Capri is probably best known as a peaceful Mediterranean getaway destination for the rich and famous. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to visit and fall in love with the island. A short ferry ride from Naples and the Italian Amalfi coast, Capri is perfect for a day trip if you choose not to stay in one of the expensive hotels that the town has to offer.

The lush green island of Capri is ringed with tall cliffs with winding roads and paths. There is an air of relaxation and luxury that surrounds the entire island. From the rich holiday houses perched on the hilltops to the calm harbour where the vast expanse of the ocean is a very welcome sight.

Here, the sand ripples between tan and white, and the consistency is so fine that it slides over your bare feet like silk. The water is a brilliant blue that changes with the sky, aquamarine in the bright sunlight, deep cobalt when the clouds come rolling in.

And it is warm; surprisingly warm, like a bathtub that has been filled half an hour earlier. The waves are gentle, and they lap up on the shore with a soft rush, tickling the skin and turning the perfect sand into a squishy mess, that you wait for the next wave to come and clean away.

Blue Glow, Blue Grotto
Blue grotto, Capri, Italy
Blue grotto, Capri, Italy

Capri’s most famous landmark is perhaps the Blue Grotto, and it is indeed a sight that is magnificent to behold. A cave ensconced in the cliffs that surround Capri, it is accessed through a small tunnel that leads you into a vast open area. Here, the light hits off the turquoise water and sets the enclosure alight with a glowing blue light. Boat rides from the harbour travel to the grotto at regular intervals.

Capri Town

The town of Capri itself is a maze of winding streets, restaurants, beautiful houses and luxury hotels that I could only dream of affording to stay in. This expensive aura extends to the shops on the high street, most of which are recognizable. Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, can all be seen competing for your attention among the beautiful red roofed buildings.

Panorama of Capri island from Mount Solaro
Panorama of Capri island from Mount Solaro

However, if, like me, you only have one day on Capri, skip the designer labels and high street shops and explore the rugged coast and beautiful gardens. The Giardini di Augustus (Gardens of Augustus), in particular, provide incredible views of both the sea and the rest of the island.

Capri is perhaps one of the oldest resorts in the world, with luxury villas existing there since Ancient Roman times, and if inspired by this history, one can also visit the ruins of Pompeii, which like Capri itself are a short ride away from Naples.



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