Do you love to hike? Then the Wadi Al Arbeieen In Oman is one of the places to go to find adventure. 

Located in the Al Sharqiyah region in Oman, Wadi Al Arbaeen is around 125 Km from Muscat (about a 1 hour road trip) which also includes 35 minutes of off-road driving to get to the pretty looking waterfall. Once you arrive, you must take a dip in the freshwater pools and experience the scenic views. 

Picture Credits: Aahana Gandhi

This wadi is home to many turquoise pools in different sizes. While it is considered as a favourite picnic destination among the locals, this wadi is untouched because fewer people come here. It’s a challenging place to get to due to the off-road drive. Compared to the other wadis, this is one of the most natural Wadis in Oman. 

Why You Should Trek There

The wadi is quite an empty place so you may get an eerie feeling, especially when you’re further in. Besides the trek, you can also have a picnic here and also enjoy some water activities such as swimming. If you want to spend more time between the mountains and palm grooves, you can camp overnight to get the best experience of the place. On a day trip, it’s ideal to spend between 3 – 4 hours to explore the wadi completely. 

Waterfall At Wadi Al Arbeieen In Oman
Picture Credits: Aahana Gandhi

If you’ve trekked before, you’ll probably know the type of footwear required due to climb on the rocks. For me, the best thing was that it was my first trek to the Wadis of Oman. So, it felt a lot more natural and pleasant. As you drive further in you will notice another small village and palm grooves ahead of you, and you may probably want to stop near the waterfall there. After spending some time here, do go deeper in the wadi since it is cleaner and more serene. When you start your hike, you will see more waterfalls and rocks, which only get more magnificent the further you go in. 

Picture Credits: Aahana Gandhi
Things to carry before you go to Wadi Al Arbeieen:

I found the walk to the wadi to be a bit challenging as it goes through rocks, a few ponds and shrubs. Here is what I recommend you carry:

  • You’ll definitely need a four-wheel-drive car to get there as it’s an off-road drive
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Snacks
  • Lots of drinking water
  • If you’re going to swim – appropriate swimming clothes and towel
  • Comfortable and waterproof footwear


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