With Halloween just a few weeks away, this is the right time to step out and create something spooky yet extravagant. This is your chance to portray a character you love and create that best costume moment. Who would want to lose this chance? But it’s not just the excitement that you think will help you, for funny Halloween costumes are VITAL! From funny to spooky, favorite characters to DIY costumes, there’s something for everyone. Did you know that there are costumes based on your zodiac sign too? Here are some Halloween costume ideas that are an absolute must-try. All you need is some creativity to bring color and puns to your costume. No matter how you choose to celebrate, these costume ideas guarantee a perfect Instagrammable pic.

costume ideas for halloween
Happy faces during the Halloween Costume party

A Brief History Of The Halloween Costume

The origin of Halloween costumes can be traced to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain 2,000 years ago. The Celts, who lived in the regions of England, Northern France, and Ireland, celebrated Samhain as part of their “New Year” (Nov 1st) festivities. On the night before their new year (Oct 31st), the Celts believed that the spirits of the dead returned to Earth for a brief span of time.

To protect themselves from these spirits, the Celts dressed up in costumes to look like scary spirits so that they would blend in with the real spirits wandering around. The initial classic costumes were very terrifying as people opted for more serious costumes, unlike the pop culture-inspired ones of today. Funny Halloween costumes have slowly evolved over the years and played a crucial role in the celebration of Halloween for centuries. Must say the spirit of Halloween is incomplete without it!

Spooky Halloween Costumes

Vampire – For women a plain black dress and for men black trousers and a plain black shirt will be the best. You must also have your graduation cape, it’s time you take those out. It is good to match your outfit with something red. Women can wear red heels and men can wear a red bow tie. If you want to add up some creativity to your costume you can add artificial teeth.

Zombie – With so many different kinds of zombies out there the popularity of Zombie costumes grows year after year. This is one of the most requested costumes for Halloween. Draw inspiration from the likes of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and transform into a flesh-eating zombie to terrify your friends.

for halloween costumes
A young woman dressed in zombie costume (Halloween concept)

Vecna Mask – Scary, burnt, decayed skin, horror, and vivid face make for the perfect Halloween costume idea. This arch-villain from Stranger Things 4 with its fleshy, tentacle with blood stains all over the body is sure to make chills run down the spine. You can also come up with your own version of the devilish Vecna by getting yourself a wig cap, some SFX paints, and fake blood.

why halloween is celebrated

Mummy Costume – The mummy Halloween costume is a cool costume choice for men, women, and children alike. Along with the Halloween spirit, wrap yourself with bandages or toilet paper and accessories with a bloody brain headpiece, face paint, fake blood, and flesh wounds to complete your deadly Egyptian look. The best part about this costume is anyone can fit into it irrespective of shape or size.

halloween costume
Funny Halloween mummy with smiling pumpkin holding thumbs up

Scream Costume – Pay tribute to one of the most iconic horror movies by dressing up in this simple but scary scream costume. All you need is a mask and lots of black clothing. If you’re in the mood for streaming something scary, try this one as you’re sure to get a couple of scary screams.

halloween costumes

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Halloween Costumes Inspired From Favorite Characters

halloween costume ideas
Happy Halloween! A group of children in suits and with pumpkins at home

Alice In Wonderland Look – Get a deck of cards and layer them for a fanned-out effect and join the cards together with the help of thread or glue. You can wrap the pasted deck around your collar and wear a mono-colored dress to go with it. I would suggest Blue or Red. Don’t forget to put on some makeup before you head to the party. 

Men In Black – I am sure you must be having a white shirt and a black blazer. Match black trousers and a black tie to go with it and make your costume a Men In Black suit. Make sure you complete your look with a pair of sunglasses preferably, a wayfarer. If you find nothing, this will be your party costume savior. You can go in this solo or with your partner, the more the merrier!

Kevin and Stuart – These costumes are the easiest to make costumes for Halloween. All you need is a bright yellow T-shirt and light blue colored shorts attached to suspenders. You can make your own sunglasses with the help of the DIY videos. You can go one step ahead and carry a prop with you like a guitar, a banana, or maybe a leaf skirt. Your choice!

Wednesday Adams – One of the easiest costumes to wear for girls. All you need is a collared dress and two braids. Instead of a plain black dress, you can use a polka dot dress that is white-collared and Tada! You are ready my friend. You can pair it with a pair of boots. Just a tip, try to tie the braids as tight as possible.

Incredible-s – The incredible t-shirts are available online. You can pair them with red stockings and black boots. A pair of sunglasses with them will do magic. Over the red stalking, you can wear any black colored shorts that make your costume just perfect.

Snow White – If you want an elegant and sophisticated look that’s not very scary, then you can dress up like the Disney character of Snow White. With the vibrant color combination and beautiful looks, you are sure to stand out in the crowd.

Funny Halloween Costumes

halloween costume ideas
Creepy faces made by party people

Joker – Classic Joker costume doesn’t literally need anything apart from good makeup to be done badly and a colorful suit. If you don’t want to buy a suit you can actually mix and match a few of your different colored suits and improvise a bit. But if you do the makeup properly, you don’t need to do anything else.

Movie Theater Floor – This is one of the most interesting ideas that you can come across. Dress completely black and paste trash like chips wrapper, cookie wrappers, coke cans, etc. on yourself. You can stick it with the help of fabric glue or double-sided tape. Maybe because of your costume people start sensing what they do wrong. It will give out a clear message and you will have to do nothing to get ready for Halloween.

Costumes From Trash Bags – You can make your costume from trash bags in just under 10 minutes. Here are some of the ideas that you can use on yourself for this Halloween. Cut out a trash bag in the shape of a bat and wear it with a black hoodie and black pants to complete the look. Please note that these costumes are not safe for children, hence use with discretion.

Beer Balloon Costume – Get your hand at some white and gold balloons. White balloons represent the beer mug and the golden balloons represent the beer. If you have a fear of getting out of breath, do keep a balloon-inflating machine handy to get the job done quickly.

Food Costume – Your favorite food costume is always entertaining and easy to put together. One can never go wrong while dressing up like an adorable food costume. Costume options – hot dog, sauce packet, or pasta.

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How To Make A Homemade Halloween Costume

Here are some simple DIY Halloween costumes ideas for Halloween that are impressive and inexpensive at the same time.

Avocado Toast Costume For Pregnant Couples

halloween costume couple ideas

-Place and trace a dinner plate on the unassembled cardboard

-Mark four inches from the sides and bottom of the traced circle with a pencil on those three sides.

-Measure 12 inches from the top of the traced circle and mark. Connect these marks to create an outline of an avocado.

-Use scissors to cut out the avocado shape and the traced circle to make a hole for the belly.

– Paint with two coats of lime green paint and yellow paint around the hole, and blend with green paint, creating an ombré effect to resemble the inside of an avocado. 

-Paint the border with dark green paint around the edge to resemble avocado skin.

-Use a punch to create two holes at the top big enough to pass loop twine through long enough to hang around your neck.

– Cut out a toast shape on another panel of the cardboard box to make a toast costume for your partner.

– Paint a dark brown trim around the edge and a thicker border on one side to add dimension. Cut out a piece of cardboard to represent a Yellow Square of butter and glue to toast.

– Your costume is ready, just remember to wear a brown shirt to resemble the pit of an avocado.

Crayon Colors Group Costume For Kids

diy halloween costumes ideas

Begin with brightly colored T-shirts and some thick black craft felt.

Cut an oval out of the black felt, then cut the word “Crayon” out of craft felt.

– Use a hot glue gun to stick the black oval and when dry, hot glue the oval to the center of the T-shirt.

– Cut wavy strips out of the black felt and stick them with glue across the chest area of the shirt.

– To create the hat of the crayon, draw out an unfurled conical shape on a piece of brightly colored card stock, then cut it with scissors.

– Roll it up like a cone and hot glue it to keep it in place.

– Place the large end of the cone on another piece of cardstock. 

– Make a circle that is slightly larger than the cone and cut it out with scissors.

-Glue the circle to the bottom of the cone, then glue another strip of cardstock around the rim. 

– Finish by sticking some brightly colored ribbon to fasten on the hat.

-Your colorful crayon ensemble is ready.

Ice Cream Sundae Costume

halloween costume for adults

-To make whipped cream use white paper plates. 

-Fold a paper plate in half, then fold the right side in toward the center and repeat on the left side until a cone shape is achieved. 

-Repeat the same process on five additional paper plates and set aside.

– Blow out a red balloon until it is round to bring it to the size of a ‘cherry’ in proportion to the headband.

-Create a ring of double-sided tape around a balloon tie and press the point of each paper plate firmly into the tape until each section of the exposed tape is covered.

-Stretch balloon tie to the underside of the headband, slightly skewed to one side, and tape securely with regular tape.

-Cut out a thin strip of red card stock, rounding off one end. 

– Bend a one-inch section at the bottom of the ‘stem’ at a 90-degree angle and attach it to the top of the balloon with double-sided tape.

-To make sprinkles, cut glitter cardstock into strips one inch wide and three inches long with the edges of each strip rounded off.

-Finally wear a tan skirt (ice cream cone), white shirt (vanilla ice cream), and brown scarf (chocolate sauce), use double-sided tape to attach sprinkles to the upper portion of the shirt and scarf. 

-Attach the cherry headband and your Ice cream sundae costume is ready. 

Take inspiration from these brilliant Halloween party ideas to save your day. Discover your best fit to make heads turn and experience a hair-raising good time this Halloween. Let us know in the comments section if you have any other simple costumes in mind that can be used for a last-minute costume party.

Why does one dress up for Halloween?

The Celts believed that the spirits of the dead returned to Earth on Halloween and to protect themselves from these spirits one dressed up in scary costumes.

What are the 5 most popular costumes for this Halloween?

Maleficent costumes, Witch, Joker, Fairy, Stranger Things, Avengers, and mermaid costumes are a few of the many options that you can try this Halloween.

What can 2 best friends be for Halloween?

Daphne and Velma, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Cher, and Dionne from ‘Clueless’, or Mario and Luigi are a few options that two best friends can try this Halloween.

What can a group of girls dress up as for Halloween?

The group of girls can try out the Rainbow Ghost Costume, Disney Vamps Costume, Spice Girls Costume, or women’s superhero costumes.

How can I dress up for Halloween without a costume?

There is no hard and fast rule that one needs to wear a costume for Halloween. A simple orange and blue T-shirt with some dramatic makeup will do the trick for you.


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