Games make travel better and you end up enjoying even the most tedious aspects of the experience. Whether you’re on a trip or at a party, these fun party games work as great icebreakers. These games for a party help you bond and become friends with people you might meet while travelling. These are simple games that do not require too many props, don’t have age limits, and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Play These Entertaining Games For A Party 

1. Assume Nothing: How’s Yours?

The game works on commonalities. Pick a person and ask them to leave the room. The rest of the group must select a common thing that everyone in the group has—eyes, footwear, or an item of clothing. The person who left the room returns and has to guess the chosen item while asking the question, “How’s yours?”. The answers should be one-word adjectives describing the common thing. If guessed correctly, the person gets a point. Games for a party like this will keep you thoroughly entertained. 

2. Avoid Eye Contact To Stay Alive: Medusa

As the legend goes, if you directly look into Medusa’s eyes, you will be turned into stone. Following a similar premise, everyone sits in a circle and puts their head down. Count from five to one, and everyone lifts their heads to look at someone in the circle. If the person you are looking at is looking at someone else, you are safe. But if you look at someone and they make eye contact with you as well, then both of you are out. Keep playing till the groups come down to two players and they are the winners. 

3. Get Your Guard Up: Balloon Duel

Games for a party like this can be played by people of all ages. As the name suggests, you will need balloons. Tie the balloon to the legs of two players. The person who bursts the other player’s balloon is declared the winner. So you must be careful when you attack; make sure to protect your balloon too. This can also be played in a group, and the last man standing with the balloon wins.

4. I Dare You Not To Laugh: Straight Face

Like a ‘try not to laugh’ challenge, to win this game, you must not laugh or smile. You will need a bunch of paper and some pens. Each player takes a piece of paper and writes a funny phrase or sentence. All the slips of paper are put in a bowl and mixed. Sit in a circle and pass the bowl around. Everyone must pick a slip and read it aloud while keeping a straight face. Anyone who smiles or laughs is out. Keep passing the bowl till one person remains and he/she is the winner. If you are playing with kids, you can set rules such as not using curse words. 

5. Not Your Regular Hide And Seek: Sardines

Most of us have played hide and seek growing up, but this game is just the opposite. While one person hides, the rest of the group sets out to find the person. When one of the group members finds the person hiding, they quietly hide too. The last person left looking for everyone, while the rest of the group hides, and loses. 

6. Don’t Show Your Back To Your Enemy: Ostrich Dance

The Ostrich Dance is a two-player game where a piece of paper is taped to each player’s back. The paper has a word written on it. Both players must try to see and read the word written on the other player’s back. The first one to do so wins. Games for a party like this one will require some physical effort and movement. 

7. Try To Make It To The Guest List: I am Hosting A Party

Fun party games like this will require you to pretend you are hosting a party and set a secret rule. The guests are required to bring in something for the party and those who adhere to the secret rule are allowed to enter the party. The rule can be anything—for example, everyone should get something that is in a particular colour or is a food item, and so on. The guests must individually say what they are going to get and thereby guess the secret rule. If the person’s gift or contribution meets your secret criteria you must say, “Yes, you’re invited”; if they fail, reply with a, “No, you can’t bring that”. Play the game until everyone is ‘invited’ to the party.

8. Words And Drawings: Telephone Pictionary

While you know both games individually, it is time to play the fusion version. All the players sit in a circle and everyone has a pen and paper. The players start the game by writing sentences that describe a scene in detail. Everyone passes the paper to the next player. The next player looks at the sentence and tries to draw the scene. Next, fold over the sentence and pass it again. The next player then describes the picture using the drawing. Continue this until the paper reaches the original owner and compare the results. 

9. Be Suspicious Of Everyone: Sticker Stalker

All the players get the same amount of pictures. The goal is to place the stickers on other players’ backs cautiously so they do not realise it. If the other player catches you in the act, you end up getting a sticker. The person with the most number of stickers loses and the first one to use their stickers wins the game. This game for a party can be played over a long period to ensure more fun. 

10. Murder With Your Eyes: Mafia

Prepare slips of paper with the word ‘citizen’ and one slip of paper with the word ‘mafia’ written on them. Mix them well and every player has to pick up a slip of paper. All the players sit in a circle, the one with the ‘mafia’ chit looks at the citizens and kills them by winking at them. The person then announces that he/she is dead. If the citizens end up spotting the mafia in the act, the citizens win. 

Fun Party Games To Set The Mood

These activities help lighten the mood and bring different groups of people together. Bring out that competitive spirit and try to make more friends with these games for a party. If you know of any other fun party games, let us know in the comments below.

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