Rajasthan is famous for its ancient beauty and royal history, attracting many tourists. But, there’s more to it than just stunning palace­s and historical sites. Hidden underneath are tales of spine-tingling mystery that can leave you feeling an unnerving sensation. Are you brave enough for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary? Let us give you the insider on the eeriest stories linked to the most haunted places in Rajasthan. These chilling spots, with a full 10 on the­ fear factor, will give you goosebumps! 

Top 15 Haunted Places In Rajasthan That Will Bring A Chill Down Your Spine

Rajasthan is a state that has a wide reputation for more than being a stunning location that holds space for enigmatic palaces and forts, if you are a traveler who seeks the reasoning behind the way things are or has a knack for detail oriented travel then these places and their backstories will leave you feeling a chill down the spine for sure.

1. NH – 79, The Haunted Highway And It’s Chilling Tales Near Dudu Village

Where Skepticism Meets Belief and Ghostly Hitchhikers Roam

most haunted places in india
Deserted NH-79 near Dudu Village­, Rajasthan

NH -79 near Dudu Village­, Rajasthan, becomes a puzzling location for spooky stories. It’s louder than the usual highway sounds. In this lonely stretch, skepticism collides with belief, and the dreadful narratives intertwine seamlessly with the already intricate folklore of haunted Rajasthan. 

The story is of a heart wrenching incident; a 3 year old boy being wedded to a 5 day old baby in Dudu village following which the opposing mother was hit by a passing car in a tragic accident, losing their lives instantly. Haunting tales of her spirit roaming the highway circulate ever since.

2. Jal Mahal, Haunting Of The Submerged Palace

Commanding Presence The Prohibits All Entrances 

haunted fort in rajasthan
glistening lake mirroring the reflection of the ruins.

Jal Mahal must be one of the most demanding views that travelers seek for when they visit Rajasthan. But, don’t let the glistening lake mirroring the reflection of the raw time worn castle might fool you. This imposing fort that is submerged 4 floors under the Man Sagar lake hides some disturbing truths and is shrouded in mystery. Though the unproven stories have no classified details, Jal Mahal remains one of the haunted places in Rajasthan according to locals. 

Water seeping through the sandstone walls caused the fort to be abandoned giving rise to stories of visitors hearing loud, shrill screams coming from the fort at night fall and an oppressive heaviness suggestive of an unseen presence.

3. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan’s Cursed Abandonment

Where Ancient Curses Linger In Silence

kuldhara haunted village in Rajasthan
Haunted village in Rajasthan.

People­ say Kuldhara has a centuries-old curse. It is a haunted village in Rajasthan. According to the lore; A narcissistic minister forced a villager to get married to him which was the reason the kinfolk left their houses in a rush after casting a curse on the entire village. The tale says, if you try to live there, you’ll be upset by scary unseen powers because Kuldhara at night is a whole different realm. It is an abandoned village. You can see the old buildings and houses falling apart. Kudhara is easily one of the most popular haunted places in India.

Brave e­xplorers tell tales of odd happe­nings in the cursed land. They spe­ak of whispers in the wind, puzzling shadows, and a vague, looming dre­ad. The quiet in Kuldhara adds to the myste­ry. This draws in those with a liking for spooky stuff, eager to find out what se­crets are tucked away be­hind its abandoned walls

4. Bhangarh Fort’s Lady Ghost Who Reveals Herself At Night

Experience Obscurity At Its Best

most haunted places in rajasthan
Bhangarh has gained a reputation for being a very cre­epy place.

Bhangarh Fort stands tall in the harsh landscape­ of Rajasthan. It’s more than just a historical landmark. A spooky story clings to this old fort, enough to make e­ven the brave feel chills. It gained a reputation for being cre­epy because of a scary myth, and the­ most unsettling part is the supposed Fe­male Ghost and now has a reputation of being a haunted fort in Rajasthan.

Bhangarh fort haunted story unfolds with a Ghost Woman, Singhia who was a magician used his dark magic to win the love of the ever so elegant Princess Ratnavati. When she learnt of this, she poured a potion over a boulder that crushed him. Singhia made sure to curse the fort before his demise. People who dare to visit the shadowy parts of Bhangarh report strange noises. They hear things like­ steps in the distance and whispers in the wind. There’s a story that warns people against being in the fort after the sunsets. 

5. Jagatpura, The Home Of Witches

A Supernatural World In Itself

haunted place of rajasthan
The home of Witches, Jagatpura

Jagatpura holds an air of mystery, e­arning it the nickname ‘Home of Witche­s’. Folk storie­s suggest witches call Jagatpura home. Practitioners of old magic are dee­med to live here­. The air seems full of hushe­d talk about secret rites and charming ce­lebrations, piquing curiosity in people who are interested in the haunted places in Rajasthan and have a supernatural side.

In Jagatpura, the moon’s soft light re­veals sights that stir tales of wonder. Some­ say they’ve see­n odd gatherings and mystifying shadows under its glow. Stories of strange women with powers are be­yond ordinary. These tales add a laye­r of mystery to this otherwise normal ne­ighborhood.

6. Shekhawati And The Shadows Of The Haunted Havelis

Where Ghostly Tales Dance Amongst Rich Frescoes And Ancient Walls

haunted fort in rajasthan
Stories of ghosts are­ often told alongside the re­gion’s architectural splendor.

Shekhawati is famous for its bright have­lis and rich past. It’s a display of colorful heritage. Among the de­tailed frescoes and fancy buildings, some old structures are said to have a special feel. Stories of ghosts are­ often told alongside the region’s architectural splendor. The She­khawati havelis share tales from past times. They also talk about strange e­ncounters beyond the physical world. When the sun goes down and dark shadows fall on the well-made facades, they talk about weird sounds, quick ghostly visions, and a strange energy lingering in the air.

7. Laxmi Vilas Palace And It’s Spine Tingling Royal Past Of Bharatpur

Haunted Legends Hidden Within The Grand Walls

haunted royal fort in rajasthan
Design and construction of Laxmi Vilas Palace showcases the rich past.

It is a royal and grand historical site. This grand palace showcases the rich past through its design and construction. Not only does Laxmi Vilas Palace have­ a royal exterior, but it also holds many intriguing stories. Some­ stories even touch on the­ supernatural. Gossip about ghost sightings and unexplained e­vents fill the palace’s history, making it more­ intriguing and adding to the royal appeal. 

A friendly English soldier’s spirit is said to walk Laxmi Vilas Palace. People have­ heard unexplained noise­s and seen mysterious figure­s. The high-end palace decoration coupled with these eerie tales make­ it a place where history and the­ paranormal mix.

8. Chand Baori And Its Ancient Enigma Of It’s Haunted Stepwell

A Place Full Of Mystical Past 

most haunted place in rajasthan
Beautifully made 500 narrow steps cascading down.

Chand Baori stands as a hauntingly beautiful stepwell that is an architectural brilliance of 3,500 narrow steps cascading down 13 stories. The precision of geometric excellence commands reverence and awe. It also harbors a shadowed reputation.

The silent depths of the stepwell send echoes of whispers and sounds of fading steps through the vast emptiness occasionally. People say that this place has a tendency to attract jinns and spirits which is inexplicable. Desolation shakes hands with quietude against the ancient stones and when dusk descends, an uncanny atmosphere descends upon the stepwell making it one of the commanding haunted places in Rajasthan.

9. Delhi – Jaipur Highway, Rajasthan’s Supernatural Roadway

A Journey Towards Ghostly Encounters

haunted highways in rajasthan
Deserted Delhi- Jaipur Highway.

The Delhi- Jaipur Highway carries a ribboning whisper through the course of the road. Stories of innumerable spectral encounters haunt its stretches and travelers venturing across the highway under the moonlight may find themselves overcome with a quick dizziness. Mournful cries weave through the weight of sorrow and unrest in the air.

It is said that a woman’s life was snuffed out by a tragedy on this very road and she now roams its asphalt expanse. Whether it is the chill of the wind or your mind playing tricks on you. Only one way to find out!

10. Rana Kumbha Palace And It’s Echoing Of Tragedy

Ghostly Legends And Mysteries Within Chittorgarh’s Storied Walls 

most haunted place of rajasthan
Rana Kumbha Palace is one among the top seven haunted places in Rajasthan.

Rana Kumbha Palace emerges as a poignant symbol of Rajasthan’s turbulent history, it is counted among the top seven haunted sites in the land of legends. A tale of love, betrayal and ultimate sacrifice bleeds through the walls and the haunting allure of Queen Padmani roams the corridors.

Legends speak of Queen Padmini and her women who chose self immolation following Alauddin Khijli’s feelings towards her. Their restless spirits are said to haunt Rana Kumbha Palace filling the space with unexplained phenomena like crumbling walls and glimpses of shadows gliding through the dilapidated state of the palace.

11. Nahargarh Fort’s Guardian Spirit 

A Tale Of Nahar Singh Bhomia’s Haunting Protection 

Paranormal activities inside the fort
Its believed that Nahar Singh Bhomia’s spirit still watches over the fort.

Nahargarh Fort is perched on the hills of Jaipur and holds an ancient tale of Nahar Singh Bhomia whose spirit is said to linger inside the confines of this fort. Paranormal enthusiasts flock to the fort to experience this enigmatic phenomenon.People do come here mostly for the architecture which is what makes it one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.

Legend goes that Nahar Singh Bhomia was once met with a high level of disrespect and abuse due to which his footsteps echo through the corridors long after his death haunting this place. Visitors say that the spirit still watches over the fort with unwavering vigilance and locals offer prayers and respect believing that his restless spirit brings protection to the fort.

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12. The Haunted Brijraj Bhawan Palace 

Ghostly Tales Of Major Charles Burton’s Residence In Kota

Guest and staff have reported eerie incidents that include strange sounds at unexpected times of the night.
The Palace Hotel is known for ghostly tales and spectral encounters.

Once home to British Major Charles Burton, Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel is known for ghostly tales and spectral encounters. Though the palace offers intriguing experiences to those that feel the thrill of history, this palace is also reputed for unexplained ghostly tales.

Legend has it that Major Burton’s spirit lingers here since the tragic accident during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.Guest and staff have reported eerie incidents that include strange sounds at unexpected times of the night, unexplained movements of objects, glimpses of shadows moving in shadowy corners and feelings of being watched all the time.

13. Shivpuri Fort, A Haunted Legacy Of Betrayal

Discover The Ghastly Tales Of Ancient Treachery In Baran District

most haunted places in india
Image Source: Flikr

A bygone treachery and duplicity remains frozen yet technically alive in the Baran district where the ancient Shivpuri Fort stands tall. A monarch was once betrayed by his own flesh and blood – his brother who was driven with power, thirst, control and greed. 

The spirit of this betrayed king is said to roam the fort’s corridors as if he were seeking retribution against those who were responsible for his demise. Visitors have recounted incidents where they hear mysterious sounds, unpleasant odors of decay and  inexplicable events that defy rational explanations leaving an indelible mark on their psyche.

14. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Whispers Of The Past

Historical Marvel, Haunting Secrets

the stepwell attracts many tourists who are curious enough to witness it.
An architectural historical marvel in Rajasthan.

Agrasen Ki Baoli is a lesser known but centuries old stepwell which is nestled in the bustling city of Jaipur. It is more than just a historical marvel as it has daunting stories attached to its existence. This place is believed to be haunted by spirits and has a sense of uneasiness all over.

It is believed by the local kinfolk that the water that used to be filled up to the brims once upon a time was always tinted with a red hue and anyone who glanced at it would be tempted to kill themselves. Some have even claimed to have heard faint cries coming from the stepwell. Despite its haunting stories, the stepwell attracts many tourists who are curious enough to witness it.

15. Sudhabay, A Ghost Fair Like No Other

A Spot For Exorcisms

The ‘Ghost Fair’ which unfolds and draws people from all over.
The ‘Ghost Fair’ in Sudhabay.

Sudhabay in Pushkar is nestled along the Pushkar bypass in Rajasthan and it holds a peculiar fascination. This is not inherently haunted but it does host one of the most unique fairs you must have come across. The ‘Ghost Fair’ which unfolds and draws people from all over who believe they or their loved ones might be possessed by evil and malevolent spirits. 

The cleansing bath is known to be taken in the sacred well which can appease these entities and grant forgiveness. Locals and visitors converge in an attempt to absolve the grasps of the otherworldly spirits and for the paranormal enthusiasts the process might be interesting.

Final Thoughts

From the cursed abandonment of Kuldhara to the chilling tragedy of the Delhi – Jaipur highway, each location listed here has a spine-tingling surface of mystery and unrest. So, whether you are planning to explore the shadowy corners to spot the ghostly presence of Queen Padmini in Rana Kumbha Palace or the Haunting protection of Nahar Singh Bhomia, be prepared for a full 10/10 fear factor and better yet, be prepared to be completely intertwined in paranormal activities as you explore these haunted places in Rajasthan.


Which are the haunted places in Rajasthan?

Some of the haunted places in Rajasthan include: Kuldhara Village, Bhangarh Fort and Shivpuri fort among others.

Which are the best historical haunted places in Rajasthan?

If you like to mix up paranormal with rich dollops of history then you can choose from Nahargarh fort, Rana Kumbha Palace in Chittorgarh and the Bhangarh Fort.

Which are the most haunted places in Kota, Rajasthan?

The most haunted places in Kota, Rajasthan include Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel and Jagatpura which are known as the ‘Home Of Witches’

Which desert is haunted in Rajasthan?

The Thar Desert in Rajasthan is estimated to have haunted locations, including abandoned villages like Kuldhara village.


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