eyes
  •         – Excess intake of these colors can directly affect your lungs
  •         – Chlorine and Iodine can also cause asthma

This is why a little precaution will save you from a lot of disasters. Here you will find tips to protect your hair and skin from Holi colours.

How To Protect Your Hair And Skin From Holi Colours

It is pretty much clear by now that it is important for you to protect your hair and skin from Holi colours. Nothing to panic about, the process is a little time consuming but then you will be able to play a carefree Holi.

Skin Care Tips: Pre-Holi

Here are a few precautions you can take before you jump into the Holi colours:

  •         – A day before Holi, apply a good amount of body oil to your body. This will hydrate your skin and thus absorb fewer colors.
  •         – If fancy body oils are not available, you can use coconut oil, almond oil or even olive oil on your skin.
  •         – Always remember to clean and tone your skin properly. The primary characteristic of the toner is that it reduces the pore size and prevents the seepage of Holi colours through the pores of your skin.
  •         – You will be playing Holi outside; hence the skin will be exposed to the sun for a long time. Always secure your skin with a broad SPF sunscreen. Never forget to sun protect your skin.
  •         – You can also rub ice on your face, which will help to shut down all the pores and thus colors will be restricted.
  •         – I usually don’t recommend petroleum products, but to restrict these chemicals to enter your skin, apply Vaseline on your eyelids, ears, lips, nails and other exposed areas of your body.
  •         – Apply protective colorless nail paint so that your nails are protected.
  •         – Wear cotton clothes that cover most parts of your body.
  •         – Avoid using makeup; it’s anyway not going to be visible after you are colored.

Skin Care Tips: Post-Holi

After you are done playing, it’s time to remove Holi colours. Remember that you are removing the colors from your skin and you don’t have to be harsh on it. The more you rub your skin the more damage you’ll cause to it.

  •         – Firstly, when it comes to soaps use a mild soap that is not alkaline in nature; it will dry up your skin. Use soaps that have Aloe Vera and mild ingredients.
  •         – Use lukewarm water to remove the Holi colours. Many people think that using warm water will help to remove the colors very easily. The fact is totally opposite that, warm water makes the colors stick more to your body.
  •         – Apply heavy moisturizers on your skin after you remove all the colors. Your dry skin needs treatment. Oil can also be used to moisturize the skin.
  •         – Make face packs for your skin at home. Avoid using the readymade face packs available in the market, they will just add on the chemicals.
  •         – Yogurt and honey face packs will moisturize your skin deep which is exactly what you want after the dryness caused by the chemicals.
  •         – You can make your own cleanser at home using cold milk and any oil that you use (it can also be your body oil or vegetable oils). Mix well and apply with a cotton ball. This will remove the color, repair the damage done by the sun and also moisturize your skin. Win-Win!

Hair Care Tips: Pre-Holi

You can take complete care of your skin but cannot avoid protecting your hair too. Here is what you can do to protect your hair from the Holi colours:

  •         – Apply a leave-in conditioner or a serum to your hair. This will prevent your hair from getting damaged.
  •         – Oil your hair. Use a combination of coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil. Dry hair is more prone to damage.
  •         – It is also good to add a few drops of lemon in this combination if you have dry scalp or dandruff issues.
  •         – Tie your hair. Do not keep your hair open. Open hair is an invitation to all the chemicals around.

Hair Care Tips: Post-Holi

After playing, go slow. Don’t rush to the washroom to wash your hair. Here is what you need to do:

  •         – The first thing that you need to do is brush your hair. This will remove the dry colors from the scalp.
  •         – The next step should be to apply a hair mask. This will not only remove the colors from your scalp but also protect your colored hair from getting stained.
  •         – You can also apply curd both on your skin and on your hair 20 minutes before washing off the color. Curd has lactic acid that will help you to remove the color. The curd will also deeply moisturize your skin and hair and prevent them from getting damaged.
  •         – If you feel your scalp is itchy, wash your hair with apple cider vinegar and water to soothe the scalp.
  •         – You can also use beer at last for nourishment. But I don’t think anyone will be willing to waste a beer. If you are, go ahead! It will make your hair softer and cleaner.
  •         – Once the hair is dry apply some hair oil to nourish and moisturize your scalp.

Always remember to use good organic colors that will not harm your skin and come off easily. Follow these tips to enjoy a safe and carefree Holi!


Should I oil my hair before Holi?

It’s always good to oil your hair a night before Holi to protect it from the chemicals in the colors. Use of coconut oil or castor oil will provide extra nutrition and thus prevents excessive drying of hair after Holi.

Can Holi color cause hair loss?

The chemicals in the colors used to play Holi can damage your scalp and there by cause hair fall. A good hair spa treatment or oiling your hair before playing with colors can prevent this to a great extent.

Can sunscreen protect from Holi colors?

Agood matte-finish water proof sunscreen can protect you not just from the sun but also from the colors too.


  1. Thank you for sharing skincare tips for pre holi and post holi. This information is very helpful to take care of skin in holi.Nice article!!


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