Black Rock City in the United States is famous for its annual event, The Burning Man. I am here to give you some ideas for your perfect burning man costume.

But first a little bit of history!

This event is essentially influenced by ten main principals; Radical Inclusion, Radical self-reliance, Radical self-expression, Communal effort, Civic responsibility, Gifting, Decommodification, Participation, Immediacy, and leave no trace. The name of the event came from the symbolic ritual burning of a large wooden effigy. Not going much into history, let’s talk about the future. Here are the outfit essentials for burning man.

Ideas For Burning Man Costume


Retro sunglasses that are funky and go with your surroundings. The best part tip to follow while selecting your burning man costume is that you don’t need to care about matching your costumes. You can go crazy with colours and still look great! Make sure you remember protecting your eyes.

Burning man 2019

Crystal Goggles

Crystal goggles are funky and you can stay rest assured that they will look super cool with your entire attire. The catch is that you don’t just need to wear it on your eyes you can also wear it over your hat. Which brings us to the next accessory, Hat!

Outback Hat

While selecting a hat you can be as careless as you want to be because there are tons of options for you to buy a Hat for your outfit. But make sure you do carry a hat because the fact is that you have to roam around in the desert and it can get really hot. You don’t want to end up getting a sunstroke.


A desert headscarf is a perfect accessory for the events that are dusty. They come in a wide variety and colours schemes. The only problem is that you might get obsessed with them.

Hydration Pack

Keeping yourself hydrated is a blessing that you can give to yourself. Desert can be really harsh to you and keeping yourself hydrated is the key to survival. The best part is that it goes perfectly with your outfit.

Faux Fur Coat

You might not want to wear them in the day but trust me, they will make you survive the nights when it can get very cold. You can mix and match them with different coloured leggings, which by the way, will also keep you warm.

Burning man costume
Fur coat


Here is a tip, do not go for a plain and boring legging to wear. Instead, go for an animal print or just some print. Here is your chance to be all funky. Don’t spoil it by being a nerd. Go crazy with your look. Cotton is a better choice for you to wear rather than wool or synthetic as it will keep you cool in the day an warm at night.

Fanny Pack

Fanny pack is essential for you, more than it being a fashion accessory. With all the funky look that you are carrying, can be destroyed by just carrying a handkerchief or a lipstick in your hand. Enter… Fanny packs. They hide your necessary items and make you look cool. There are a variety of fanny packs available in the market for you to buy and complete your outfit.

Fanny Packs

Leather Belt

Funky leather belts are available in the market. Make sure if you want to wear this, you wear a plain top. A funky top and a funky belt can be a little too much. You want to be subtly funky. You know what I mean 😛

Hooded Blanket Cape

At night it can get really cold. That is where you can use a hooded blanket cape. There are available easily and that too in a wide range. You can select your colour and pattern to go with and you are ready to rock!

Gold Temporary Tattoos

For some reason, these golden temporary face tattoos have been really in for burning man festival. It gives a funky and ethnic look to your outfit and also maintains a balance between you looking like a junk and beautiful. The best part is that they come off really easily so putting them on your face or any other part of your body should not be a problem.

Paper Parasol

Two important things this Paper parasol will do for you that they make you look completely cool and make you stay protected from the sun. They are extremely affordable and are easily available in the market.

Handheld Fans

These handheld fans have great use when you are out in deserts. If you are planning to wear makeup, this will save your day. Try putting on waterproof makeup. But for precaution, keep a handheld fan with you so that you don’t end up looking like a cookie monster.

Harem Pants

Harem pants are extremely comfortable while you are out in the sun. They can go with a skin-tight top and some funky jewellery. Add some colours to your harem pants and you are good to go.

Funky Wig

One of the top ten principles is self-expression. So try to be as funky as possible, that’s the mantra. A crazy wig will add funk to your look and you will not have to do much about it.

Funky wigs

Tribal Jewellery

Tribal jewellery is so in these days that you don’t need to worry about matching these funk jewellery with anything. The coin jewellery is especially very beautiful and you can match them with not only one outfit but many others as well.

Ruffle Shawls

Super in, super light, super comfortable and super warm. This is exactly what you are looking for when you go-ahead to a dessert festival. This keeps you warm and helps you look great.

I hope the article will help you to plan your outfits for the burning man event. Do let us know in the comments section about your experience.

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