Honduras Tourism – How safe is it Travellers?

Known as the home to Mesoamerican cultures, Honduras represents the Republic of Central America. Honduras is stretched over a land cover of about 1,12,492 sq km with a population cover of nine million. Honduras signifies its aesthetic value with its rich cover of natural resources including the cultivation of tropical fruit, minerals, coffee and sugar cane. It is known for its unsurpassable textile production which glorifies Honduras in the global market. Honduras tourism is definitely piquing interests but there is some concern when it comes to safety. Before finding an answer to ‘how safe is Honduras for travellers?’, let us discuss the socio-economic status of Honduras.

While we talk about the present scenario in Honduras, one thing is clear that Honduras still rules the export market for fruits. Honduras still holds on to its position of being the dominant grain exporting country of Central America. Besides, it also clinches in the second position from top in the list of Central America’s largest coffee producers.

The socio-economic state of Honduras

Talking from economic perspectives, Honduras struggles from inequal commercial distributions. The primary cause of this inequality is the high rate of unemployment. Today, the economy of Honduras is dependent on exports of coffee, bananas, apparels, automobile wire harnessing, US trade and the remittances. Statistics show that Honduras economy registered about 3.1 to 4.0 per cent of economic growth from the year 2010 to 2017. The rising public debt faced by Honduras in the year was squashed by the low prices of oil and increase in the investor’s confidence.

How safe is Honduras?

While researching about Honduras tourism, one thing is evident that Honduras travel guides are not earning much. The reason is that majority of the tourists avoid travelling to this country, as Honduras’ crime rate refrains them from doing so. Advise given when travelling to Honduras is usually to reconsider the travel on account of the increasing Honduras crimes such as violent gang activity, rape, trafficking, armed robbery and street crimes.

What are the safety measures or some precautionary steps suggested by Honduras travel guides?

To travel safely in Honduras and protect yourself from falling victim to crimes in Honduras, the Honduras travel guide issues the following safety measures:

  • Keep yourself aware of your surroundings while you travel in Honduras
  • As far as possible, try to avoid night journeys, including night walks, staying out too late, driving at night or taking an overnight bus
  • Never try to resist any crime on your own
  • Read the Honduras travel advice to be extra vigilant while you make your next ATM visits
  • Honduras travel guide issues a circular to the travellers namely ‘how safe is Honduras’ which contains alerts over wealth display and use of cell phones in traffic.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy and locate your country’s embassy number and address in Honduras so you can contact or visit them in case of an emergency
  • Keep yourself updated on local news

People who travel abroad should always have a contingency plan for emergency situations. Your Honduras travel guide briefs you about the contingency plan as a part of your Honduras tourism.

Honduras Tourism for Solo Travellers

Honduras tourism alerts solo travellers to try refraining themselves from travelling to Honduras alone due to the increase in many Honduras crimes. Honduras travel advice timely notifies the travellers that if they want to visit Honduras, you are responsible for your safety. It is advisable to avoid all travels as Honduras tourism cannot vouch for your life, safety and security. Even the non-essential trips to Honduras must be avoided.

It is a pity that Honduras portrays such an image as the land itself has plenty of things to offer the wandering soul. Travelling to Honduras might not be your worst decision, but do your due diligence in terms of research and take every necessary precaution. Travel safe!

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