Backie: Hey Hooman! You forgot to stuff me with all the unnecessary stuff today, so I was open to speaking. Usually, you forget to let your backpack breathe.


But today I will speak for myself.

Hooman: Hey Backie! What’s wrong? Everything okay? You wanna say something?

Backie: Things are not working out between us! WE NEED TO TALK!

Hooman: Umm..?



First of all, I am not your wife, I don’t want to keep nagging all the time. But what is with the unorganised packing? And do you need everything when you head out for a trip? I mean, why do you need 20 shirts with you when you are on a 3-day trip? And what is that tampon for? You don’t even have a girlfriend!
Actually its cool, I like to look fat… Stuff me with everything. Do you have a dinosaur in there?


Know what to pack when you are heading hiking or going to Europe or to Alaska or if you are going for a 7-day trip, take things for a 7-day trip. I am your backpack, not your closet.



Backie: Good! coz I am not done!

Have you ever heard of packing cubes? Why do your moisturiser and sunscreen spill every time? I don’t like liquids on me Hoo… Seal them, pack them in cubes. Cubes are easy to wash. Unless you like to do some extra efforts to wash me. Next time you plan a trip for us please get waterproof packing cubes so that even if you are not organised, I won’t get bothered.

I always see you pack your suitcase so nicely. Just because it’s more spacious than I am? Or its because you don’t have to carry it on your shoulders?

Hooman: Stop overreacting Back!


Back never overreacts

I am waterproof, I save your stuff from rain. What more do you do for me? Stuff me with everything that you don’t need on a trip? Why not keep your suitcase in me next time?

Thank God I have padded straps otherwise you would have dragged me all the way to your destination.

Hooman: Why would I do that Back?

Backie: And why hang me from one strap by the way? How would you feel if you could use only one of your hands? Use both my straps or I am not coming with you to any of your vacations.

Hooman: Got it! I’ll keep that in mind. Anything else?


Backie: No! *_*

Hooman: Back, can I ask you something?

Backie: What??

Hooman: Are you hungry or have I spilt something on you?

Backie: What do you think has made me cranky? I said,” I DON’T LIKE LIQUIDS ON ME HOOOO…”


Hooman: Fineee… I am cleaning it. Gee, relax man! I will improve myself. We can work it out, you don’t need to be so …

Backie: So what??



Here you go, all cleaned up and nice 😀

Backie: Thanx! So where are we going for our next trip?? I think you should start packing bro!

Hooman: High five?




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