In Oman, there are endless choices of experiences and places to visit for every type of traveller. This month, whether you’re seeking to indulge in a beach picnic, or planning to get involved in an adventure, or are going explore cultural wonders, the hidden gems of Oman will not disappoint you. One of them I recently visited is Bandar Al Khayran.

December is my favourite month so I try not to be lazy and ensure to make most of my weekends. For me, this month is about lights, feasts, celebrations and not to forget, travel. Last weekend, I woke up at 6:00 am to explore Oman’s hidden gem.

My Weekend Escape To Bandar Al Khayran

Located just about 45 minutes away from Muscat City, Bandar Al Khayran is one of the best weekend escapes. An ideal hotspot, it has grown popular as the country becomes more and more known for outdoor adventure. Whether it’s a day by the lake or a night camp amidst mountains, it has whatever you need. You don’t always have to spend your holidays in hotels or resorts and Oman has some of the most beautiful landscapes, which you can easily explore by camping.

A true hidden gem, Bandar Al Khayran is nestled between sandy rough mountains and is only 21kilometers away up the hilly road of Qantab. A secluded area, many travellers head here to relax, swim or to experience ‘island camping’. The area is surrounded with crystal clear, emerald waters and soft sand beach that will simply take you by surprise. You can also snorkel here.

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An ultimate location, this area offers activities such as boating, surfing and other water activities. If you decide to spend the night, you can set up a campfire, grill some veggies with chicken or lamb, enjoy the chilly breeze and call it a night. I started my day with a fun adventure exploring the mountains of Bandar Al Khayran as the location offers numerous spots where you can enjoy a view, walk around and climb. Since the soil here is quite loose, be extra careful while you are hiking. Alternatively, these spots offered some great angles to capture. If you love landscape photography, this place is breathtaking! Check out the pictures. 

C:DCIM100 Bandar Al Khayran, Oman
Image Credit: Aahna

Besides just the location, you can also enjoy the beautiful drive. The drive is scenic winding road tucked amidst rocky mountains and there’s also a spectacular view from the top of the hill. Its proximity to the main city is an added advantage. Along the way, you can also drop by Yiti Beach which offers a scenic view, mountains, rocks and the pristine blue water. 


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