This mystery of a place is a heaven for those who love food. Actually, it’s a place where even the gods would be dying of jealousy. Jesus would have probably regretted having the last meal without visiting this orgasmic, busy and extremely fast-paced city.

This is one of the places on earth that gives you a stamp ‘Foodgasms Guaranteed’ when you walk on the street. There is so much these streets have to offer that truck crawling would be the ideal way to go about exploring the multi-cultural food. You don’t need an appetite, you need the heart to be adventurous with food and its many meanings, in the gastronomy land of New York, USA

Indulge the Nose:

I’m a big guy. Not massive, but overweight – and for me to feel like a squirrel would be close to impossible. But when in New York there is something on the streets that will turn you into a crazy, air sniffing squirrel – Nuts 4 Nuts. These chestnuts are roasted in open fire a lot during the holiday season and trust me your inner squirrel will thank you for life.

Roasted chestnuts in a street stall
Roasted chestnuts in a street stall

Veronica from the Archie comic books isn’t synonymous with cooking. Actually, she is a disaster in the kitchen. Luckily, there is someone else with that name trying her absolute best to squash those misconceptions about the name. You can smell Veronica’s Kitchen from a mile out. The sizzling beef barbeque, fried fish and traditional stew are all inspired from her childhood in Trinidad. Just talking to her, you understand her love for feeding people and the happiness she gets when people have a smile on their face after a meal.

Mystery to the Tongue:

Closed baked goods have an element of surprise within them. And trust me if you don’t tell anyone what the filling is, their face lights up and there is a head tilt that will happen – this is for them to really enjoy the flavour and then guess perfectly what it is. Right at the centre of Times Square, there are shipping containers that have some interesting delicacies – Nuchas is where you need to go and become a food critic. There will be no fault you can point out in these perfectly stuffed empanadas. Some will have short ribs and others spiced chicken that will transport you to a land of total bliss. Empanadas are the ideal on the go food to eat.


New York Hot Dogs

There are some things in life that you just can’t explain. Dirty Water Dogs in NY is one of those things. This is the ruler of all street food in the city. No food trail is complete without indulging in something dirty, meaty and sinful. The street frankfurter is iconic, respected and given the homage in every movie that shows New York.


Flavour for the Eyes:

New York street food culture is one of the most diverse. If a certain orange head walked around, I don’t think he would be okay with the diversity – he would probably tweet about the lack of white trucks and the different coloured trucks making him feel uneasy. Anyway, Xin Jiang Prosperity Kebabs specializes in meat on a stick. The perfect way to eat meat when on the move. The flavors compliment the Asian heritage while still keeping the authentic taste of kebabs intact. From beef to chicken kidneys, they’ve got skewers that will definitely entice even a vegetarian to indulge just by the looks of it (at least that’s what a friend of mine thought).

Ramen burgers

The spectrum of creativity is so off the charts in New York that you would be left wondering, where do these chefs get their ideas. It’s like god comes into their dreams and gives them an idea. The Ramen Burger is one such idea – the name is a dead giveaway. A grilled patty stuffed between two buns made of ramen noodles. As crazy as it sounds, it had a long que that went for miles. The uniqueness of the food was the only reason I patiently waited in line for a special burger and wow it was totally worth it. It felt like I was eating a cup of non-veg noodles that was decorated differently. But, there are so many other amazing food destinations around the world for you to check out as well. 

An Ode to New York Food:

In New York the concrete jungle,
Food dreams come true.

There’s nothing you can’t smell, eat or do,
Now you’re in New York and everyday something is new.

There are street trucks more than just a few,
And each one of them is special with a big, long que.
Let’s hear it for New York, New York’s Food and New York’s food truck culture. 




  1. Well I literally stopped half way thru the article to find something to munch on because you really cannot read this on an empty stomach. Now I’m left with the dilemma of actually making it to NewYork city, someday, and eat till I pop. Nice article.

  2. Wow heaven on earth for food lovers.? Can’t wait to try out these yummy food especially those hot dogs. A treat for the senses. Described very well by a food lover??


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