But these are Joey’s thoughts. We think differently, you get a chance to pretend to be someone else or something else. Who would want to lose this chance? But it’s not just the excitement that you think will help you, Halloween costumes are VITAL! But who has the time to go out and shop for Halloween? Because… Millennials! Here are some of the last-minute Halloween costume ideas for Halloween 2019! All you need is creativity to bring colour and puns to your costume. 

1. Alice In Wonderland Look:

Get a deck of cards and layer them for a fanned out effect and join the cards together with the help of thread or glue. You can wrap the pasted deck around your collar and wear a mono-coloured dress to go with it. I would suggest Blue or Red. Don’t forget to put on some makeup before you head to the party. 

2. Men In Black

I am sure you must be having a white shirt and a black blazer. Match a black trouser and black tie to go with it make your costume a Men In Black suit. Make sure you complete your look with a pair of sunglasses preferably, wayfarer. If you find nothing, this will be your party costume saviour. You can go in this solo or with your partner, the more the merrier!

3. Go Bananas!

The Kevin and Stuart costume are the easiest to make costumes for Halloween. All you need is a bright yellow t-shirt and light blue coloured shorts attached with suspenders. You can make your own sunglasses with the help of the video below. 

You can go one step ahead and carry a prop with you like a guitar, a banana or maybe a leaf skirt. Your choice!

4. Wednesday Adams

One of the easiest costumes to wear for girls. All you need is a collared dress and two braids. Instead of a plain black dress, you can use a polka dot dress that is white-collared and Tada! You are ready my friend. You can pair it with a pair of boots. Just a tip, try to tie the braids as tight as possible.

5. Vampire

For women a plain black dress and for men black trousers and a plain black shirt will be the best. You must be also having your graduation cape, it’s time you take those out. It is good to match your outfit with something red. Women can wear red heels and men can wear a red bow tie. If you want to add up some creativity to your costume you can add artificial teeth. Here is how you can make artificial teeth in less than 10 minutes.

6. Joker

Joker costume doesn’t literally need anything apart from good makeup to be done badly and a colourful suit. If you don’t want to buy a suit you can actually mix and match a few of your different coloured suits and improvise a bit. But if you do the makeup properly, you don’t need to do anything else. Here is video that might help you to put Joker makeup.

7. Movie Theater Floor

This is one of the most interesting ideas that you can come across. Dress completely black and paste trash like chips wrapper, cookie wrapper, coke can etc on yourself. You can stick it with the help of fabric glue or double-sided tape. Maybe because of your costume people start sensing what they do wrong. It will give out a clear message and you will have to do nothing to get ready for Halloween.

8. Costumes From Trash Bags

If you don’t want to put trash on yourself, you can make your costumes from trash bags. Here are some of the ideas that you can use on yourself for this Halloween.

9. Incredible-s

The incredible t-shirts are available online. You can pair them with red stockings and black boots. A pair of sunglasses with them will do magic. Over the red stalkings, you can wear any black coloured shorts that makes your costume just perfect.

These were some of the last-minute Halloween costume ideas that can save your day. Let us know in the comments section if you have any other costumes in mind that can be used for a last minute party.


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