16 Incredible Virtual Hiking Trails From Around The World

How does a virtual walk in the woods sound right about now?

Yes, we know. Most of us continue to practice social distancing and self-isolation due to the nation-wide lockdowns but, there are only so many zoom calls or Netflix shows we can distract ourselves with. We miss the days when we could just take a walk into the woods as the sun shines between the trees or hike the trails to see some breath-taking landscapes. However, worry not! We have virtual hiking trails from all around the globe that won’t just help as a mental escape from the norm but will also help calm your mind. And, we all know how much of that is needed during these uncertain times.

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Here Are Some Virtual Hiking Tours For You To Try

Step Into The Sprawling Forests Of The Redwood National Park And Virtually Hike Up The James Irvine Trail

Explore The World-Renowned Biodiversity Hot-spot Of France: Mercantour Park

Hike Virtually To A Cliffside Village On The Amalfi Coast In Italy: Positano

Get Up Close With The Canyon Walls Of Grand Canyon National Park With The South Kaibab Trail

Explore The Forestry And The Riverfront Trail Views Along Baker River With The Baker River Trail In Washington USA

Get Ready To Be Awed With Dazzling Views Overlooking The Shoreline As You Hike Along The Kuliouou Ridge Trail In Honolulu, USA

Enjoy The Stunning Views Of Snow-capped Mountains And Lush Green Trails Along The Way Up With Panorama Trail In Switzerland

Hike Through The Hillside Of The Oregon Coastline With Indian Beach Trail In USA

Explore France’s Countryside With A Hike From Loire Valley To The Alps

Witness USA’s Complete Wilderness With Views Of The Dense Forests, Mountains And The Ocean All Together In Kodiak Island In Alaska

Observe The Natural Beauty Of Vancouver Island With A Hike To Juan de Fuca In Canada

View The Intricately Carved Towers And Arches Of Stone At The Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Pass The Brilliant Sapphire Lakes Through The Scandinavian Peninsula With The Totthummeln Hike In Sweden

Experience The Turquoise Blue Waters Of Moraine Lake In Banff National Park, Banff, Canada

Get A Hearty Dose Of Green In The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Check Out The Sandy Terrain Dotted With Looming Pyramids As You Virtually Walk To The Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt

So, Which Of These Tours Are You Trying First?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic if you are missing the outdoors, just pull up one of these videos, lay back on your couch and get transported to the mountains of Switzerland or the rugged Oregon coastline. In reality, hiking might be tough, but now you can enjoy all the hard-earned views from the safety of your couch with these virtual hiking trails. And let us know about your virtual experiences in the comments below.

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