One of the places on my must-see list was Hamburg, and while I was in Denmark, I finally took the opportunity to spend the weekend in Hamburg. The city is just a 5 hours overnight journey from Herning, where I was staying while in Denmark.

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This small city in northern Germany sits next to the Elbe River and is known for its canals, flea markets, street festivals, cafes, and many wonderful landmarks. When it’s all said and done, Hamburg’s appeal can be narrowed down to one simple thing: it’s simply one of the coolest cities on earth. From fine dining restaurants to thrilling nightlife, Hamburg has it all! I had no real itinerary for my visit, so I chose to take each moment as it came. 

#ProTip – Make sure you carry your passport along with you all the time in Germany, because you could be asked for at any time and at any place, unlike Denmark!

Neuer Wall

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

We reached Hamburg in the morning and went straight to our hostel to freshen up. After that, we had a quick breakfast and decided to explore the city. The first place we stopped at was Neuer Wall, which is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in Europe. It is lined with the stores of many famous designer brands, including Brahmfeld & Gutruf, one of Hamburg’s oldest jewellers.


Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

While walking around, we noticed that lots of people were dressed colourfully, with wigs and garlands around their necks. We wondered what was happening, and decided to follow the enthusiastic crowds to a street called Reeperbahn, where the Reeperbahn Festival was going on. The streets were colourfully decorated and food stalls all around.

The Nightlife of Reeperbahn 

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

Reeperbahn is also home to Hamburg’s famous red light and party district. It is the heart of Hamburg’s nightlife and comes to life after midnight. Here you will find all kinds of pubs and discos as well as erotic bars and sex shops. We spent the whole night pub-hopping, and some of the places we visited were cocktail bars like Glanz and Gloria; Ex-Sparr a popular student bar; lively Irish Pubs like Molly Maine and Thomas Read; Mojo, which is known for its jazz dancefloor, and Heaven’s Nest and 20up which have truly amazing views of the city’s skyline.

#ProTip – Many of the clubs in Reeperbahn don’t have entry fees; instead they have entries for couples, group of 5 etc. 

Hamburg’s Harbour

In between dancing our hear out and enjoying Reeperbahn’s many pubs and clubs, we decided to take a walk along the harbour of Hamburg. This harbour lies along the Elbe River and you can sit on bollards and look at ships or simply enjoy the cold winds. Believe me, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a walk along the coast at 4 am!

Even with no itinerary planned, I would say this weekend in Hamburg was my best ever trip. The people, the music, and the place, all made my experience an unforgettable one! 


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