Mykonos Greece, an island in the Cyclades with golden sand beaches and an electrifying nightlife is known to be an expensive destination. But did you know this idyllic Greek holiday island is also a place that offers peace and escapes? No wonder the rich and famous escape to Mykonos for some peace and tranquility. With colorful streets, whitewashed buildings, an abundance of nightclubs, and 300 days of sunshine, the beautiful island is literally a gem of the Aegean Sea. Come join us while we stop at some of the island’s most charming landmarks to make your Greek island vacation an unforgettable experience.

7 Top Things To Do In Mykonos Greece

There are many outstanding things to do in and around Mykonos. Here’s a list of the top ones that are waiting to be explored. Do add them while planning your trip to Mykonos Greece. 

Explore Little Venice 

beautiful little venice mykonos in greek
Mykonos, Greece. Waterfront in Little Venice, Mykonos at sunset. Image Source: istock

One of the most romantic spots on Mykonos Island is Little Venice. Located along the harbor’s southwest side, this picturesque area of the town is one of the nicest spots to visit in Mykonos. This lovely neighborhood’s seductive appeal has previously made many discriminating tourists fall in love with it. The neighborhood is ideal for shooting pictures, dining at quaint and intimate restaurants (many of which are housed in the former homes of sea captains), Mykonos shopping for trinkets, and relaxing with a drink at a bar. The views of the sunset are equally stunning from there. However, there are numerous coastal bars that serve fantastic cocktails while providing breathtaking views. Its whitewashed buildings seem amazing against the backdrop of the turquoise Aegean Sea. Even the most discriminating of travelers are taken aback by the atmosphere of casualness that permeates Little Venice. 

Party At Paradise Beach

must visit paradise beach mykonos
Image Source:

A spot with golden sand and clear waters where you may indulge in life’s greatest joys; it’s the ideal destination for a beach vacation. Paradise Beach Mykonos is the main tourist destination for tourists traveling to Mykonos Greece for the nightlife. There are numerous pubs and nightclubs offering drink deals and beach parties. Some clubs even attract the attention of renowned DJs during the summer. The most influential DJs in the world have over the years been hosted at this magnificent site on the Mediterranean. Cavo Paradiso, perhaps the most well-known club on Paradise Beach, is frequently jam-packed with thousands of people during the peak season. You should reserve a table in advance due to the big number of revelers and music enthusiasts. The local vibe of this beautiful beach is so good that travelers and backpackers frequent this region making it one of the best party places in Mykonos.

Visit The Windmills

mykonos island
The windmills are also referred to as “Kato Myloi” which means lower windmills.

Mykonos which has a long history of producing wheat earned its recognition throughout Greece. The population of Chora and Ano Mera greatly benefited from the windmills, which were principally employed for grinding agricultural products intended for export outside Mykonos. At its height, the island had over 20 windmills, each of which was essential to the island’s production and economy. But sadly only 6 of the windmills have been preserved. The windmills together referred to as “Kato Myloi” (lower windmills), provide stunning views of the island. A local museum devoted to the history of agriculture in the region, as well as the Mykonos Windmills are iconic landmarks and highlights of any trip to Mykonos. The nicest thing about these windmills is that they are open to the public for free. This place is an excellent photo location and is a popular place to watch the sunset. 

Day Trip To Delos

Delos is one of the best greece islands mykonos
House ruins of the ancient Athenians: Cleopatra and Dioscoride in the island of Delos, Cyclades, Greece.

One of the nicest day trips you can do is to Delos Island. It is only a 30-minute ferry ride from Mykonos Greece. This little island is not only picturesque but also plays a significant part in Greek mythology and history. Delos, the “Delphi” of the Cycladic Islands, was a significant place of worship in classical Greece. The single source of fresh water on the island is marked by a big palm tree, which is surrounded by undergrowth. Various temple ruins from a range of different times can still be found today. There is also a museum that houses a substantial collection of historical and religious artifacts. Climbing the tallest mountain is one of the most popular activities. You get a stunning view of Delos as well the Aegean and the adjacent islands from your strenuous walk. 

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Visit An Organic Farm

things to do in mykonos
Spectacular views of a farm in Greece

An organic farm is an ideal destination for food lovers searching for something different to do. This is a heaven for conventional goods like cheese, gammon, rusks, and wine and of course to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding hills and vineyards. Traveling here to learn about regional cuisine and to tour the farm is worthwhile even if you are staying someplace more central on the island. Your trip on Mykonos will be made even better by the wonderful experience this farm has to offer. The organic farm is located close to Ano Mera village. You can travel here on your own if you have a rental car, but be sure to have a look at this enjoyable excursion to the organic farm if you intend to taste some sample wine. The excursion includes culinary instruction, a tour of the farm, some time with the animals, refreshments, and more.

Enjoy Some Local Cuisine

hotels in mykonos town
Prawn starter with aubergine, tomato, and salad by the sea in Mykonos, Greece. Image Source: istock

One of the best culinary activities in Mykonos is eating out. The traditional cuisine is one thing that is overlooked amid all the beauty of Mykonos. You must enjoy the island’s trademark meals at many excellent restaurants. The cost of food is slightly higher in Mykonos than in less popular islands like Naxos and Chios. But no regrets as trying out new local cuisines will turn out to be one of your favorite activities. Learn about Greek winemaking while you sip and swirl wine at a nearby winery while eating appetizers. Fresh fish, tangy salads, and honey-soaked baklava for dessert are must dishes to try. The best thing to do in Mykonos Greece is to hog; hence a 2-hour food tour is an excellent choice if you enjoy both food and wine. There are various hotels in Mykonos town at reasonable tariffs that lets you explore the food scenes. 

Tour The Brewing Company

mykonos tour with brewing company tours
Equipment for the preparation of beer. Image Source: istock

Mykonos Brewing Company began fermenting its first batches of beer in April 2017, right before Easter at their brand-new, cutting-edge brew house on the Greek island of Mykonos. One of the first and only craft breweries in Mykonos is the Mykonos Brewing Company. Visitors can witness the magic of manufacturing from the raw components to the finished product by taking a tour of the famous brewed beer there. The 30-45 minute brewery Mykonos tour includes plenty of details about the brewing process as well as tiny batches of experimental beers. The only brewery that makes beer that has matured in wine barrels is the Mykonos Brewing Company. It is located 10 minutes drive from the airport, outside of Mykonos town. A portion of the brewery, the taproom serves fresh beer from the bar and is open all year.

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7 Best Places To Visit In Mykonos Greece

In addition to the best things to do in Mykonos, listed below are some of the most stunning places and attractions. No trip to Mykonos Greece is complete without seeing them. 

Panagia Paraportiani

where is mykonos
Church Panagia Paraportiani on the Greek island Mykonos in the Aegean sea. Image Source: istock

Located next to the Kastro in Mykonos Town is one of the most popular churches in Mykonos, the magnificent Panagia Paraportiani church. Several churches can be seen near the sparkling shoreline but this church is unique. The unique feature of this church is that it is made up of five tiny churches that were constructed one on top of the other with some next to one another. This 14th-century church’s whitewashed walls, and unique shape due to its unusual construction combined with the ocean view is what draws people to it. The Virgin Mary Church, which has the appearance of a dome, is located on top of the four churches. You may see a fusion of historic architecture with stone carvings right at the entryway. One of the must-see locations to capture a breathtaking image of Mykonos Greece is right here.

Ano Mera Village

greece islands mykonos village tours
Mykonos, Greece. Narrow streets and traditional architecture. Image Source: istock

In the heart of Mykonos is Ano Mera, the island’s only inland town which is relatively small in size. The pretty main square has rustic-chic architecture. This style can be seen in bakeries, taverns, and cafes with outdoor terraces on winding cobblestone streets. There are walking paths that wind through the rocky hills and down to the shoreline. The village is well-known for the Panagia Tourliani Monastery from the sixteenth century. People are drawn to this location by its magnificent fountains and intricately carved stone statues. This monastery is one of the top locations to visit in Mykonos since there is so much to see there and it boasts the best collection of Byzantine antiques. The stores here also sell paintings, mementos, and souvenirs to take back home as gifts. In addition to beaches, you can travel to Ano Mera village for a wonderful inland excursion. 

Platis Gialos Beach

best mykonos beach
crystal-clear coastal waves of the Platis Gialos beach.

You’ll find the lively town of Platis Gialos, conveniently positioned amid crystal-clear coastal waves and rocky vistas, about 5 kilometers from Mykonos Beach Town. Platis Gialos, the best beach on Mykonos, has a reputation for being a top tourist hotspot. The beautiful beachside comes lively with the many restaurants and mini-markets. So renting a chair and umbrella is the finest method to enjoy Platis Gialos beach. There are also plenty of activities that are off the main path. You might decide to go on a little walk one morning from Platis Gialos beach, from where a tranquil trail leads to the more secluded beach of Agia Anna. Alternately, spend the day lounging on your sunbed, only rising to cool off in the surrounding warm water, or have some midday refreshment. Numerous day tours throughout the island of Mykonos start from Platis Gialos. 

Armenistis Lighthouse

flights to mykonos
image Source:

Armenistis Lighthouse was built in the year 1891 over the Armenistis area as a testament to the rich maritime history of Mykonos. Situated above a homonymous bay and 7 kilometers away from Mykonos Town, the lighthouse overlooks the stretch of water between Mykonos and the island of Tinos. It is a fully functioning historic lighthouse that offers some of the best views on the island. But unfortunately, the inside of the lighthouse is not open to the public. Visitors can take in the beauty of this place from the outside of the lighthouse. Though not open to the public, people continue to visit the site to catch the heart-stopping sunset and to enjoy staggering views of the Aegean Sea. The best time to visit is during sunrise and sunset as it adds to the overall magnetism of the site.

Matoyianni Street

best time to visit mykonos
Image Source:

The maze of beautiful white homes in Mykonos Town can be explored through the many winding side streets of Matoyianni. Designer shops, gift shops, and alluring pubs, cafes, and restaurants can be found all along the street in little squares that seem to appear out of nowhere to welcome passers-by. The harborfront is conveniently behind Matoyianni Street. It is also one of Greece’s most well-known districts for jeweler and couture stores, drawing listers from Hollywood and other countries. Rarity Gallery and Church of Paraportiani must be visited when at Matoyianni Street throughout the day, followed by a leisurely afternoon in the sun at Elia Beach. Beautifully adorned corners, blooming bougainvilleas on the sidewalks, and even artistic decorations in front of the neighborhood shops make this the ideal street for photographs. The street is mostly in shades of white and blue, with sporadic trees, vibrant flora, and purple flowers.

Archaeological Museum

things to do in mykonos
Image Source:

In Mykonos Town, in a prominent position over the historic harbor, is where you’ll find the museum. This museum is among many on the island that are worth visiting. Prehistoric through Hellenistic artifacts are included in the collections at the Archaeological Museum. The surrounding island of Rheneia is represented at the museum through statues, stelae, and funeral urns. The ‘Pithos’ is one of the discoveries from this ancient island. It is a sizable jar that was created in a 7th-century BC workshop and lavishly adorned with embossed images of scenes from the Trojan War. Additionally, there are grave statues, Rheneian funerary urns, and pottery from the 25th to 1st centuries BC on display. Six large, lit exhibition halls and a lush courtyard house the artifacts and six exhibition rooms and a courtyard house everything. Hercules and Aphrodite statues greet guests as they enter followed by ceramics, jewelry, and weapons.

Lena’s House

mykonos tour of Lenas house
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Located in Chora, near the Tria Pigadia area is this historic property which was the residence of Lena Skrivanou. After the owner’s death in 1968, the house was converted into a museum. This museum is a sample of what a Mykonian middle-class family house looked like in the 19th century. Check out the front porch, two bedrooms, a living room, and a small backyard. The exquisite furniture and a wide range of useful and decorative objects from different eras and styles are displayed here. The museum is open for visitors daily from 10.30 am – 1 pm and 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm during the months from April until October. The entire tour will take about an hour to complete. 

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If Greece is on your list, do not miss any of the above Mykonos must-sees and must-dos. This trendy island is not just a meeting place for high society people but also for travelers from all over the world. You’ll truly enjoy all this and more on your holiday in Mykonos Greece. Don’t forget to share your Greek island experience with us in the comment section below.

FAQ’s On Mykonos Greece

Why do celebrities go to Mykonos?

The island’s natural beauty, wild party scene, luxury stays, top-notch cuisine, and sun-kissed shores make Mykonos a famous destination among the rich and famous. The many island-hopping options that this place has to offer are also another reason why many feel it’s a perfect destination to spend some time away from the limelight. 

Can you do a day trip from Santorini to Mykonos?

Yes, it is possible to experience the best of Greece Islands Mykonos in a single day with a day trip from Santorini. This day tour is one of the most popular of them all as you get to see two of the most beloved Greek islands with a single tour. Tour via ferry takes about 2-3 hours to reach Mykonos on a clear day. 

What is an interesting fact about Mykonos?

Mykonos has only around 15,000 permanent residents but during the peak holiday season, the island accommodates more than 250000 people, mostly tourists.

How can I commute within Mykonos?

You can move around Mykonos either by using the Public Bus, Water Taxis, Sea Bus, Car Rentals, Private Transfers, or with tours. For beach hopping water taxis are a great alternative as access to some of the most famous ones is only via the sea. The bus network is more economical and has stops at several must-visit spots on the island. If you wish to explore the island on your own, a car rental is the best option as it will allow you to explore the hidden gems at your own pace. 

What is Mykonos also known as?

The island was named after a local hero called Mykons. According to Greek Mythology, he was the grandson of Apollo. Some call the island as “Chora” and some have even given the island the nickname “The Island of the Winds.” This is due to the very strong winds blowing into the island. 


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