Sprawling over 157 acres of land, Mysore Zoo, also popularly known as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, is a significant place of tourist interest found in Mysore in Karnataka. It is a world-famous zoo that hosts a diversified range of fauna like birds, animals, and reptiles amidst the lush green surroundings for nature lovers.

This Zoo in Mysore is one of India’s oldest existing zoos, founded in 1892. It was established as a royal menagerie by the then-rulers of Mysore but has developed over time into a model zoological park with an emphasis on conservation, education, and recreation.

From grand elephants, elegant giraffes, and menacing lions to playful monkeys, colorful birds, and crawling snakes, one would get an opportunity to marvel at the miracles of the animal world.

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giraffes are the most famous mysore zoo animals among kids
You get to see a lot of giraffes in Mysore Zoo.

Mysore Zoo Timings, Location & Entry Fee

Timings: 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM (Tuesday is a holiday)

Entry Fee: Adult – ₹ 100/-

                  Child ( 5-12 Years of age) – ₹ 50/-

                  Child ( below 5 years) – Free

Location: Ittige Gudu, Mysuru, Karnataka – 570010

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Activities To Do 

take a mysore zoo safari to see the animals in the wild.
White Tiger in Mysore Zoo.

Visiting the Zoo is indeed a delight because of the varied types of animals of different world parts one would notice here. Apart from this the many things to do here will make your visit truly memorable.

Mysore Zoo Safari

Take a safari inside the Zoo to visit the abodes of different types of animals. Get on specially designed Safari vehicles to make it through tracked paths designed like the natural habitats of different species of animals. Watch the majestic lions, tigers, and bears move around freely in spacious enclosures, only at close quarters.

Animal Feeding

The feeding times offer visitors an opportunity to interact with some of the zoo’s resident animals. The whole experience offers the visitor a rare chance to give away fruits, all under the instructions of qualified zookeepers. It is ever an engaging experience, where visitors are provided with a rare time to bond with the Mysore Zoo animals and learn more about their diet.


This place is a paradise for birdwatchers. With more than 40 varieties of birds, including those that have colorful wings like macaws, including those that step on the ground gracefully—the peacocks. Similarly, there are also exotic parrots that can easily be spotted and other multi-colored ones available. The specially built aviaries offer a good means to watch the birds in their natural environments.

Nature Walk

Walk through the paths of this Zoo amidst serene and beautiful greeneries with well-maintained gardens and landscapes that provide a peaceful atmosphere and also present an ideal place for a nature walk. Take in the fresh air and collect the effervescent chorus by the songbirds around you, in accord with the picturesque settings of the zoo.

Educational Programs

This zoo is dedicated to creating awareness of wildlife conservation and environmental protection. Some of the informative talks and workshops that the zoo organizes include interactive sessions to educate visitors on conserving biodiversity. All these help develop a strong sense of obligation toward wildlife.

zoo in mysore is very famous attraction
Tiger resting in the zoo.

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Mysore Zoo is not only a beauty of landscapes but it also has a variety of wild exotic animals. The conservation and educative premises of the zoo make it an ideal spot for families, animal lovers, and nature enthusiasts. It is one of those places that are considered to be ideal in terms of entertainment and education in the sphere of knowledge related to the animal world, including presentations, feeding sessions of various animals, bird-watching, etc. Plan your trip now to watch this magical Zoo where fun merges with wildlife conservation.


How To Reach Mysore Zoo?

Mysuru is about 150 km away from Bengaluru, which is well connected by Air, Rail, and road. From the zoo to the Mysuru bus stand it’s 2.5 km, as is the distance from the Mysuru railway station, while the Mysuru Airport is around 10 km from here. The zoo is well accessible by auto or taxi.

How much time is needed in Mysore Zoo?

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to explore the Zoo completely. If walking around is too strenuous for you then opt for the battery car at INR 150 per person. Mysore Zoo opening time is 8.30 AM so make sure to reach early to make the best of your time there.

Are bags allowed in Mysore Zoo?

The zoo is a plastic-free zone so make sure to get your belongings in non-plastic bags and containers. Also, the Mysore Zoo ticket price for a Video camera is INR 200, for the Still camera it’s INR 100 and for luggage, it’s INR 15.


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