The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this place is “I’m in Miami B**ch”. It’s like you can’t be in London and not say “It’s London Baby” – Joey style. It’s as simple as that.

The way Hollywood, or even Bollywood, has shown Miami would leave every normal human being drooling for whatever they lay their eyes on. From the chiselled statue-like bodies with oiled up pecs and biceps to beautiful sun-screened curves, men and women go crazy in Miami (literally and figuratively). It’s like a party city unlike any other, where there is an artistic tradition to partying.

Art Deco Night-Life in South Beach at Ocean Drive

The city is artistically astonishing. The colours strike you from a distance and the dramatic backdrop help create an emotion begging to be explored. Things might look extremely lavish, but here, it’s all about the appearance. The city has been in the history books and Narcos has showed us how, but that’s not the only thing Miami is famous for. Their restored architectural beauty still is a playground with poolside terraces and plush nightclubs.

As life in Miami is culturally diverse, and as you walk the streets – there is a smell of eastern and western cuisine. Everything big, bold and beautiful is Miami. Art and Design have practically evolved from the streets – this can be seen on the big walls that have beautiful murals. Every shop has a certain character to it, and even if you are not a big shopper – you will want to take memorabilia from almost every store. I found myself reaching out to my wallet for art pieces that I never understood. It really is captivating.

Nicely painted buildings in Wynwood art and fashion district.

For a party animal like me – Miami just told me to do things that I never thought I could. The sunset colors fill the sky and music was in the air. There was a weird scene in Spiderman when Tobey Maguire starts dancing on the street – I didn’t look like that, I had a little more grace and women enjoyed what they saw (at least that’s what I believe happened). When night covers itself on the city – it is mental. The vibe, the buzz, the scenes that take over are un-bloody-believable (pardon my British). Every party at every nook and corner has a theme or form of dance that you can completely lose yourself in. On my 2nd night there I danced Bachata, Zuke and even Flamenco – all night long. With drinks, dance and the fun of meeting new people, Miami seemed like the perfect holiday spot.

Either the sun kisses you or you are kissed by women/men, you will be left wondering why not live here forever. From tropical gardens to museums, experimental cuisine and state parks, the bling of Miami also comes from the natural beauty in the shores. With a gazillion adventures and parties that will unfold, your holiday will turn into a festival with every passing moment you spend – This is Miami b**ch (it really is a song you won’t stop humming)


  1. This looks soo good.. Missed out going to Miami due to the Zika virus.. Hopefully soon.. This article makes me plan another trip to the states!


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