This year July 7th is International Chocolate Day and what better way to celebrate chocolate than to visit the Best Destinations to stuff your face with chocolatey treats!

Chocolate Lovers

So here’s a list of places for all the chocolate lovers out there, to celebrate this day to the fullest!

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Chocolate Lovers
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While known to be honeymooners’ paradise, you cannot miss Ooty’s homemade chocolates! And if I am not wrong, romance goes well with chocolates. Right? At Charing Road, walk into one of the many bakeries to grab many finger-licking chocolates in Milk, dark chocolate, white chocolate, with cashews, raisins, strawberries and many other flavours. King’s Star Bakery is a must visit during this trip of yours and pack some heavenly truffles and fudges to satiate your chocolate cravings!

You can also visit the chocolate museum in Ooty where you get to learn everything about chocolates and their manufacturing.


Homemade Chocolate Fudge StackedThis cute hill-station in the state of Maharashtra is surrounded by foggy green hills. Adding to the amazing views of the hills, enjoy warm Chocolate Fudge here which is truly phenomenal. Any chocolate lover who’s been to Lonavala will definitely agree that Cooper’s delicious chocolate fudge remains unchanged and undefeatable! Every batch is laden with walnuts making it a nutty delight! Don’t forget to try flavoured chikkis as well. Cooper’s offers an eclectic range of chikkis including Kesar badam, pista kaju and Kesar kaju.


Chocolate LoversKodaikanal is another hill station in Tamil Nadu that’s famous for its homemade chocolates and its wide variety. From coffee-bean chocolates to fruit syrup filled chocolates, you can get’em all in Kodaikanal. As there are a number of places selling homely chocolates, do check out Chocolate Factory, Pot Luck, Cloud Street and S.G. Cottage Industries; and have a chocolatey time here at this balmy hill station.


A batch of chocolate brownies on a plate

While there are many cafes in Mumbai which offer us an opportunity to gorge on chocolate delights but in the past decade, Theobroma has successfully brought exclusive and indulgent cakes and desserts to the high street and within the reach of many. This patisserie chain founded by pastry chef Kainaz Messman has now become one of the most famous patisseries in Mumbai. Any trip to Mumbai cannot be complete without a Brownie from Theo’s. Enjoy these chocolate brownies from the gooey chocolate and caramel “Millionaire” variant to the red velvet with tangy cream cheese frosting—at least once if you are there!


Chocolate eclairs on plate on white background

The veteran bakery: Wenger’s here in Delhi makes the best chocolate éclairs! While Wenger’s an age-old name for a delicious range of munchies, its array of pastries and cakes should not be missed! As the bakery dates back to pre-independence times, their old world charm remains unmatched even now. There is another speciality that you should try while you are there: chocolate dipped strawberries.  Now, if you have a sweet tooth like me and dream of having eating pastries, cupcakes or mithais in some form or the other (all day long), you’ll love this cream filled éclairs glazed with chocolate. This soft cream filled pastry is what dreams are made of!


Being a Pahadi myself, I don’t think this list will be complete if I don’t add Baal Mithai here. While it is prepared in whole Uttrakhand, it is said to be originated in Almora during the early twentieth century. This delicious sweet is brown chocolate-like fudge, that is made with roasted khoya and coated with white sugar balls. In absence of these sugar balls, you get simple chocolate mithai which also quite popular. If you know, YOU KNOW!

If we have missed any of your favourite chocolate destinations, do let us know in the comments below!



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