West Bengal is a land known for its rich culture. The land of Tagore and the Victoria Memorial Bengal also has a large selection of sweetmeats. The sheer range of delectable sweets is enough to satisfy your cravings. Doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or not there are an exciting array of dishes every foodie needs to try once. Trust me, you have to try these desserts in Bengal.

1. Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi is one of the most popular desserts in Bengal. Creamy and delicious, made with a blend of thick milk and jaggery this dessert is a must-try. The delicate sweetness of this elegant dish makes it a quintessential dessert and you will want to keep coming back for more. 

desserts in bengal - Mishti Doi
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2. Roshogulla And Rajbhog

A sweet which is extremely popular not only in West Bengal but also in the entire country is the Roshogulla. This soft round sweet is made out of Chenna, dipped into sugary syrup, and is a delight. Its close cousin the Rajbhog is also a famed sweet, with a delicious stuffing of dry fruits, saffron, and cardamon. 

desserts in Bengal - Roshogulla And Rajbhog
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3. Rasmalai

Made of sugary Chenna balls soaked in Malai with a dish of cinnamon, Rasmalai is quite a delectable delight. Cooked in an aromatic concoction of sugar syrup, milk, saffron, pistachios, and kheer it’s a  Bengali sweet you must not miss.

desserts in Bengal - Rasmalai

4. Shondesh

Made with condensed milk, sugar, or jaggery, Shondesh is a dry Bengali sweet that can be molded in various shapes and sizes.  Shondesh is known to have many variants but the one which we would recommend is the Nolen Gurer Shondesh, made with a special kind of jaggery and it’s known to be more delicious.

desserts in Bengal - Shondesh

5. Chom – Chom

This Bengali dessert is a hard miss on the list of must-try desserts. Oval-shaped and coated in flaked coconuts made with chenna, koya, nuts, and cardoman it’s a quintessential sweet in many Bengali households.

dessert in bengal - Chom – Chom
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6. Pantua

Pantua is the cousin of the Gulab jamun. Served on a bed of sugary syrup the darker the balls get the tastier it is known to be. It is made with a combination of milk, sooji, khoya maida, sugar, and ghee. 

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7. Pati Shapta Pitha

Bengal introduces us with a twist to the French crepe with the Pati shapta. This sweet crepe is made with Sooji, rice flour & maida stuffed with coconut, jaggery, and dry fruits. It’s a must-have during festivals and celebrations in Bengal. This is one of the most famous desserts in Bengal.

desserts in bengal - Pati Shapta Pitha
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8. Chanar Jalepi

Chanar Jalepi allows traditional jalebi to experience an exciting variant. Made with chenna khoya and flour this Bengali sweet is best enjoyed when served warm. 

bengali desserts - Chanar Jalepi
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9. Shor Bhaja

A complex dessert made from collecting the cream of boiling milk which is made into squares and then deep fried, Shor Baja makes a lip-smacking dessert. Not known enough outside the Bengali community this is a must-try dessert. It’s served with warm syrup which will elevate your taste buds.  

desserts in Bengali - Shor Bhaja
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10. Chandrapulli

If you wish to satisfy the sweetest of your cravings Chandrapulli should be your top pick among the list of Bengali sweets. A known contender among the sweetest of sweets it is made from cottage cheese, mawa coconut, and jaggery. Chandrapulli is one of the desserts in Bengal and is quite popular during the festival of Durga Puja.

Desserts in Bengal - Chandrapulli

11. Kalo Jam

Shaped into little spheres, these deep-fried dumplings are considered delicious by most. This is a simpler dish and is made in most Bengali households. 

desserts in bengal - Kalo Jam
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12. Payesh and Nolen Gurer Payesh

Payesh is Bengal’s equivalent of kheer. Made from rice and milk Payesh is a Bengali sweet popular throughout the year. Another variant made from Nolem Gur, a type of jaggery is popular during winter.  

desserts in bengal -Payesh & Nolen Gurer Payesh
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13. Mihidana

Mihidana is a grainer version of the well know Boondi. Made from powdered rice, flour, and saffron blended in water which is passed through a thin sieve and deep fried.  Soaked in sugar syrup these are like tiny blasts of flavor in your mouth. 

desserts in bengal - Mihidana

14. Kheer Kadam

Kheer Kadam is the epitome of the saying “best of both worlds”. This exotic sweet tastes like a Roshogulla wrapped in a Sandesh. The double-layered dessert packs a punch making it a definite must-try from the array of Bengali sweets.

desserts in bengal - Kheer Kadam

15. Nikuti

When Chenna, flour, and ghee are kneaded together into oblong balls and deep fried, the sweet Nikuti is born. These are immersed in chilled condensed milk making them a delightful summer treat


16. Joynogor –er-Moa

A delicious concoction of jaggery, puffed rice, and ghee shaped in a ball, Moa is perhaps one of the tastiest Bengali sweets one must try. The recipe originated in Joynagar and is enjoyed by Bengalis in winter.  Don’t call yourself a dessert lover if you haven’t tasted this dessert in Bengal.

Joynogor –er-Moa

17. Langcha

Also, known as Lady Kenny, Langcha’s are a version of the Pantua which are stuffed with raisins and coated with powdered sugar. These are known to be Lady Charollette’s favorite sweet from Bengal, these are named after her. This is one of the best desserts in Bengal. Please try this.

desserts in bengal - Langcha
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From their exquisite designs to their delectable taste, Bengali sweets are known to be a heroine in their cuisine. As you can see the area has a wide variety of sweet meats to offer. So next time don’t dive into the well- know Roshogulla but explore the vast variety of sweets offered and take your taste buds on an exciting journey.

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