Are Millennials The Newest Fans Of Cruises?

Cruises have long been one of the top vacations of choice. Now it appears that even millennials are hopping on to this bandwagon. With an overall rise in income, and a desire for luxury, it is perhaps not unexpected that people in their 20s and 30s are keen on cruises as a from of vacationing.

Millennials are among the first of a generation of children to have gone on cruises with their parents. Consequently, it should be no surprise that now, as young adults on limited budgets, they are contributing to a rise in popularity of cruises.

Passengers disembark during a port stop

The all-inclusive nature of a cruise, with accommodation, food, and activities all covered under one fare is likely one of the attractions. Cruises also cater to travelers of varied financial means. Short cruises offer rest and relaxation, often to those on a tighter budget. Longer cruises, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to visit a variety of destinations without the hassle of traveling to each place separately. Places such as the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, South-East Asia, Europe and the South Pacific are all popular ports of call.

On-Board Attractions

Apart from the destinations, the ship itself offer many fun new experiences. Casinos, comedians, musicals, spas, games, bars, nightclubs, and swimming pools are just some of the things available. Even the food on cruises cater to varied palates. You get the opportunity to both sample local cuisines and eat food more familiar to you. They also create a wonderful social space, perfect for meeting new people.

Some cruises even allow you take your pets!

Outdoor pool on the top deck of a cruise ship

Ships also have fast and affordable internet access making it easy to post real-time photos and videos. Shore excursions are also exactly what adventure-seeking millennials are looking for. For example, you can go biking, jet skiing, canyoning, zip lining, or on a tour in an open-air ATV, all from one base.

Cruises also sometimes have interesting themes, such as a carnival, or historical era. Whatever your area of interest, you can be sure to find something that caters to you. Whether you are looking for a short getaway, or a long trip exploring different countries, a cruise may be the perfect fit.


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