These shorts for spring vacation are one of those lists where you can flaunt your wardrobe. Summers are anyway a good time to flaunt your wardrobes. Girls have plenty of different styles to flaunt in their summer collection. But do you actually know how much variety we have for spring shorts itself? Well, many! You have no idea how many outfits can you draw from these and how amazing can you look, gorgeous! Here is some help for you to know the shorts for a spring vacation list and select what you think will make you comfortable and is your style.

1. High waist shorts

High waist shorts are usually at least 8 centimetres (3 inches) higher than the navel of the wearer. High-waist shorts are inspired by high-waist pants from the ’70s. These shorts for spring vacations are so cool and in trend these days. There are so many tops wears to wear with them.

Pair it with: Crop top or a Simple tank top

Accessories: Danglers and a cotton scarf

Footwear: Sneakers, Gladiators

Shorts for spring vacation
Black High waist shorts

2. Sanctuary field shorts

These are essential shorts for spring vacation. Sanctuary field shorts are provided with a side slit for extra comfort. Sneakers to go with these and you are beach-ready, trek-ready, city-ready and life ready. This has no limit to comfort, my girl.

Pair it with: Boyfriend shirts or loose t-shirts

Accessories: Studs, nose pin, watch

Footwear: Sneakers

Sanctuary field shorts for spring vacation
Sanctuary field shorts

3. Sailor shorts

Sailor shorts are made from 100% canvas cotton. Sailor shorts are one of those shorts that are so durable that they will last till you are grey and still gorgeous enough to carry them. These are high-rise shorts and are widely available online. These can be worn with tank tops or full-sleeve tops. These shorts give a royal vibe to the look. This is a must-have collection of shorts for spring vacation.

Pair it with: tank tops or full-sleeve tops

Accessories: Sunglasses

Footwear: Gladiators

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4. Cut- off shorts

Cut-off shorts are not cut in the usual way. They are cut in a v-shape, unlike others. Other shorts are cut straight. This style makes it more like a raw look. These might have ripped pockets to make them more trendy. These are widely available in denim.

Pair it with: Shirt (preferably a boyfriend shirt), a spaghetti top or a crop top

Accessories: A simple neck chain with a simple pendant

Footwear: Stiletto, pumps, sneakers, gladiators

Cut-off shorts for spring vacation
Cut-off shorts

5. High rise cotton shorts

More like high-waist shorts but these shorts are specifically made of cotton. Shorts for spring vacation and shorts for summer collection are filled with these. They look very trendy and attractive. High-rise cotton shorts have cotton which makes them soft enough to be comfortable in them. Denim is a thick fabric, high-rise cotton shorts can easily replace them with the same look and style.

Pair it with: T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, off-shoulder tops

Accessories: Sunglasses are enough to accessorise them.

Footwear: Sneakers

High rise cotton shorts for spring vacation
High rise cotton shorts

6. Buttoned high waist shorts

Buttoned high waist shorts need not necessarily be a denim style or cotton style. Buttoned high-waist shorts are differentiated on the basis of the buttons. They have a number of buttons on the top and above the navel. Take these shorts for spring vacation and you are all set for party wear or beachwear.

Pair it with: Crop tops and a long shrug over it, an off-shoulder top with long sleeves

Accessories: Summer Hats

Footwear: Boots, gladiators

Also read: Types of hats to wear these shorts with.

High buttoned shorts for spring vacation
High buttoned shorts

7. Wedgie fit shorts

Wedgie shorts are one mischievous pair of shorts. They are particularly designed to hug your hips. That makes you flaunt those hips. Yup! heard that right. They are designed to show off your assets. Levi’s provides you with a high variety of these shorts in an affordable price range.

Pair this with: Half sleeve t-shirt

Accessories: Try them without any.

Footwear: Sneakers

wedgie shorts for spring vacation
wedgie shorts for the slaying look

8. Cosabella shorts

Cosabella provides you with boxers and all sorts of women’s shorts. Probably you will get everything that you require from your shorts for spring vacation list. Cosabella provides very cute boxers that not only make for comfortable sleepwear but can also be worn outside on the beach. Since it is mostly for nightwear, we won’t give you any suggestions on what to wear with this. Comfort is your own choice and independence.

9. Hudson shorts

Hudson provides you with Valeri cut off five pocket shorts. They are stretchable and have a soft denim fabric. Hudson has other shorts too which means they have a wide collection of shorts and all in different styles. But Valeri cut-off shorts make Hudson a brand to be known for.

Pair it with: Loose t-shirt

Footwear: Sneakers

Denim shorts with scarf belt and 5 pockets
Denim shorts with scarf belt and 5 pockets

10. A-line shorts

A-line shorts give you a look for skirts but are way more comfortable than skirts. Because of the shape, these are called A-line shorts. Derek Lam has a high waist, high buttoned pair of shorts in the category for A-line skirts. Basic or printed, both ways, they make a great appearance and style statement.

Pair it with: Tank top (tucked inside the skirt completely )

Accessories: Sunglasses and hair half tied.

Footwear: Loafers, Sneakers, gladiators

Blue A-line short for spring collection
Blue A-line shorts with peach top

11. Paper bag waist shorts

One of the favourites of shorts for spring vacation is paper bag waist shorts. These come with the same coloured belt that can be tied in a bow shape. They are not skin-tight which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. They have an elastic waist, a tie, and belt loops for that tie. The breathable fabric makes them the king of shorts for spring vacation.

Pair it with: Slim fit shirts, Tank tops, crop tops

Accessories: Sunglasses

Footwear: Gladiator heels, Stilettos

Paper bag shorts for spring vacation
Brown Paper bag shorts with a light brown top

12. Denim shorts

Basic shorts and the most commonly worn shorts for spring vacation. Think about summer shorts, and denim shorts are the first ones to come to your mind. No doubt! There is nothing this piece doesn’t go with. You can experiment as much as you want with these.

Denim shorts, savior shorts for spring vacation
Denim shorts, saviours

13. Printed shorts

Beachwear, summer wear, Spring wear, PRINT WEAR! Nowadays there are many cute printed shorts available in the market or online. And since they are printed, there are so many prints on the shorts that you can add to your spring collection. Polka prints, floral prints, stripes prints, ethnic prints, checked print are a few prints that should be a part of your shorts for spring collection wardrobe.

Pair it with: T-shirts, tops

Footwear: sneakers, gladiators, heels, loafers

Striped shorts for spring vacation
Striped black and white shorts with a grey t-shirt

14. Lace Shorts

Every girl should at least be the owner of one pair of lace shorts. These can make any attire be party ready for you on vacations. It feels confusing to think of top wear with them. But do not be too dressy about these. Lace shorts are already dressy. Think of something that is basic and simple.

Pair it with: Bright tank top, Blouse, denim shirt, bralette, or something like a cameo top

Accessories: Hat, watch, bracelet, cute neckpiece. You can try wearing a pair of sheer tights or stockings underneath it too.

Footwear: Pumps. Block heels, Flats, sandals

Lace shorts for spring vacation
Yellow lace shorts, black bag with fringe and rose-coloured glasses.

15. Skorts

A skort is a pair of shorts with a fabric resembling a skirt covering the front, with a pair of shorts hidden underneath. Skorts are tanner comfortable and also look amazingly elegant. It is not just sportswear, it is much more than that if worn properly. High waist skort is one such form.

Pair it with: Blouse, Crop top

Accessories: A smart pair of earrings will look mind-blowing with these

Footwear: Stilettos

Skorts for vacation time
Skorts not just for playing, but for styling too

16. Buttercup shorts

Buttercup shorts can flatter you a lot mostly because of the scalloped edge. Their edges give them a fancier look. The fabric is soft and breathable for buttercup shorts which make them perfect for beachwear or summer city wear.

Pair it with: off- shoulder tops or printed shirts (if the shorts are plain)

Accessories: Neckpiece

Footwear: Gladiators

17. Over-all shorts

Over-all shorts or dungaree shorts are easy and classy shorts to get in. No shorts are cuter than overall shorts. Plus they come in comfortable sizes. Mostly overall shorts are available in denim fabric but few brands provide more colours to them and are cotton based.

Pair it with: A white T-shirt (works both in denim and other colours)

Footwear: Sneakers

Over-all shorts for casual look
Over-all shorts for a vacation look

18. Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts or walk shorts are slightly longer in length. They don’t come in any particular fabric and are often designed using different types of fabric. Most commonly, Bermuda shorts come in cotton and denim fabrics. They are comfortable to walk or to work in.

Pair it with: T-shirts, blouse, shirts

Footwear: Flat sandals, Loafers, Sneakers

There you go, girl! This is the list of must-have shorts for spring vacations for you. Choose your style and look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Please tell us in the comments section below if there are any other types of shorts that you know can be worn on a spring vacation. Share the article if it helped you select your spring or summer vacation outfit!


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