India is predominantly an agrarian country and it is said India’s Soul lives in villages. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities lies the simplicity of life, calmness & natural beauty of Indian villages surrounded by fields and vegetation unique in themselves. There are more than 6 lakhs villages in India and they actually maintain the heritage and tradition of our great country. Throughout ages India has built great cities but truly the roots of every such cities are found in the surrounding villages. Each village in India however big or small, beautiful or rich it may be has something unique associated with it and invites every enthusiast to look into them to truly understand our great Land. Let us look into some of the Indian villages that stand apart from the lot with their unique features that make a visit a must.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

The village Mawlynnong is located 90 kms from Shillong in the state of Meghalaya along the India –Bangladesh border. The remote village became famous when it was declared in 2003 as the cleanest village in Asia. The cleanliness and natural beauty of the village is spellbinding. The most distinct feature however is the living roots bridge made by village locals by manipulating the growth of roots of the surrounding trees. Mawlynnong can be easily labeled as an ideal village and one of the best villages in India. Ideal because the main occupation of people here is agriculture and the village has a 100% literacy rate. The village has a strong commitment to promoting eco-tourism in the area so take up your backpack and go for it.

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Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Valley located in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh at an elevation of 5500ft above sea level is a picturesque paradise for every nature enthusiast and adventure freak.  The valley is filled with lush green paddy fields and green grassland stretching all around which enhances the scenic beauty of the area. The bewitching scenic beauty of this exotic hill hamlet dotted with terraced rice fields, lush bamboo forests and picturesque hilly paths lined with pine trees makes it one of the most photogenic and beautiful villages in India. Apatani tribes of India have been residing here for centuries and the place has long been a favorite place as a World Heritage site. If you are a music lover an additional attraction is the most eco-friendly Ziro Music Festival held here every year that awaits you.

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Poovar, Kerala

Poovar, a small village located in the Trivandrum district some 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram is a place with an old historical value as well as simple and captivating beauty. The village is untouched by urbanization and is filled with scenic places that you can visit. The best part about this village is that you need not leave your houseboat and ride to various parts of Poovar through the backwaters connecting the spots. During high tides, the Neyyar River passes into the Arabian Sea making it a unique sight of serene beauty. 

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Panamik Village, Ladakh

Panamik village located in Ladakh is of unparalleled beauty with the snow-clad peaks and lush green trees making it one of the most scenic and beautiful villages in India that you must visit. The village depicts beauty, simplicity, serenity and captivates the fancies of every visitor portraying the heritage of India. The village is also famous for its hot water springs which are close to the boiling point at the source. Visitors often take a dip in the water believing in the healing powers of the hot-water spring.

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Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

Hiware Bazar located in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra state is the richest village in India with a monthly per capita income of Rs 30,000. This village has modern buildings, bustling markets, and immaculate roads in it. It is also popular for its irrigation and efficient water conservation plants. Hiware Bazar village contributes significantly towards the high output of agriculture and dairy produce and is major support for India’s development.

Most beautiful Villages in India

Gahmar Village, Uttar Pradesh

Gahmar Village situated near the Ganges River, in the Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh is the largest village in India. It is an ancient village settled by Sakarwar Rajputs who came to this place in 1527 AD. As per the 2011 Census, the village had a total population of 25994 which was more than the population of countries like Bermuda. The village has two post offices and a railway station connected to Patna and Mughalsarai Junction. Being the biggest village in India it is a fascinating place to experience the countryside in India and is an attractive travel destination for every enthusiast.

Munsiyari Village, Kumaon

If you wish to experience the old-world charm Munsiyari village in Uttarakhand should be your travel destination.  Located on the ancient Salt Route to Tibet this lush green village in the Kumaon hills wins the trophy of the best village in India. Surrounded by snowcapped mountains and dense forests with the Goriganga River following alongside this place is a delight for nature lovers and adventurers and easily certified as one of the most beautiful villages in India.

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Mattur Village, Karnataka

Another village in India that is keeping alive the ancient heritage of India is Mattur Village located in the Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka. It is a rare and perhaps the only village in India where the ancient Indian language continues to flourish with nearly 5000 residents of Mattur conversing with each other in Sanskrit in their daily lives. The children here start learning the Vedas at the age of 10. It was in the year 1981 following a workshop conducted by an organization in the village, the villagers here took the initiative of rejuvenating the language and worked together to make Sanskrit their primary language. You will have a lifetime experience visiting this Indian Village that is portraying the traditions of India.

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Punsari, Gujrat

Punsari, a village situated in the Sabarkantha district of Gujrat can be considered as the best of villages in India in terms of top-notch facilities available in the village. This small village boasts of its free WiFi, CCTV cameras, air-conditioned schools, water purifying plants, and biometric machines. Punsari village has two primary schools with all the top-notch facilities, a primary health Centre, proper street lights, and an operational drainage system that fails in many average cities in India. Every home here has toilets. All these wonders were made possible by a young Sarpanch, Himanshu Patel who focused on ensuring government schemes getting implemented in the village, with added focus on healthcare, education, and technology. A visit to this best of Indian villages will give you an insight into a well-maintained village.

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Villages of India have a lot to offer to every travel enthusiast, so take up your bag packs to enjoy enthralling lifetime experiences.


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