Who doesn’t like winter? Who doesn’t like travelling to a winter destination and wearing winter clothes? Winter probably is the best time to travel. Unlike summer travel you will surely not sweat and you can stay as cosy as you want to (that depends upon how warm you want your winter clothes to be). You can walk in a quilt or wear just a feather.
But for the people who are in between these two categories, there is good news for you guys. We are here to help you pack for the winter destinations. Here are a few must-have winter clothes for you to take along on a winter vacation.

Winter clothes for women

Women have a black hole in their wardrobes. Every morning every item has vanished and they have nothing to wear. We give you the opportunity to get more confused with choices by telling you what is missing from your wardrobe. Here are a few must-have winter clothes for you. Thank us later girls!

Cashmere Sweater

A cashmere sweater is made from cashmere wool fibre that is obtained from the neck region of Cashmere and other goats. A cashmere sweater is rich winter wear. Investing in a cashmere sweater is worth it. Because of two reasons; a) You can pair this lovely thing with anything you wear and b) It is soft and durable winter wear.

Outfit: Ripped jeans with ankle-length boots and a cashmere sweater. Accessorize it with a scarf or a hat.

The choice is yours! Just make sure you have this little piece with you when heading to a winter destination.

winter clothes
Cashmere warm sweater


An overcoat is the classiest form of winter clothes. An overcoat is intended to be worn as the outermost layer of your winter outfit. If you think it is tough to style with an overcoat, TAKE A DEEP BREATH. We are about to tell you that an overcoat is the easiest outfit to accessorize. As worn outside, the inner outfits can be your choice to experiment with.

Keep counting ladies 😉
a) Skirt and a top with boots with a double-breasted overcoat
b) Ripped jeans and top with a light-coloured overcoat
c) Crop top and skinny fit jeans with a spread collar overcoat and a HAT.
d) Winter sweater dress and an overcoat.

Winter clothes for women
Simple overcoat with stylish looks

Turtle-neck tops

Turtle-neck tops also known as polo-neck tops in the US is usually sweater top that has a close-fitting collar that folds over and covers the neck. These tops are one of the winter clothes that will never go out of fashion. Never!

Outfit: An A-line skirt with a turtle-neck full-sleeve top will be the best winter outfit for you. An overcoat to go with it will be a cherry on top.

winter clothes for women
Woman wearing turtle-neck top

Leather Jacket

The coolest of them! A leather jacket can make you feel warm and cool at the same time. This winter clothing doesn’t need any specific accessory to make it look good. It was made to steal the show just like that.

Outfit: Black jeans, maroon leather jacket, ankle-length boots, a scarf and a coffee!

Winter clothes for women
Leather jacket outfit

Skinny Jeans

By skinny we do not mean tight jeans. Skinny jeans are comfortable and slim-fit jeans. Slim-fit or skinny jeans are a perfect way to flaunt your legs and still be able to cover them. Some clever person invented this fit surely. Any attire that you wish to wear for winter will be more than perfect if you wear that with skinny jeans. The fit makes it the best choice.

Outfit: EVERYTHING! (A sack will also look great with good jeans)

winter clothes for women
Skinny jeans for winter


Winter clothes let you choose your style. Blazer is one of those opportunities. A blazer can be your formal wear if you wear it with a formal top and a skirt and also casual if you wear it with a tank top and sneakers. The choice is yours to make, beautiful 🙂

Outfit: You read the above paragraph right?

Winter clothes for women
Winter blazers


Puffer jackets are also called quilted jackets because of having a signature quilted design with sections that are puffy between the stitching. These jackets are filled with fibres that provide a high level of warmth depending on how well they are made and the quality of the synthetic fibres. Moreover, they are cute! Go buy them, girls.

Outfit: Full sleeve t-shirt, skinny jeans and long boots. A Beanie to the outfit will be the cherry on the cake!

Also read: Product Comparison of puffer jackets that will help you select from 4 of the best brands 

winter clothes for women
Puffer jacket for winter

Blanket wraps

Blanket wraps are shawls that are usually made from pure wool. It is a rectangular piece of fabric generally draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body to provide warmth to the body.

Outfit: Wear anything and wrap it around or knot it around your neck.

winter clothes for women
Blanket wraps


Long boots with skirts or skinny jeans is not a casual combination of outfits, it is beyond perfect and for winters you have no idea how great this can look.

winter clothes for women
Over-the-knee length boots

Winter Clothes for Men

Men are so clear with their choices that they shop like a monkey. Either they will take everything or just nothing. So we are here to give you a list of winter clothes so that you can see this and exactly buy this for yourself. Nice? It’ll get better!


A parka is a jacket with a hood lined up with fur made for cold weather. Parkas usually are longer in length than normal jackets. Since it is worn outside, you can actually fancy up your innerwear. Parka provides intense warmth and looks great on every body type.

Outfit: T-shirt with slim-fit jeans and a parka. Choose boots over sneakers!

Winter clothes for men
Fashionable and warm Parka jackets

 Puffer Jackets

Even for men, puffers are great winter wear and also a fashionable one. Puffers are warm and super light to carry. A vest or a complete jacket is totally dependent on your preference but looking great in both is certain.

Outfit: A puffer vest with a full-sleeve t-shirt and dark-coloured jeans is just the perfect combination for you.

Check out our product comparison link provided in the Women’s section of this article so you can choose from some of the best brands there are for Puffer Jackets.

winter clothes for men
Puffer jacket for winter

 Dark jeans

If you have dark-coloured jeans in your wardrobe, your life is sorted. There is nothing left to achieve in life now. Dark jeans goes with more than one outfit. You can either buy different jeans with different shades or buy dark-coloured jeans that you know will go with everything.


winter clothes for men
Dark jeans for everything

 Wool Overcoat

An overcoat for men is also great to wear. Man can make a variation when it comes to wearing an overcoat. They can wear it over a complete formal or even casual wear depending upon the mood and the winter destination you are travelling to.

Outfit: Casual or Formal (depending upon the purpose of travel)

winter clothes for men
Over-cute… Sorry, Over-coat!


A cardigan is a light sweater made of wool that can act as a middle layer for your outfit. Cardigans are not made for immense cold weather. You can always layer it by wearing a thermal inside and an overcoat or a jacket outside.

Outfit: Over a shirt and jeans will be a nice thing to see. (For you to wear and for the girls to see)

winter clothes for men
Shirt+cardigan= Classy


The scarf is an additional accessory that can be a warm thing to wear around your neck. Wearing a scarf can actually save you a lot from the cold weather and chilly winters. Also, it looks great when you wrap it around your neck in different ways.


Woollen or leather, whichever pair of gloves you buy will give you warmth. If you are not a winter person, gloves are a must for you. This piece will keep your hands warm enough to feel your skin. And when hands are warm, winters are much more comfortable. Plus winters can make your skin dry and rashy. You need to keep them moisturised and hydrated.

Tip: If you can’t be without using your phone and don’t want to lose your fingertips to the cold, you can buy touch screen sensitive gloves (Yes, there are gloves designed to help the smartphone addiction going) or you can get a variant which has flaps over the fingertips that you can pull back when you need to use your phone, keeping the rest of your hands toasty.

winter clothes for men
Gloves for winters

 Wool Beanie

Wool beanies protect your hair and your ears from the cold winter breeze that can give you ear pain. Also, they look really cool when you put them on with winter attire. Beanies are for casual winter wear. If you are travelling to a winter destination because of some business or work, a beanie is not the right choice for you.

winter clothes for men
Grey beanie with matching cardigan

These are winter clothes that you should have in your wardrobe. Your winter fashion is incomplete without these winter clothes. Apart from this, it depends on your choice. You can add on your list, but never forget these if your next vacation is to a winter destination.

We hope this article has helped you decide what to buy and pack for your trip.

Comment below and tell your winter trips and winter outfits. And if Europe is your place, then you should know what else to pack for a comfortable trip there.

Chillax and Create your own style!

We can help you get started! Check out these winter styling ideas for men and women.


  1. This blog was really helpful. I can literally feel that my wardrobe need a huge update. Thank you guys!
    P.s Whoever wrote this, high five to that person 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to know that puffers are great winter wear and light to carry. My husband and I are thinking about changing our wardrobe for the winter, and we are looking for advice to choose the right wardrobe. I will let him know about your recommendations to choose the right wardrobe for the winter.


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