If you are a Chelsea boots fan and you plan to buy them for the upcoming winter destination travel, you should know everything about these babies. You can buy Chelsea boots without knowing about them but its always better to know what you are buying. Here we will tell you about the characteristics and material that brands offer in Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots

So let’s start with the history of Chelsea boots

J. Sparks-Hall who was the inventor of these shoes was the shoemaker of Queen Victoria. He came up with the idea to use vulcanised rubber at the ankle to put on the boots and take them off easily. Later in the 1950s, it became an evident fashion.

Characteristics of Chelsea boots:

You would want to know what makes Chelsea boots so different from others. So yeah! Here is everything that makes Chelsea different from others.

1. Ankle length:
Not above the ankles, not below the ankles, its right at ankle height.

2. Heels:
Chelsea boots have low heels and rounded toes. This characteristic is similar to that of Oxford shoes.

3. Parts of the shoe:
The vamp and the quarters are the two parts of the Chelsea boots that are both made from a single piece of leather. These two pieces are joined by vulcanized rubber or elastic.

Note: The quarters and the vamp are not sewn one on top of the other. They are sewn together in one plain just below the ankle.

4. Elastic strip:
This elastic strip that joins the pieces of leather extends to just below the ankle and not all the way down to the sole.

5. No laces:
Since these shoes do not have laces, they have little loops with which you can pull up the shoe. Without the laces, it’s tough to get a good fit at the foot and at the ankle. These loops help you achieve that fit.

Things to keep in mind when you plan to buy a Chelsea boot:

1. You have to make sure that the fit is right. It can be very uncomfortable otherwise.

    2. Few brands sell Chelsea boots with zippers, THOSE ARE NOT CHELSEA BOOTS! Do not fall for it.
    3. When you are looking for the shoe, make sure you that you know what weather you are going to face while travelling. A suede material for the boots is not good for a rainy season. It will absorb the moisture. If you are travelling to a destination that is prone to rains, go for regular leather.
    4. Also, take a dark colour. Goes with everything.

Brands that offer great Chelsea boots:

  • Zara
  • Sorel

Let’s start off with ZARA.


These shoes from Zara are made with perfection. The upper material is made of 70% polyurethane, 30% polyester and the lining is made of 75% polyurethane, 25% polyester. The composition of the sole and slip sole are 100% thermoplastic rubber and 100% polyurethane respectively. They are flat ankle boots that are studded at the back. There is slight metallic detailing in the front. These boots are just perfect to make your travel warm, comfortable and stylish.

Chelsea boots
Picture source: Zara


These cute and winter perfect shoes are made for your comfort and to flaunt your style. They are comfortable to walk in and stay in all day. The upper material is made up of leather and elastane and the lining has 45% cotton, 10% polyamide which makes it comfortable and soft. The sole is made up of 100% polyurethane thermoplastic. The specifics of these boots are that there are decorative seams on the top, two elastic side panels for slipping on with ease, leather insoles and black soles that just make these shoes stylish and eye-catching.

 Chelsea boots
Picture source: Zara

Sorel Chelsea boots:


The beautiful shoes are waterproof and with a matte finish rubber. It has a breathable mesh that keeps you dry and comfortable, while a moulded rubber outsole that keeps you slip-free. It comes with removable perforated moulded PU-like EVA footbed and a mesh top cover for breathability and moisture evacuation.

Chelsea boots
Picture source: Sorel


These Chelsea boots are more than perfect under jeans. These are highly waterproof and versatile. Specification about the Chelsea boots is that the upper part is made from a full grain leather with synthetic lining. Outsole has moulded rubber as the material and the heel height is almost 2 inches.

Chelsea boots
Picture source: Sorel

So …

Chelsea boots

Buy your style and stay in style and comfort for the entire day. Travel comfort should not be compromised with style.

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