As stairway to heaven is not a reality, instead you can visit Paradise Beach justifying its name to its fullest. Whether you are looking for a replenishing getaway or hair-raising water activities, the Gokarna Paradise Beach perfectly fits the bill. The tranquil ambiance of Paradise Beach Gokarna offers a marvelous opportunity to spend quality time in the lap of Mother Nature. The beach feels like a bassinet with lush green vegetation and cocooning cliffs, making it a perfect destination for an ideal getaway from the daily chores. 

Sleeping on the beach, while witnessing the dazzling starry night sky is now a reality, as the beach offers one of the best places to set up a camp and enjoy. Taking a stroll along the white sandy beach while the cool sea breeze brushing your hair and the cool water splashing at your feet is one of the memorable moments that will etch a mark in your heart.

There Is Something About Paradise Beach

Although there are numerous beaches in Gokarna, Paradise Beach is one of the most secluded and stunning beaches in Gokarna. Stretching to 150 meters in length and 70 % of the seashore is covered with naturally-etched rocks, Paradise Beach is one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Gokarna. Also renowned as the Full Moon Beach, the beach is stacked with an array of adrenaline-pumping water activities like Kayaking, etc allowing you to satiate your thrill-seeking adventurer in you. 

Many years ago, the beach was the favorite destination for hippies, specifically due to the sale of weed. As it came to the notice of the Government, they immediately shut down the shacks, thereby curbing the illegal sale of illicit drugs.

What Can You Do At The Paradise Beach Gokarna

The dazzling white sand and the naturally etched rocks of Paradise Beach allow you to engage in various activities that will make your trip memorable. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into insights into Paradise Beach, the things to do, the best time to visit, the location, and how to get there to make your trip unforgettable.

Witness The Bioluminescence

do not miss the paradise beach gokarna bioluminescence
The bioluminescence is a truly miraculous sight.

Have you ever witnessed the celestial view of the shimmering sea water in the night with a greenish-blue luminescence? The Paradise Beach Gokarna bioluminescence is a truly miraculous sight that occurs due to the combination of the activating enzyme of the Dinoflagellate and light-producing element. So, if you’re planning to witness this mesmeric natural wonder, the ideal time to visit is during the post-monsoon season.

Take A Plunge In The Pristine Waters

Leave all your baggage of worries and stress behind and take a plunge in the pristine waters at Paradise Beach that will leave you starstruck. The beach bears heavy currents, providing one of the best swimming experiences. Unwind yourself with every step you put forth, as the cool water splashes against your feet, giving you a relaxing experience. 

Tip: Please be wary of the low tide and high tide now and then, which restricts you from swimming further deep into the sea. 

Indulge In Kayaking 

paradise beach boating and kayaking
kayaking with a professional guide.

Row-row-row your boats at Gokarna’s one of the most pristine beaches, Paradise Beach, which offers you a perfect place to uncover the section of the expansive sea. One of the thrilling activities added to the plethora of things to do in Gokarna is kayaking. You can rent a kayak with a professional guide from the rental services, allowing you to marvel at the countless small islands, explore the mesmeric sea, and unfurl the oneness of Paradise Beach. 

Estimated Cost: From INR 450 per person.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Go Night Camping 

Do you have sleeping on the beach, as one of the many things to do on your bucket list? The beach fulfills your dream of sleeping on the beach watching the dazzling starry night sky. The remote setting amidst naturally carved rocks that dot the beach makes it an ideal destination for enjoying quality time with your friends and family. After seeking permission from the locals, set up a camp where you can enjoy cooking fresh seafood from the sea, playing football, and so much more.

Length Of The Trek: About 3 kilometers.

Gokarna Beach Night Trek Timings:11:00 PM to 2:00 AM. 

Estimated Cost: From INR 300(For group of 6 people)

Estimated Tariff Per Night: From INR 600 per person, approximately.

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Gokarna Beach Trek

gokarna paradise beach trekking
People trekking to reach Paradise Beach.

Trekking through the rocky terrain to reach Paradise Beach is one of the easiest trails, making it perfect for visitors traveling with their families. As the beach is not accessible by road, you can reach it by motorboat or trek along the shorelines of Half Moon Beach and Kudle Beach. These trails are ideal for bird sightings and scenic views as you hike through the rocky trails to the beach.

Trek distance: 1.1-mile out-and-back trail. 

Estimated Time: 30 min.

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Night Trek

How about engaging in an adventurous trek at night, with the melodious background music of the hushing waves? Yes, you heard that right. Opt for a thrilling night trek at the beach, providing you a chance to engage in an invigorating trek while you soak in the drop-dead gorgeous moonlight starry night. With the guidance of the locals, trek into the forest along the flat-rugged trail to uncover the arresting night views. 

Enjoy The Mesmerizing Sunrise And Sunset 

The beach is renowned for its picturesque vistas of canvas, naturally painted with the subtle amalgamation of the dazzling sunlight of dusk and dawn crashing onto the blue waters.

Sunrise: If you are an early bird, stroll along the beach to witness the arresting sunrise views. The calm breeze brushing your hair while you walk on the white sands to soak in all the stress from your daily life.

Sunset: Do not worry if you missed out on the sunrise, the Sunset views on Paradise Beach are equally mesmerizing, which will leave you bamboozled. Mostly covered by naturally carved rocks dotting the beach, accompanied by the shimmering light of the sun falling on the serene waters, Paradise Beach awaits to woo you with its panoramic vistas.

Rejuvenate Through Meditation

Strike the perfect balance between flexibility and strength by indulging in a replenishing experience by meditating in the serene ambiance of the beach. With the sun flaring down upon you and the melodious background music of a calm sea breeze, the beach offers a perfect setting to replenish your mind and soul. 

Location: Paradise Beach is beautifully set in the serene village of Gokarna, Karnataka. The beach is not directly accessible by road, so you can trek 5 km or 20 minutes from Om Beach, taking you through dense jungle.

How To Get To Paradise Beach Gokarna

beautiful paradise beach in Gokarna.
Paradise Beach view from above .

By Air: Goa International Airport, Dabolim is the nearest airport to Paradise Beach, which is 150 km away. After reaching the airport, you can choose from the various car rental services, which allow you to tread at your own pace and enjoy a hassle-free commute.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Paradise Beach is the Ankola Railway Station, which is 20 km away. After reaching the station, you can opt for the various convenient commutes like bus, auto, or cab.

By Road: Accessible by bus from renowned locations like Bangalore, Mangalore, etc, Gokarna is interconnected through major National and State Highways. 

Paradise Beach to Goa: 137 km

Paradise Beach to Ooty: 430 km

Paradise Beach to Bangalore: 490 km.

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Ferries: Commute to the main Gokarna beach, which is 6 Minutes away from Gokarna city. There are frequent ferry rides intercommuting the beaches in Gokarna, so you do not need to wait for your turn.

Trekking: The beach has numerous trekking routes from Half-Moon Beach, Belekan Beach, or Kudle Beach to reach Paradise Beach. As you hike through the thrilling hiking trails, uncover naturally carved rocky edges, bird sightings, and scenic views of the sea.

Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit Paradise Beach Gokarna is during the post-monsoon and winter months, which oscillate between October and March. The weather during these months is soothing permitting you to tread to the best tourist attractions without breaking a sweat. The Paradise Beach bioluminescence phenomenon generally occurs during the post-monsoon months, making it the ideal time to plan a visit.

Paradise Beach Timings And Entry Fee

The stunning beach is open 24/7 and is free for all.

Fishing Boats: From INR 250 – 300 per person approximately. 

Ferry From Kudle Beach: INR 500 per head

Best Hotel Accommodations Nearby

After a long tiring swim, it calls for comfortable and cozy accommodations allowing you to relax in the calm and homely ambiance. Some of the best stays in Gokarna around Paradise Beach are:

Arthigamya Spa & Resort, Swaswara CGH Earth

Stone Wood Nature Resort

Shadaxari Nilaya

Art Karna

Om Bodhi Retreat

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Although the quaint town of Gokana is bestowed with an array of experiences to indulge in, a visit to the Paradise Beach Gokarna is indispensable. Please let us know about your experiences at Paradise Beach in the comment section below.


How difficult is the Gokarna Beach Trek?

The trek to Gokarna Beach is relatively on the easier side for any person with basic fitness. The trek is not a very exhausting task, although the sun overhead can be a little harsh.

Why is it called Paradise Beach Gokarna?

The beach was a hotspot for hippies due to the rigorous sale of weed, which rightly earned the name of Paradise Beach Gokarna. As soon as the trade caught the eye of the Government, all the illegal activities were curbed.

What is Paradise Beach known for?

Paradise Beach in Gokarna is renowned for its stunning beaches with serene waters, picturesque sunrise and sunset views, exhilarating water sports, and pilgrimage sites.

Can we see sunset in Paradise Beach?

Paradise Beach is one of the most sought-after beaches in Gokarna due to its picturesque scenic views and the drop-dead gorgeous sunrise and sunset views. The reddish-yellow light of the sun falling on the pristine waters is a sight to behold.

Which beach has bioluminescent waves in Gokarna?

One of the rare beaches where you can experience the natural marvel of bioluminescence in Gokarna is Paradise Beach.


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