The Maldives, a dream destination, has many little Islands waiting to be explored. Its pristine beaches, soothing weather, exotic corals and blue water makes this place effortlessly beautiful. When there is abundance of natural beauty around, why settle for just a few. How about some island hopping in Maldives?  Out of the 1200 Islands only 200 are inhabited by locals, while the rest are private islands with resorts and villas offering luxurious accommodations. One visit may not be enough to see them all but for a real taste of multiple islands get on an island hopping tour. Come let’s get you closer to these extraordinary Islands where each has something unique to offer.

Which Island To Choose In Maldives For Island Hopping 

With so many little Islands in Maldives, it might get very challenging to choose the right one. There are the less frequented ones, there are the uninhabited islands and surprisingly some man-made Islands too. So here we are to help narrow down on some of the best for your Island hopping in Maldives. 

Male Island – The Capital City

Beautiful island of maldives
Best settings for a relaxed vacation

Male the capital of Maldives is the best place to start your island hopping tour Maldives. It is a destination where you can experience romance and adventure to its fullest. The brilliantly lit buildings, luxurious resorts and restaurants will make you fall in love with the place the very first time you set foot on it. Island hopping in male has everything to satisfy a traveler’s wanderlust. 

Baros Island – A Pleasure Paradise

Luxurious island hopping destination
Resting chairs on white sand with crystal clear water of Baros Island

With picturesque views, turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs, Baros Island is a paradise for couples looking for a dreamy getaway. Candlelight dinner at a platform in the middle of a crystal clear lagoon with white sand under your feet, having a drink in a lounge bar on a towering lighthouse with 360 degrees views are the highlights of this island. Though it is higher on the expense side, Baros resort in Baros Island is definitely worth adding to your Island hopping list.

Mirihi Island – Most Romantic Destination

romantic destination for island hopping in male
Most popular Honeymoon destination in the world

Mirihi, a small island in the Alif Dhaal atoll is acclaimed as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Be it to celebrate a very special occasion or just to spend time with your partner, Mirihi Island is the place to make lifelong memories. The pollution-free air, delicious cuisine, magnificent views, numerous marine life activities and experiences makes it an ideal spot for island hopping in Maldives. 

Vaadhoo Island – Sea Of Stars

 Vaadhoo island hopping tour maldives
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Situated in the northern side of Raa Atoll, the Vaadhoo Island is known for its Sea of Stars magic. During the day, it is just like any other beach in Maldives but it is during the night that the magic is revealed. After sunset the entire beach glows with millions of tiny fluorescent blue specks. This natural phenomena is due to the bioluminescent planktons floating near the shore. To witness this truly blissful sight, a stop at Vaadhoo Island is a must.

Biyadhoo Island – Abode For Snorkeling

 island hopping with marine activities
Snorkeling in the blue water of Biyadhoo Island

This gorgeous little island with perfect tides and winds is the best place for ocean activities like snorkeling and diving. An international diving school on the island is an added advantage in terms of assistance to tourists in finding the best snorkeling or diving spots. Other activities like paddle boarding, canoeing, windsurfing, and sailing are also popular. As Biyadhoo is a premier destination for water sports, it has emerged as one of the famous islands in Maldives for hopping.

How To Do Island Hopping In Maldives

Be it a private or public Island, the whole of Maldives is connected by good inter-island conveyances. From inexpensive and expensive ones too, there are many options for island hopping in Maldives.  However choosing the right conveyance totally depends on one’s budget and time duration. There are a lot of experienced tour operators’ functioning to make island hopping smooth and a comfortable experience for you. Let’s take a look at the options available.

Public Boats 

how to do island hopping in maldives
Public boats that ferry tourist to different islands

Public boats also called as Dhonis are traditional boats that are not only easy on the pocket but also convenient to travel in. They are the most widely used mode used for Island hopping due to their nominal prices. Maximum for a 10 hours journey will cost around 10 USD and for a short sea transfer around 2 USD. These are boats that can accommodate 50 to 100 people at a time. The only drawback is that they are slow and time-consuming. Apart from Fridays these boats are operational on all days before sunset. 


Best way to commute while island hopping
High speed boats for island hopping

A faster way of exploring the island of Maldives is by motor speedboats. They are great options to commute between the islands. You get to choose between private and public speed boats. Private speed boats are generally used by the resorts to carry people from one island to another, however public speedboats have a fixed schedule and are operated for the whole day. The price of private speedboats are ten times more than the public ones. Capacity of the speedboats are to carry around 20 to 25 people at a time. 


Fastest ways to Island hopp
The fastest and luxurious mode of transport

The fastest and luxurious way to commute between islands is via seaplane also called an air taxi. Despite the high prices, visitors opt for this mode of transportation to experience the breathtaking view of the Maldives from above. Seaplanes can accommodate up to 18 people at a time and have no fixed schedule. One needs to book the flight online in advance.

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Some Facts About Island Hopping In Maldives

  • All sea and air transfers stop almost an hour before the sunset, so plan accordingly.
  • Opt for multi-resort stays to experience most of the Islands in less time.
  • Make a list of things to do and check if these facilities are available before making a booking.
  • If you are planning to visit an island in the far corners of the country, then stick to just one resort and one Island.
  • To hop from one island to another, it will most likely require a transfer back to Male to get into another transportation for the next resort.

Island hopping in Maldives will help you explore the paradise to its fullest. It’s sure to surprise you, entice you and revive you, all at the same time. Come make memories with your loved ones with a trip to the country of Islands soon. If you have Island hopped in Maldives before, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Which island in Maldives has the most activities?

Maafushi Island, just 25 kilometers away from Male have various water activities that can keep travelers occupied throughout their stay.

Which is the best time to go Island hopping in the Maldives?

The summer months between December to April is the best time for Island hopping in Maldives. 

How many days are ideal for Island hopping in the Maldives?

deally, 4 to 5 days is a good time to explore the major Islands of Maldives.


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