Those who teach the most about humanity may not be all humans.

Makes more sense – seeing as animals have a better sense of understanding than some homo sapiens.

All jokes apart, seeing people looking down at animals as lesser beings, might make you nod your head in agreement or want to throttle them. If you belong to the former category you can’t relate to the following, but if you do belong to the latter, you’ll know what we are talking about.

Problems are aplenty, especially when you are dealing with animals and more so while travelling.

Some of the most obnoxious environments and places you’d visit with your pet can be the end of your relaxing vacay time.

So why not avoid that by spending little time on your research?

Take food for instance!

There are a number of places where strictly animals are not entertained which might be a major problem for anyone as a pet parent.

But there are some others which have the best to offer and even if you don’t go with your own pet, some eateries even have cats and dogs to accompany you while eating!

So here’s listing a bunch of restaurants and food spots in different parts of the world which will tell you all about some pet-friendly cities which serve the best for you AND your Pet Friend!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in the USA

The Patio
Lamont Street
San Diego, CA, US

The place offers California cuisine that caters to foodies and the canines they love. Upon arrival, the beautiful hospitality strikes your pooch will receive a gourmet house-made dog biscuit and a fresh bowl of water.

Take note:

The open-air patio of the restaurant is a favourite place for a lot of pooches, so take care of reservations well in advance.

Forge in the Forest
Carmel, CA, US

The restaurant specializes in gourmet bistro-style dishes such as San Francisco style fondue, chicken satay lollipops, curry chicken paninis, Margherita pizza and skirt steak while offering an outdoor seating for your pet with a menu for dogs, ranging from kibble to chicken and steak.

Take note:

The outside patio area is very intimate and relaxing with a hint of a romantic atmosphere. The staff are very friendly to both humans and pets! They have regular menus and offer a dog menu.

O.H.S.O. Eatery + NanoBrewery
Phoenix, AZ, US

Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost (OHSO) has one of the most diverse menus featuring burgers, tacos, spicy pork sandwiches, and surf and turf. The views of the canal at the back patio welcomes dogs.

o.h.s.o. eatery and nanobrewery - pet-friendly restaurants and food places
Image source: O.H.S.O. Website
Norm’s Eatery & Ale House
Seattle, WA, US

To some, the name may bring to mind a portly TV barfly, but this spot is actually named after a dog, which is obvious enough upon entry — on walking in you’ll see Norm and his canine pals adorning much of the wall space. With a nightly food special dubbed the “Doggie Bowl,” the theme is decidedly dog-centric and highly laid back. The place also serves country fried steak and eggs, smoked salmon Benedict, pepper burgers, chicken marsala, Creole blackened shrimp and grits, and meatloaf.

Pro tip

Great beer and cocktail selection. Must try!

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Barking Dog Luncheonette
New York, US

Super Fun place for you and your dog. Sitting outside, the wait staff will bring your dog a bowl of water. The food is delicious so you won’t feel cheated with it and everything is absolutely fresh. Sunday brunches are very popular with some menus containing great homemade food. Taste the chicken hash, eggs and biscuits.

Take note:

Oohhh! The bloody marys are some of the best you’ll ever get to taste and savour. Be sure to look for the picture of Rudy Giuliani with his dog at the Barking Dog Luncheonette.

Barking dog restaurant - pet-friendly restaurants and food places
Image source: Barking dog website
Boat Basin Cafe
New York, US

79th Street Boat Basin is an outdoor restaurant which offers American cuisine, scenic views of the Hudson and pet-friendly seating. The menu includes Buffalo wings, pulled pork sandwiches, salmon burgers, bratwurst, and grilled steak.

Take note:

This restaurant is huge with good decor and you have the option to sit inside or outside with your puppy! Staff is super friendly and the whole place is guaranteed to give you a very laid back atmosphere while near the water side.

boat basin cafe - pet-friendly restaurants and food places
Image source: Boat Basic Cafe
San Antonio Winery
Los Angeles, US

The San Antonio Winery is, in fact, the last remaining winery in Downtown Los Angeles, branding itself as a hidden gem with a dog-friendly environment. Visitors to the San Antonio Winery wanting to swirl, sniff, and sip can do so alongside their pupper at one of its five outdoor benches–more can be added for larger parties. The Winery restaurant menu includes appetizers, freshly-made soups, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, breakfast items, signature meats and fish such as Grilled New York Steak, Braised Tri-Tip, Chicken Breast with Shiitake Mushroom etc.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe
Portland, OR, US

Tin Shed Garden Cafe is dog-friendly! Dogs are welcome near the tables at this casual, neighbourhood cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even offers a dog menu! The dog menu has some of the most well picked tasty treats for the canines with options like chicken, ground beef or pork mixed with rice or sweet potatoes and peanut butter banana ice cream for dessert.

Pro tip:

Best day of the week to visit this is to go on a Tuesday –  Doggie Love Night is celebrated at the Shed! So for every regularly priced people item, you receive one doggie item free!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in London

The Egerton House Hotel

As we all know, afternoon tea is a classic British tradition – and at The Egerton House Hotel, doggies are more than welcome for the traditional drink. Dogs are greeted with a warm reception a special menu is specially designed for them. The canine’s Afternoon Tea is served in the same style as a traditional high tea and typically has three courses – meatloaf, biscuits and ice-cream to finish.

M, Victoria Street

If you are looking for a restaurant not only allows dogs but also provides them with their own brunch menu, then M Victoria Street is the place for you. For an extra £5 splurging, your dog will be offered a choice of ‘Bacon & Peanut Butter Cookies’ or ‘Dried Chicken Livers’. With some luck, your four-legged friend might even get to meet resident hound Hudson, the labradoodle.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo comes with more love for the felines than the canines!

Cat Café Calico

This place has a lot of cats! Calico Cat Café is considered the largest one in Tokyo with over 50 cats in its two-floor facility located right smack in the middle of Shinjuku’s vibrant Kabukicho district.

With so many cats compared to a normal cat café, you’re bound to attract at least one feline. Shower your love by purchasing some cat treats from the staff and feeding them. You’ll be cat-popular in no time.

Neko JaLaLa

This district is Tokyo’s hive for anything otaku – it has a definite spot reserved for the cat fandom. A door with a picture of a large cat greets you in corners, as you wander off a bit from Electric Town, and soon enough you’ll find yourself in the presence of some fine feline divas.

There are some amazing exotic breeds in Neko JaLaLa such as Abyssinians and Main Coons making this café popular among animal lovers.

Take note:

In a typical diva style, it is likely that they’ll make YOU wait to get a chance to see THEM. So call to make a reservation for a hassle-free dining experience!

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【HP接続不具合のお詫び】 . 本日、【ねこ・JaLaLa】のホームページが、 一時表示されない事態が生じておりました。 . (HP) . 明日の営業時間をお尋ねくださるお電話も頂戴し、 お客様には多大なるご迷惑をおかけしました。 申し訳ございませんでした。 . 現在は、問題なく閲覧できるようになっております。 . . 明日も【ねこ・JaLaLa】は、 11:00~20:00で営業しております(*・ω・)✴️ . . . そして明日25日は、 会員様がお得に過ごせる✨にゃんこの日✨です? . 【にゃんこの日の特典】 ⚫会員様はワンドリンクサービス(アルコールは200円引き) ⚫ポイントが2倍? . もちろん当日その場で会員登録して頂くことも可能です? . お得な日なので、お時間があればぜひ遊びにいらして下さい? . . . ?pic? アン(Anne)♀ シア(Shia)♂ . . . #ねこjalala #ねこジャララ #猫カフェ #猫カフェねこJaLaLa  #猫 #ねこ #秋葉原 #猫好きさんと繋がりたい #ねこ部 . #nekojalala #jalala #catcafe #cat #neko #tokyo #akihabara #catstagram #instcat #catlover #cute #kawaii . #고양이카페 #고양이 #도쿄 #아키하바라 #냥스타그램 #アビシニアン #abyssinian

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Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Sydney


Over in Balmain, this bohemian-chic haunt is the brainchild of MasterChef finalist Jamie Fleming. Set in a Victorian building, the restaurant-slash-bar serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner most days. The menu is creative and celebrates local produce, and is made even better by the fact you can enjoy it with your pup by your side.

Can Cava Pintxos & Wine

There’s tapas, and then there’s pintxos: bite-sized morsels of food on toothpicks. It hails from Barcelona, as does the team behind this new Bondi wine bar – this cosy corner spot dishes up Spanish goodness. Inside, you’ll find hand-painted Spanish tiles and terracotta walls, while the outdoor area has a case of puppy love.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Thailand

Mother May I

Mother May offers a big green yard where dogs are free to romp about. Customers can even sit in air-conditioned comfort and keep an eye on them through the transparent floor-to-ceiling window. 

Take note: 

The doggies are allowed to romp free in the outdoor section only.

La Casa Nostra

This Italian restaurant has a quiet, dog-friendly yard where the head chef Nino Scognamillo’s dog runs around greeting customers. Going there for the second Sunday of each month, when free-flow alcohol is just B600, will surely make you feel it is pocket-friendly as well as pet-friendly!

La casa nostra - pet-friendly restaurants and food places
Image Source: La Casa Nostra website

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Canada

Sandstone Grillhouse
Niagara Falls, ON, CA

Knowing that you are going to have your furry children with you, this restaurant is a natural and easy choice. From the moment you pull up in the parking lot, the waitstaff is extremely attentive to the customers and the dogs. The food is delectable and the taste is beyond description! The dogs are treated to some grilled chicken and a fresh bowl of water. This place is highly recommended to anyone travelling with a dog and is looking for a good meal with their 4 legged friends!

sandstone grillhouse - pet-friendly restaurants and food places
Image Source: Sandstone Grillhouse website

Oh, and while you’re at it don’t forget the following:

Rules to follow to make pet-friendly places even friendlier!

1. Convenience First

DON’T forget to take your pets food bowl.

It is not a restaurant’s responsibility to lend a water bowl for your dog because comfort level and hygiene requirements of each dog differs.

And let’s face it: seeing your dog slurp from a bowl brought out from the kitchen can gross out other guests as well.

2. Don’t feed thyself first – Feed your dog first

We don’t mean from your own piping hot plate. First serve your dog his favourite kibble or a handful of treats at home—so that when your pup smells tantalizing roast chicken, he will (hopefully) be too full to go for dessert.

3. Keep pathways clear

Letting your dog walk near the path where waiters and customers walk will be an unwise move. So, do make sure your dog is comfortable under the table or away from any main paths.

4. Leash that right! Take that extra measure

While some dogs are very well-behaved and follow every command from the owner, there’s still a chance that you will need to use the leash to keep them from wandering or jerk them away quickly if another dog starts a fight.

5. Bark it out

If you find that your dog is barking, or getting a bit anxious, try to take them for a brief stroll for some energy release and be mentally prepared to move around.

6. Give them some attention 

If you have brought your pet as a companion, make sure you don’t make them feel neglected or make them feel lonely – the sudden change in environment and presence of strangers is hard enough to deal with for them.

As anyone who has spent some time in these places will know, dogs/any pet have a special place in the city’s society. The most striking part is the way dogs accompany their owners to places usually exclusively reserved for humans, such as restaurants and shops and still seem to be so comfortable with so much human contact. In some way or the other, most of us find ourselves attracted to it and we realise going out to spend some time with the furry ones is the best option, because you know you are bound to be on the receiving end of unconditional love and happiness like in no other way!

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