We all have experienced the surprise arrival of our periods on the day of our travel. It comes as news but it stays like a trauma.

Well, that’s not a piece of new information for you girls. But there are some period hacks that might be. So before you plan a trip during or around your period, read these period hacks for making your life easier and somewhat less painful.

Period Hacks For Survival When Travelling In Your Periods

The thought of going through a period whilst travelling is not a great thought but here are a few Period Hacks that you can use for your survival.

1. Switch To Menstrual Cup

Depending upon your personal preferences you can decide what to use for your periods. But when you are travelling, make sure you take menstrual cups with you. You don’t need to change it as frequently as you change a pad or tampon. All you have to do is empty it wash it and use it again. While travelling you might not find washrooms everywhere. It makes it easier and for a change not exhausting.

2. Heat Pack

Believe it or not, keeping a hot pad with you will help you more than you can think. Heat therapy relaxes the uterus muscles and increases the blood flow and ends up easing the pain. The best part is that it won’t take much space in your luggage or backpack and you can use it when you get time to settle down for a while.

3. Stay Hydrated

Loss of blood during your periods can make you feel exhausted. This might be because you are dehydrated. The levels of estrogen and progesterone low at the start of your period and your body tries to retain water. This is what makes you feel bloated. When you drink enough water, it helps to flush out your system and might also help reduce cramps.

Drinking water removes toxic from body and makes skin brighter
Hydration from inside

4. Use Tampons Instead Of Pads

I don’t hate pads but pads not really are the best to rely on while travelling. Consider using tampons instead of pads. Pads give you rashes and tampons will be comforting than pads for sure. Just make sure you carry enough with you because there is a chance that the country you are travelling to might not sell tampons. Surely you don’t want to waste your time searching for tampons when you are on your period.

5. Go For a Light Jog

When your body is active, it produces endorphins that will help you fight prostaglandins (hormones that give you cramps). Not just saying it, a light exercise can really help you fight the pain during the periods.

6. Wear Super Comfortable Clothes

A tight jean is the last thing you would want to wear. Travelling can already be exhausting and when you are travelling during your period, you need to be prepared for some additional exhaustion.

7. Snacks

It is a known fact that Food is a solution to EVERYTHING! The same applies here also. Pack yourself some travel snacks that are rich in iron and helps you with your hunger too. You can pack some fruits like pineapple and berries. Some snacks that are rich in iron are; dried apricots, nuts, baked potatoes etc. Make sure you keep munching something.

8. Make Your Own DIY Pad

Periods can be unpredictable and you can not be prepared all the time. So here is something that you can use when your ovaries decide to ditch you and there is no pharmacy available near you. If you are carrying a first aid kit with you, you will be able to make your own DIY pad from a toilet paper and gauze.  Wrap a gauze in the toilet paper and fix the toilet paper to your undies.

9. Ginger Tea

Did you know ginger helps in a lot of things? It helps in reducing inflammation and gives you slight relief from the period pain as well. You can try making ginger tea or boil plain water with small pieces of ginger into it. Caffeine intake while travelling in periods might not be a good idea by the way.

Drinking tea and reading book

10. Ibuprofen Is What You Are Looking For

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that blocks the natural substances that causes inflammation. It helps in relieving the pain, fever, swelling etc. I would not recommend to highly be dependent on medication but if you think you can’t take it anymore please look for ibuprofen. This will give you slight relief from the pain but please don’t get adapted to it and consume natural antibiotics like turmeric, Apple-Cider Vinegar, ginger etc. Also, when you are breastfeeding, DO NOT take ibuprofen for anything.

Here Is What You Need To Pack In Your Period Kit

As explained when you are travelling in your periods, you need to take extra care of your health. Here are a few things that you can carry in your period kit that will help you to survive your periods during travelling.

Here is a tip: Please don’t be confined to this list. Take everything or anything that makes you feel better.

  1. Extra pair of undergarments
  2. Extra pair of Pants
  3. Extra tampons/pads
  4. One extra menstrual cup
  5. Small bags for disposal
  6. Wipes
  7. Sanitizer
  8. Reusable pads/Pantiliners
  9. Gauze
  10. Cotton

Carrying extra will be a lot of help to you since you will be travelling. I hope this article will help you to plan your travel during the period. Periods can be painful but once you be prepared for it, you can deal with it easily.

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Do let us know in the comments section about how you plan your travel in your period.



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