Other than staying in your bed wrapped in a perfect onesie or your warm quilt, revamp your arsenal of cold-weather accessories here. We have compiled a list of winter must-haves that should definitely be in your wardrobe this season! Stay in style with some of our classic winter accessories:

Must-Have Winter Accessories To Beat The Cold

Fuzzy Slippers

cute winter accessories
Cute winter accessories for women.

I mean, do I have to give a reason why you need to keep your feet warm during the winter chill? I didn’t think so. Pamper yourself with your own pair of soft fuzzy slippers to keep yourself warm when you sneak out of bed for a quick washroom break.


Scarves add an element to your outfit while at the same time keeping your neck warmer by giving you an extra layer. These additional cute winter accessories can actually save you a lot from the cold weather and chilly winters. Also, it looks great when you wrap it around your neck in different ways. Here are different types of joyful scarves that you can sport during the winter season:

Woolen Scarf – Invest in a cashmere wool classic winter scarf and let your skin love how it glides.

Blanket scarves – Blanket scarves or wraps or infinity scarves, and square scarves are trending both on and off catwalks for the past few autumn/winter seasons. This accessory is an extremely oversized square shape scarf that is generally draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body, but it can also be worn in different ways (according to your necessity and style). Best worn in a neutral color like grey, beige black or taupe, this cozy and versatile winter scarf must-have will go with everything you already own.

winter accessories for women
a warm blanket like scarves to keep warm

Plaid scarvesTry an alternative to the traditional styles plaid scarf this winter to warm you.

Fur Stoles – Nothing elevates your winter ensemble quite like a faux fur stole.


Mid-calf or Knee-Length Boots – As this season is all about weather AND fashion, you can bless yourself with a pair of new mid-calf or knee-length boots. As it is cold outside, any exposed skin on the foot or leg is going to really feel it- what’s better than to bring glam and warmth with a fantastic pair of boots? You can opt for a heeled option to elevate your winter fashion status and your height.

Winter Accessories
Woman in brown calf-length boots

Uggs – Ugg Boots or sheepskin boots are unisex style boots that first originated in New Zealand and Australia. Consisting of a suede exterior lined with soft, temperate fleece and a rubber sole, these boots are comfy, warm, and soft- all at the same time! They slide on very easily and look perfect with your knit skirt or even with your denim.

Winter Accessories

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Head Gear

Beanie – This cute head wears are a head-hugging brimless cap, with or without a visor. They are commonly made from felt or cloth materials but some are also made from silk or leather materials. The best part is that a beanie can save you from a bad hair day while keeping you warm and will enhance your overall style statement as well.

winter wardrobe
Middle-layer winter tops that help you stay warm.

Beret – If you’re looking for a more fashion-forward alternative to your winter headgear, a beret is just the thing. An icon in French fashion (and in London too), a Beret is a soft, round, flat-crowned hat, which is usually worn by both sexes. It is made from circular pieces of hand-knitted wool woven or felted cloth, occasionally velvet, drawn underneath by a string, thread band, or leather thong so as to fit around the head.

winter fashion
Beautiful young brunette woman in a white beret and black woolen sweater. Outdoor fashion portrait of a glamour young Chinese cheerful stylish lady.

Headbands – Don’t like how Beanies and Hats tend to pull away from your look? Knitted Hairbands can solve that problem for you. Irrespective of the season, this accessory is worn on the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes. During winter, they help you cover your ears while adding a style statement to your outfit.

winter accessories list
Stylish headbands help to hold hair away from the face or eyes.

Tip: Take it up a notch with a crisp knot that adds turban-like style to a cozy headband. Try investing in neutral-colored headbands.


winter accessories for men
Warm and comfortable woolen gloves and socks

As winter gets closer, the best way to keep your fingers warm is to invest in a perfect pair of winter gloves to bring along and free yourself from frozen fingers. Woolen or leather, this is a must-have winter accessory. A solid pair of gloves will keep you toasty and help you brave the storm, whether you’re just out running errands, working, or just need something for your long commute, thereby keeping them toasty and hydrated.

Tip: You can buy touch screen sensitive gloves (Yes, there are gloves designed to help the smartphone addiction) or you can get a variant which has flaps over the fingertips that you can pull back when you need to use your phone, keeping the rest of your hands toasty.


best Winter Accessories
colorful mittens drying in the sun.

Another cute accessory that is a must-have during winter is the mittens. There’s just something so delightful about mittens. They are hands down the best type of gloves for winter. Mittens are a type of glove with a single part for all the fingers and a separate part for the thumb. Although, one major disadvantage of mittens is their dexterity they do keep your hands warm and cozy during winter. These are great options for additional winter accessories for men and winter accessories for women which are colorful and comfy at the same time.

Winter Tights or Stockings

Winter Accessories
Warm-up accessories for a cold winter

Winters and stockings go hand in hand. Winter isn’t going to stop us from wearing a skirt, am I right? Match your style with the degree of warmth you need with the kind of tights! Pick from thick thermal tights, fleece-lined options, or ones made from heat-generating fabrics, to make even the skimpiest frocks feel seasonally appropriate.


cool Winter Accessories
Girl enjoying the snow in warm clothing.

Just like an oversized blanket scarf, Poncho is like an outer garment that is designed to keep the body warm. A simple Poncho has a single large sheet of fabric with an opening in the center, for the head, and often it has an extra piece of fabric serving as a hood. For in-between weather, grab a poncho. It will add warmth (and some charm) to your outfit.


winter accessories for kids
Young girl on an urban street with snow. Winter holiday in the city.

This adorable stylish accessory is designed to cover a person’s ears for hearing protection or for warmth, hence making them perfect for winters. The cute furry earmuffs will keep your ear from freezing. As they are available in different prints, you can pick whatever you’d like!

Tip: Pick the earmuffs that are also headphones and that might just be the most genius winter accessory ever invented.

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So, revamp your wardrobe and get out of your warm bed to flaunt your stylish winter wardrobe. Which look is yours this winter?  Let us know your favorite winter accessories list in the comments below!

What colors are in for winter this year?

The five colors to keep an eye on this winter are Lilac, Emerald, Crimson, Cobalt blue and Burgundy.

How do you accessorize in the winter?

Accessories are finishing touches that make any ordinary outfit look stylish, so choose something that keeps you warm as well as keeps the style quotient high. 

What is on trend for winter this year?

Over-sized sweaters, pleated skirts, and the ever-dizzying rise of the balaclava are trends to watch out for as we head into winter.


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