Bangkok is the thriving heart of Southeast Asia, where the vibrant city invites you with open arms. Picture this: A cityscape where primitive temples tell you stories of a worn away era, they stand silently around the corner with futuristic shops that redefine the very meaning of modernity. We are here with the agenda to uncover the enigma that is hidden inside Bangkok. Even mundane activities like people-watching on the backpacker strip becomes a brilliant exercise and meditation sessions force you to introspect. So let’s get into the top things to do in Bangkok for your upcoming Bangkok trip.

Things To Do In Bangkok For Your Upcoming Trip

Eat Your Heart Away At Ban Tad Thong

bangkok is famous for its street food
laid-back food experience at BAn Tad Thong road.

The never ending saga of food in the bustling Ban Tad Thong Road is a thorough curation.This place has undergone a true sense of metamorphosis. The street now boasts 50 eateries, that are traditional dishes with a modern flare, as you walk along both sides of this place,, you will come across a vibrant selection of options, from Japanese delis to Thai-style hotpots. Ban Tad Thong boasts of a relaxed charm, making it an ideal locale for a laid-back food experience of scrumptious delights. 


-Jeh Bow’sHainan Chicken Rice:Get ready to have your taste buds tantalized with succulent flavors because this dish is a culinary masterpiece

-Rod Dee Ded: For the lovers of fine dining, this exquisite steakhouse with day-aged beef is a dream come true.

-Jeh Oh:  Renowned for its exceptional tom-yum noodles, this eatery is a proud Michelin Guide-featured eatery

How To Reach?

Ban Tad Thong is situated just a short stroll away from both the BTS (National Stadium Station) making the commute convenient. For those traveling at night, the well-lit paths ensure a safe journey, A free bus service is also provided by the university.

Indulge In The Art Of Thai Massage At Asia Herb Association!

Thai massage is top bangkok attractions
Melt the stress and tension away with a Thai massage.

When in Thailand, Do what they do! Hidden away amidst the bustling streets of Bangkok is Asia Herb Association, Sort of tranquil haven, inviting weary souls to experience the art of Thai massage like never before.  This establishment gives a tailored massage experience that elevates your expectations, the services are tailor made for locals and also foreigners.

The professionals here are trained and have the expertise. You can really relax and leave the cares of the world behind.  Melt the stress and tension away during your time here. You can be seeking relief from muscle soreness or simply craving a moment of indulgence. Whatever be the reason for your visit, you will leave feeling revitalized, which is why it is one of the top things to do in Bangkok city.


-Tailored Treatments To You Special Needs:They offer a variety of massage treatments, including traditional  oil massages, Thai massages, the rejuvenating Thai herbal ball treatment and invigorating scrubs. You can use the sheet presented to you to tick the focus areas upon arrival, specifying health concerns, and desired pressure levels.

-Hospitality and Expertise: Expect nothing short of exceptional service and expertise from the moment you step foot into Asia Herb Association. Receptionists are fluent in English and a team of skilled massage therapists, every moment of your experience is crafted for your comfort and satisfaction.

How to Reach?

Simply navigate to the main outlet near the Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station and you have arrived.

Chinatown, Of Narrow Alleys, Dangling Lanterns, And Gastronomic Feasts 

what is bangkok famous for
Decorated Chinatown street in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Chinatown is a never ending pursuit of all that is alluring. The best time to visit Chinatown is in the afternoon, where the chaotic charm reaches its end. The air here is thick with the aroma of traditional herbal medicines. This bustling place is located ahead of Yaowarat Road, and gives you an unparalleled sensory spectacle, captivating the senses with its over crowded market alleys. 

Allow yourself to get lost in the labyrinth of alleys, because half the adventure lies in getting completely entangled in the vibrant madness. Watch closely as the sun dips below the horizon, and Chinatown unfolds with fantastic street food stalls along the Thanon Yaowarat. 


-Herbal Wonderland: The intoxicating scents of traditional herbal medicines take over, adding a touch of ancient mystique to the lively atmosphere.

-Glimmering Gold and Jade: The narrow alleys are always brimming with treasures – from gaudy gold and jade shops that gleam with brightness. 

How to Reach?

Take the underground MRT to Hua Lamphong station and take a short walk from there to the market or use a tuk-tuk or a local taxi

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Discover Secret Vantage Points And Timeless Views Of Wat Arun With A Dash Of Adventure!

bangkok tourism is booming with many tourists visits.
Wat Arun on the banks of Chao Phraya River.

Within the enchanting backdrop of Thailand’s temples, Wat Arun emerges as a luminary and a beacon on the West Bank of the Chao Phraya River that invites the visitors with an aura of mystique. The sun gracefully casts an ethereal glow upon the colorfully adorned tiles and sets behind its silhouette, and you realize how Wat Arun earns its moniker – the Temple of Dawn. 

You can gaze upon the glorious structure bathed in twilight hues as the sun takes its final bow, creating a vision of breathtaking silhouette shots that etch the beauty of Wat Arun in your long term memory. Yet, it can be a challenge to catch the perfect vantage point on the East bank of the Chao Phraya River.


-ViVi the Coffee Place Parking Spot: Perched right beside ViVi the Coffee Place, this parking spot which was very unknown once upon a time has become a renowned secret spot. You can catch the most enchanting views of Wat Arun at Night or Wat Arun at Sunset here.

-Supanniga Eating Room: Right next to the first secret spot, discover another gem right beside Supanniga Eating Room. Walk down the alley for an enchanting view that reveals the mystique of Wat Arun.

How To Reach?

Take a boat on the Chao Phraya River, just a 15-20 minute journey.

You can take a BTS train and alight at the Saphan Taksin station – your gateway to Wat Arun.

Chatuchak Market Extravaganza – Where Shopaholic Dreams Come True

bangkok thailand shopping
Colorful collection of shoes on display at Chatuchak Market.

Work your way to the retail dream at the awe-inspiring Chatuchak Market! It is a humongous shopping spot that offers a better experience than just shopping. It’s kind of a sensory overload, that feels amazing! You can let that inner explorer go wild completely and enjoy the flavors of street snacks and soak in the retail extravaganza that Bangkok has to offer. The exotic plants here bask in the sunlight and the spontaneous smiles while the sizzling street food tempt the taste buds of every person on every corner. What is Bangkok famous for? An unspoken camaraderie that thrives in the bylanes, making the shoppers connect with one another in a shared quest of shopping. This unsaid bonding leaves a mark on your experiences, making it one of the unmissable things to do in Bangkok with kids

The ones that have an eye for detail and handcrafted souvenirs will be astounded to find a plethora of knick knacks sprawling across. The vivacity of this market seeps through your very soul. There are 15,000 stalls. Yes, you read that correctly! This market is a shopaholic’s dream come true. The best part? It does not break the bank account. It is absolutely free to visit but we cannot guarantee that you will not be tempted to splurge a bit.


-Market: Chatuchak, is literally a retail hub with more than 8,000 stalls of street snacks to quirky vintage things.

-Shop for the smart ones: This is the place where your street smartness is put to test. Homeware, plants, knick knacks, you can find it here before it gets popular worldwide.

How to Reach?

Chatuchak Market is easily accessible by public transport. You can take the BTS train to the nearest station.

Go To The Lumphini Park: A Green Respite In The Middle Of Urban Chaos

bangkok tour packages
Lumphini Park is a serene gem for morning joggers.

Timing is mandatory to unlock the full potential of Lumphini Park. Best time to visit is during the early morning or the serene late evening, when the sun’s fiery presence has mellowed, and the ambient temperature compliments the transition of hues in the sky.

Lumphini Park is a serene gem that uncovers itself as you journey into the heart of Bangkok’s urban tapestry. At the center of Lumphini Park lies a wonderful artificial lake, this one offers more than what meets the eye. You can spot a small island in the middle with winding paths and cozy benches, creating an idyllic setting for relaxed weekends and moments of reflection.

This park is almost a verdant antidote to the restlessness of the traffic sounds blaring through the city at all times. Lumphini Park, is thoroughly draped in a cloak of chlorophyll, it invites you to rejuvenate and revitalize yourself in between the manicured lawns


-Pedalo: You can boat along the glassy lake on swan-shaped pedalos

-Tai Chi: You can join the locals as they gracefully embrace the dawn with tai chi, almost transforming the park into an open-air studio.

How to Reach?

You can easily access the Park via public transport or a stroll from nearby areas.

Warehouse 30, Creativity Ignites Here, Art Flourishes The The Coffee Brews

cafes and restaurants in Bangkok
Lady at work at Warehouse 30.

Warehouse 30  is the heart that beats in Bangkok keeping its soul alive! No we did not just exaggerate. It is a reimagined factory that stands tall and symbolizes the city’s artistic evolution. It was completely transformed into a vibrant hub and the industrial look houses galleries and cafes that are way too chic to handle. The space is very visionary with a raw, undulated style of unkempt and eclectic feel. It is located in the Bang Rak district and has become a hub for creative minds, drawing them all towards cultural vitality.

Warehouse 30 transcends its industrial roots, breathing new life into a post World War II-era building with a modern flair. You can truly let loose and immerse yourself in a sensory journey as you explore, explore the curated shops or engage with vibrant workspaces.


-Gallery: Dive into a treasure trove of artistic expressions within the studios and galleries

-Café Culture: Lay back in style at the chic café, where every sip is coupled with the electric buzz of creative energy.

-Lectures and Exhibitions: Feed your intellectual curiosity with regular lectures and exhibitions. The calendar of events is very vibrant, offering insights into the dynamic Thai art scene.

How to Reach?

Warehouse 30 is conveniently located in the Bang Rak district. A leisurely walk from there will get you to the destination.

By SkyTrain – Saphan Taksin BTS station Exit 2

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Final Thoughts

The wisdom of seasoned explorers has been listed to curate the ultimate activities that defy budget constraints and enrich the soul. This whirlwind of experiences will leave you enlightened and utterly enamored with the vivacious spirit of Bangkok Thailand. Street food sizzles on makeshift stalls, tempting you to embark on a delicious adventure. Michelin-starred venues whisper promises of culinary mastery. Whatever you like to personally experience, Our list of things to do in Bangkok will definitely cover it.


What to know before visiting Bangkok?

Some of the useful things to know before visiting Bangkok are:
– Get a map, even though there are a lot of guides, it is always helpful to have one.
– Barter system is still thriving in some tourist places, so make the most of it.
– Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

What are the best things to do in Bangkok for couples?

Enjoy a cup of Erawan Tea at the Erawan Tea Room, You can choose to admire the breathtaking city views at the Mahanakhon Skywalk or simply watch an exciting Muay Thai match together in your hotel room.

What are the best water sports activities to do in Bangkok?

Scuba diving is a popular water sport, many visitors who frequently go to Bangkok enjoy the sport without fail.


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