Grand Palace Bangkok has been stealing hearts and captivating imaginations for centuries because of the dazzling spectacle that it is! It has been stealing hearts and captivating imaginations for centuries. The rich tones, history and stunning architecture makes this temple complex a paradise for photographers and regular tourists alike.

The Grand Palace has stood as a majestic symbol of Thailand’s cultural heritage, since its inception in 1782, serving as both the royal residence and a sacred site for the important ceremonies and gatherings. 

We highly advise visitors to be wary of strangers who might try to scam you, standing outside and waiting to make their next mischievous move to misguide you. It would be an added advantage for you to have a keen eye so you can navigate these obstacles and uncover the true splendor of this top-tier attraction.

The Grand Palace’s Story: From Wooden Wonder To Royal Spectacle!

royal family of thailand
Grand Palace in Bangkok is living tale of Thailand’s majestic past.

Venture on an odyssey through the annals of time as you deep dive into the metamorphosis of Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace Bangkok  is not just a monument but a living tale of Thailand’s majestic past, sprawling across 218,000 square feet. Originally this palace was crafted entirely from wood, this architectural marvel has gone through centuries of evolution, transforming from humble beginnings into the wondrous masterpiece we see today.

The Palace was once a private sanctuary for the Royal family, now it opens its doors to curious travelers and eager history buffs alike. The meticulous carvings whisper grandeur and grace and each step you take draws you deeper into the royalty. From state functions to royal ceremonies, this majestic site continues to play a vital role in declaring itself as a living testament to Thailand’s cultural heritage.

So what sets the Grand Palace apart then? Without a doubt its eclectic styles and charming asymmetry which is a reflection of its organic growth over centuries. Each reigning king has left their mark which is imbibed into the architecture of this Palace, wonders so mystical it leaves you spellbound and one of the best things to do in Bangkok.

How To Get There?

You can simply walk up to the Grand Palace if you are staying around Khao San Road, it’s just a 20-25 minute stroll, and trust us, the way up to the palace is absolutely gorgeous! There are multiple ways to reach and regardless of whether you choose to skirt the edge of the lush Royal Field or follow the road nearest the river, you’re in for a treat.

You can also choose to cruise along the Chao Phraya River by hopping on to a river taxi for an inexpensive and exciting ride. Not only will you avoid the hassle of traffic but you will be able to get a stunning river scenery.

If you have access to the BTS Skytrain, Saphan Taskin station is your go-to. Keep following the signs to the bot pier, then hop on a river taxi heading nine stops north to the Tha Chang (elephant) pier. 

Grand Palace Bangkok Opening Hours And Entrance Fees!

The stunning architecture of the palace from outside.

The Grand Palace Bangkok timings are 8:30 a.m until 3.30 pm, seven days in the week. If you feel skeptical about the timings and wish to confirm before you arrive then you can feel free to call the trusty hotel reception at +66 2 623 5500- extension 3100

Grand Palace Bangkok tickets – The Grand Palace asks for 500 baht per person (that’s around US $16). But hey, trust us when we say it’s worth every penny!

You can also snag a little bonus by going for the audio tour for an extra 200 baht and learn more about the palace’s rich history and hidden gems.

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Dress Code Decoded: How To Slay The Grand Palace Style Game!

There is one golden rule you must know before you step foot into the dazzling realm of the grand palace: The dress code! It’s all about keeping it classy and not making any unsaid statements through the clothes you wear.

Sleeves are a must for the ladies, shorts are a no-go, and your pants need to be in tip-top shape – without any tears or tight fits. You can wear anything that aligns with the royal standards.

Men need to wear long pants and if ladies wish to wear dresses then they need to wear knee-covering dresses.

Flip-flops may be allowed but remember to slip them off before entering sacred spaces.

In case you find yourself at the entrance where you are not allowed to enter because of your clothes being in conflict with the dress code, fear not! You can always rent some appropriate attire at the entrance.

Gems Of Grand Palace: Discover The Attractions!

From the revered Temple of the Emerald Buddha to the majestic Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall, each gem within the palace complex promises a unique learning.

Wat Phra Kaew: Home To The Sacred Emerald Buddha

grand palace bangkok entrance fee
Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Step into the hallowed precincts of Wat Phra Kaew, a bastion of profound spiritual significance housing the venerated Emerald Buddha.

Immerse yourself in the spiritual heart of Bangkok as you step into the hallowed grounds of Wat Phra Kaew. It is also known as the temple of the Emerald Buddha. This revered sanctuary is nestled within the majestic Grand Palace and it draws the visitors in with its ancient allure and profound reverence. The Emerald Buddha lies in the heart of the temple and is a revered symbol of Thai Buddhism. The sacred statue exudes an aura of tranquility and divine presence, encased in gleaming gold robes. You can witness the solemn ceremony of robe- changing which is performed by HM the King to invoke blessings upon the kingdom with the changing of the seasons.

You must also visit the towering Yakshas who are the mystical guardians of the temple, standing sentinel with the imposing stature. It is truly a sight to behold. 

Phra Mondop at Bangkok’s Grand Palace, A Resplendent Marvel

Phra Mondop, an architectural marvel at Bangkok’s Grand Palace captivates with its intricate design and historical significance

As you let the amazing Phra Mondop’s timeless wonder and ancient wisdom set in your vision you will notice the golden stupa next to it. A relaxed walk towards the entrance will leave you bewitched by the imposing beauty that adorns the outside of the Mondop. The walls on the outside are adorned with green tiles that are mirrored and adorned with gold medallions that symbolize the visage of Buddha, glowing with vigor under the radiant sun, casting a hypnotizing aura of tranquility.

The mother-of-pearl inlay book cabinet is placed at the entrance depicting the sacred scriptures that are present inside. The ancient wisdom lurks very strongly in the form of a dense scent within the confines of this space and draws you deeper into the santun of enlightenment.

It’s not over yet, wait for sixteen twelve-cornered columns that rise in majestic splendor, just when you thought you have seen it all. Impeccable craftsmanship screams at the top of its potential and is absolutely unparalleled. It isn’t very often that we see such immaculate detailing in today’s mechanical design standards and the artistry here leaves you in awe of the timeless beauty that is all around.

Witness The Asurawayupak And The Mysteries Of Thai Mythology

the grand palace bangkok attractions
Asurawayupak inside the Grand Palace.

Dive right into the enigmatic folklore that reflects in the presence of this sculpture.

Age old tales are weaves delicately in the world of Thai mythology, the installation of Asurawayupak stands in front of you as a captivating and influential presence taking you back to the worn out times of intriguing wonder. The Asura is symbolic of a mythical creature giving it a mystical allure where you can’t help but wonder – ‘who this mysterious being was?’ and ‘what were the secrets it guarded within the depths of its domain?’ the Asurawayupak was unlike any other demon, one of the Hindu- Buddhist traditional demons who possessed the body of a majestic bird and the head of an Asura. The lore goes deeper than your imagination and will graze at your curiosity. Asurawayupak was said to be a dweller in the lush forests of Himmaphan. It’s a must see when you visit the Grand Palace Bangkok.

Marvel At The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall

Dusit Maha Prasat is where grandeur meets history and mesmerizing display of architectural brilliance.

The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne is a towering symbol of royal magnificence which is located within the famous Grand Palace. Spreading freely towards the sky, the highlight of this place are the unique spires that extend up to the heavens. The wave format of the spires at the roof are eye-catching and command its presence, one can’t help but notice how it affects the surrounding landscapes.

The hall stands as a vision of King Rama 1 who imposed the structure and design to reflect a sense of grandiosity of a royal energy, the ornate details that catch your attention here sparkle in the sunlight as timeless embellishments exuding a dignified and elegant aura.

This hall offers a very immersive take on an era that was so strong in making a statement that its presence can be felt even ages after it has gone out of style. It forces you to think about the modern methods we adopt to design spaces, prioritizing time efficiency that impacts the quality and how time consuming plans can leave a lasting impression. 

Final Thoughts

The Grand Palace Bangkok stands as  a testament to Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and majestic past. The dazzling architecture, captivating mythological sculptures and sacred temples all give you a glimpse into the bygone era and a must visit as it leaves a long lasting impression on you.


How to get to the Grand Palace?

Take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taskin station. From there, follow the signs to the boat pier and board the river taxi. A simple cruise along the Chao Phraya River disembarking at the Tha Chang (Elephant) pier. It is a short walk from here to the entrance of the palace.

Who lives at Bangkok’s Grand Palace?

The Bangkok Grand Palace is not a residential palace; it serves as a historical and ceremonial site for royal functions and events.

Is it worth visiting the Grand Palace?

It is a revered symbol of the rich heritage of Thailand, if you are visiting for the first time then it is customary to visit aside from the fact that it is truly worth it.


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