Where Legendary Stories Are Made

So, even the great Sherlock Holmes would not be able to figure out the mysteries this mystical land has. The news that comes out of this country is insane, and people honestly wait to hear about things – get paid to marry an Icelandic girl (while this is hilarious) and equal pay for women and men at workplaces (this is brilliant). But one of the greatest things that put Iceland on the map was its support for the men’s football team during the Euros’16 (read about it, it’s epic). It literally is where legendary stories are made – just that nobody knows how. The one consistent magic that has fascinated the whole world – Northern Lights. It is one of reasons it is the greatest show that Mother Nature puts up for us, and Iceland is part of many bucket lists.

You Never Know What You’d See

The feeling of being one with the elements cannot be felt anywhere else. Through your gazillion layers of clothes (because as Indians we do feel especially chilly) you will still be able to be one with nature. Iceland is developing into a country that cannot be ignored. The smell and view of a volcano, geysers showboating with their steam, the echo of ice covered volcanoes and the amazing walks created by glacier cuts through the mountain. And even though humans arrived quite late, it seemed like the perfect layover for animal migration. From birds to wildlife at sea, these islands were a safe haven of sorts. Trust me I looked around a lot to find Big Foot, but didn’t find the clan at all – but the sightings you will enjoy are humpback and blue whales.

I bet these (whales and dolphins) guys underwater have conversations about who is the better athlete – and then they acrobatically leap out of the water. As a kid when I watched Free Willy all I wanted to do was have a Killer Whale/Orca as my pet and best friend, clearly since that was not possible. Seeing them in their natural environment was a tear-jerking moment. Maybe at some point in my life, I will get that poster of me with Willy jumping over me. And then the distinctly recognizable Puffins – for these guys Iceland is their home – they mate, they dance, they live and they relish every moment, and so should you.

You Will Never Expect What You’d Do

Many people would think, a place like Iceland is quite outdated and would be a good place to camp, have an adventure and then tick things off the Mother Nature bucket list. On the contrary, Reykjavik will give other cities a run for their money. From captivating art to engraved history, to bars, to cafes and then the late-night partying. Because of the beautiful landscapes, the music festival scenes compliment the talented bands in ways that we never imagine Iceland to be. Home-grown bands (Kaleo) and creative DJs have now got the much-needed exposure. Once you are done with a night of partying with Iceland, you will beg them to constantly have you part of their guest list. It will be one of the most unexpected experiences you would ever have.

Icelandic Hi & Byes

This is one place you would never want to say bye to. The people of Iceland, are one of the most hardworking and friendly you would ever meet because they want you to enjoy every passing second. The transformation of this place is yet to be completed but whatever happens, they will preserve the nature that gave birth to them, while inviting people to visit. Some beautiful things just captivate your imagination, time and interest so much – that irrespective of what, where or how-  its LEGENDARY!


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