A Leisurely Stay At Himalaica, Bhowali

Picture this: Pine trees singing with the wind, a quaint house in the woods, three furry Bhutani dogs, a warm fireplace in the night to keep you cosy. Himalaica in Bhowali, Uttarakhand is all this and more.

Indoor seating at Himalaica,Bhowali
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das
How To Reach Himalaica, Bhowali

Nestled amidst tall pine trees and far from any commercial properties, Himalaica is just the getaway you need from Delhi. Regular trains run from Delhi to Kathgodam (an easy 6-hour long train). From Kathgodam, Bhowali is just an hour drive away. You will also cross Bhimtal on the way and the drive is absolutely picturesque.

About Himalaica

They have six private, exclusive and very tastefully done up rooms. Each room has its own character. Our room had a warm and cosy bed and two windows from where we could see a great view of the property.

The Garden at Himalaica, Bhowali
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das
Rooms at Himalaica, Bhowali
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das

If you love gardens and flowers, then Himalaica is a paradise waiting to be explored. Every nook and corner of this property is laden with rare and beautiful flowers which are painstakingly taken care of over eighteen years by the wonderful owners of this property: Uttam and Shalini Davé.

As soon as you enter the property, you will most likely be greeted by their friendly dogs: Cyber, Lhasa and Raja. They will be your companions all throughout the stay just like they were for us. You will spot a beautifully landscaped garden with many blooming flowers as soon as you enter Himalaica.

Once inside, you will see their Gazebo, which is one of the most striking parts of this property. Lined with glass walls and overlooking the garden, this is a relaxing area where you can sit with the dogs, have coffee, read or just listen to your kind of music on their surround sound speakers by Bose.

A dog on a couch
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das

They have a small sitting area with tables as well on the side. In every nook and corner, you will spot elements that Uttam and Shalini have collected over the years. Right from their exquisite owl statues collection, to poems by Rudyard Kipling that have been written on stone slates, Tibetan sculptures and much more.

The study room at himalaica, Bhowali
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das

The entire property has a spiritual and meditative quality, it might be something to do with the ancient temple that exists under a large oak tree on the premises, dedicated to the Earth God.

Built mostly by local craftsmen, the property achieves a unique character that seamlessly meshes a traditional country style with modern comfort – drawing its inspiration from the past, living in the present, and looking into the future.

Outdoor area of himalaica, Bhowali
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das
Outdoor area of himalaica, Bhowali
PC: Nikita Das
Outdoor area of himalaica, Bhowali
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das

In the evenings, you can relax by the fireplace and read. Or you can even devour their amazing movies DVD collection which has been kept in the TV room. Himalaica is a place where you can pause and reflect, and live in the moment of calmness.

Living room with a dog on the couch
Photo courtesy: Nikita Das

To make a booking you can check out Himalaica’s official website here.

Things To Do In and Around Bhowali

Since Bhowali is a small city, one can do a lot of nature walks here and just relax in the midst of nature. Apart from that, one of the best things to do in Bhowali is to visit the Shyamkhet tea gardens to see their tea estate.

You can also go for a drive to Nainital, which is just one hour away from Bhowali. From a leisurely stroll at the Mall Road to taking a boat ride in the Naini Lake; there are lots of things to do in Nainital.

Mukteshwar is also just as close to Bhowali. Here you can visit the famous Chowli Ki Jali, the Mukteshwar temple, try out adventure sports and much more.

All in all, your stay at Bhowali and Himalaica can be a welcome change from your usual city life.


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