Aahna a.k.a RedRidingWanderer

You can call me a wanderlust, crazy flirt… with nature, adventure and tranquility landscapes. I am constantly exploring unknown places to be a globetrotter day-by-day. An ideal way to live like a bird of passage, Aahna Gandhi who is a firm Mumbaikar, a writer by profession, leisure traveler by heart, storytelling experiences in words is my passion. I’m a rover who wants to discover untaken paths and hear stories that exist with it. I love to plan my own trips, adhering to experience the madness of the place. An extrovert by nature, I do not shy away from meeting new people and believe in creating a local connection. Love what you see and see what you love, I am a sightseer simply following my heart, striking items off the bucket-list with an aim to travel the whole world. What I love doing besides, is learning a foreign language, reading about the places I want to visit, dancing a happy foot to music, relish yummy food and adore cute animals and reptiles.