Across the world, health officials have instructed the public to stay home, avoid crowds, and refrain from touching one another. But are we following through? Experts have called social distancing as one of the most important steps you can take to reduce the transmission of easily communicable diseases like COVID-19, which is transmitted through infective respiratory droplets. With the help of social distancing, people around the world are trying to “flattening the curve” of this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But, while humans are still trying to get used to ‘new normal’, animals are showing them how it’s done! Here are some pictures that show animals following social distancing guidelines much better than us.

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Check Out This Picture Gallery Showing Animals Practice Social Distancing

1This is what we should do if anyone dares to come close

2Well, someone has to teach humans

3That’s how you form a queue

4Social distancing on the roof

5Even the seagulls get it

Source: Septictulip

6Look at this cutie!

Source: redvakho

7Majestic peacocks resting the right way

8Or maybe it’s fear

Source: Beamspex

9What is this queue for even?

Source: verksies

10No ducking way!

11Lounging together during the lockdown

12A kitty party?

Source: maulajutt27

13Seagulls at it again

14Frenemy Tilly must be enjoying the outside

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Social distancing with my frenemy Tilly

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15Cats have always been intelligent, haven’t they?

16Social distancing or hate?

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#socialdistancing #catsofinstagram #stayhome

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17What cats?

18Pets following social distancing

19Social distancing in water as well

20Window-style quarantine

21Maybe now we’ll follow them

What Can We Learn From These Animals?

Social distancing has made a major impact on our lives but spending so much time at home has both disadvantages and benefits. It has allowed us to slow down, and enjoy small things and improve bonds with our friends and family. But, it’s also a tough time for many and we could all use a little humour in our lives. Animals have always been great mood-lifters. But these animals following social distancing also teaches us something. If they can do it so well, then what’s stopping some us from following it? It’s something to think about, right?

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