Brace yourself for a love-loaded joyride in the Silicon Valley of India, where hearts unite amidst the techy energy and greenery of the city! This is a city that has a whole lot of magic for everyone, especially the lovebirds looking to spice up their romance game. The diversity of this city is such that there is something here for everyone. We give you a curated list of best places to visit in bangalore for couples.

Unleashing The Pandora’s Box Of Best Places To Visit In Bangalore For Couples

places in bangalore for couples
Aerial view of Bangalore City in the night.

Also known as the greenest city, Bangalore has lush green trails, cozy climates, and a vibe that automatically feels romantic and having a partner to share it with is just an add on advantage.

This city has a stash of new experiences waiting for couples! The beautiful landscapes, a grand buffet of activities to choose from and a checklist of activities to dive into, this city is an encyclopedia and we are here to shortlist the highlights.

So, buckle up as we embark on a journey of the finest experiences that you can enjoy with your partner. Wholesome time that can be spent without losing yourself in the simultaneous chaos that this city also has to offer. Get ready to fall in love with the vibrant streets and leafy corners that weave many romantic tales!

Natural Attractions Around Bangalore

1. Hogenakkal Falls

best places to visit in bangalore for couples
A perfect place for a dreamy escape with your special someone.

Hogenakkal Falls is a hop and skip away from the lively city, it is a voracious and fierce force of nature but also the perfect place for a dreamy escape with your special someone. The breathtaking water cascades and tumbles down with unrestrained force, roaring like a majestic beast set free. Every droplet washes away the built up stress before it plunges into the depths below, this thundering cascade might as well become the soundtrack to your love story, for couples that are enchanted by nature’s allure, Hogenakkal Falls is an absolute must-visit and one of the places to visit in bangalore for couples The bounty of nature here is quite ordinary and yet makes a very strong impression along with unforgettable memories.

Best Time To Visit: We recommend that you visit this place in the monsoons as the waterfall is in its full form and beauty during this season. If you would like to get closer to the falls and walk around safely, we do not recommend it as it could be dangerous. 

2. Grover Vineyard: Wine Tasting

places to visit in bangalore for couples in one day
grape selection, fermentation and wine tasting with experts.

We present you with the ultimate love nest for wine lovers at Grover Vineyard in the outskirts of Bangalore. Love is all about going that extra mile and at Grover’s you will be doing just that by not just sipping on fine wine but diving headfirst into the intricate world of winemaking with the guidance of seasoned professionals. Grover Vineyard helps you unravel the secrets behind the perfect pour.

Here is the scoop: Nestled on the outskirts of Bangalore, Grover Vineyards invites you on an educational escapade as you join experts for an event that goes beyond the swirl and sip routine. You get a chance to collectively understand the nuances of grape selection, fermentation, and the magic that happens in those barrels. Diving into the roots of wine-making can be an intimate thing to experience with your special person.

Where does the magic happen?

Raghunathpura, Devanahalli Road, Doddaballapur, Bangalore is where the magic happens, and the doors are open from 10: 30 AM to 04:00 pm 

Charges: For the weekday visitors- 850 INR per person

                For the weekend visitors- 1000 INR per person

This grape infused journey where romance meets expertise is filled with passion and every sip tells a story that feels like it’s right out of a vintage movie montage. This is a date like no other and if you would like to channel your inner Lucille Ball then grab at least 10 friends for some grape-stomping shenanigans at 500 INR per person!

3. Sakleshpur: Riverside Camping

 must visit tourist places in bangalore for couples
Camping out by the cool vibes of the Cauvery River with your loved one.

If your idea of a date involves more than just food and a movie, then buckle up for a rendezvous with adventure! This wild ride to the Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur – where romance meets the great outdoors, will have you relaxed in the arms of that special one under the glittering stars.

Take it up a notch by surprising your partner and camping out by the cool vibes of the Cauvery River. It is not your typical date – oh no! Here, you can paddle away on a boat, conquer the waters in a coracle, or unleash your inner thrill-seeker with zip-lining and a splash of swimming. If you are one of the wild ones then take a light trek and unveil the secrets of the surrounding wilderness. Or, if you’re in a chill mood, just relax in your tent with the soothing melody of the river as the perfect background soundtrack.

Best Time To Visit: Mark your calendars for late winter or spring – that is when Sakleshpur is in full bloom, and trust us, it’s like stepping into a natural fairy tale. Forget the city Chaos; this place is a haven for couples craving a peaceful escape.

How Far Is It From Bangalore?

Nestled in the western Ghats, just 221 kms away from Bangalore, this spot will make you feel that the effort was worth it!

Mother nature is at its A-game here and with your partner by your side this date will not be a short of magic. 

Reviving Moments With Romantic Attractions

Revitalize, Rejuvenate, Replenish. Get Your Fix Right Here:

1. Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort, Rajanukunte

pamper your partner and self with a couples spa
couples spa to revitalize your vibes with a splash of luxury.

Revitalize your vibes with a splash of luxury, spa lovers! Nothing is better than a couples spa day. At Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort in Rajanukunte you will dive straight into the lap of fancy relaxation. A staycation of your dreams.

As you check into this heavenly resort, you will be offered the sensory dance that kicks off with a soothing foot wipe and wraps up with a bonus of 30 minutes of pure chillax time with refreshments. Being on the same level of relaxation as your partner is a bit difficult in today’s times and this experience can be a core memory and make up for the imbalance in the past.

From spa packages to quick fix sessions that are practically express lanes to bliss, they have it all! Fancy a facial? You got it! Feel like a 30-minute massage? You got it! Want body polish? They got your back, literally! And guess what? They even have family packages, because why should the grown-ups have all the fun?

Their signature treatments are similar to a gourmet menu, giving you and your partner the exclusivity you deserve! Floral Chic, Thai Massage, Japanese Massage, and Ayurvedic Massage – take your pick and let the pampering begin.

Charges – Prices start at INR 1,500 

You read that right! So pack your robe, slide into those fluffy slippers, and get ready for a spa-cation for your soul that will leave you floating on a cloud of bliss!

2. Hot Air Balloon Date

birthday celebration places in bangalore for couples
Romancing in the air with hot air balloons.

Elevate the love with a date that’s sky-high and full of thrills! With this option you can really spice things up while having a lot of fun while soaring through Bangalore skies in a whimsical hot air balloon. 

This adventure might seem cliche but it really is not, in fact it’s the ultimate date experience that will have you floating on cloud nine. Literally. Let the wind be your cue to transform the moment with your partner into a tiny yet picturesque romantic memory as you float higher and higher watching the world become smaller.

Located at Jakkur Airfield, just 13.2 kms from the heart of Bangalore, this adventure is a cozy escapade for the lovebirds seeking a unique thrill. Hop on board, hold on tight, and let the winds of romance carry you both away and your love to new heights. Literally.

3. NAVU Project

If you’re the kind of romantic who believes that actions speak louder than words then let us introduce you to a haven where the combination of love and commitment are served on a plate –NAVU project. Here, the culinary geniuses, Pallavi Mithika Menon and Kanika Sharma, aren’t just cooking; they’re crafting an edible symphony that resonates with your deepest emotions.

The warm tones of the paints here are not just confined to the walls but extend to the plate. The exclusivity of this place is so high that it is one of the best birthday celebration places in bangalore for couples. For the people who like to communicate their love and commitment through food, this is the place where every ingredient is a love letter written in flavors.

Your special person deserves that special dish which is so finely prepared that it becomes a symbol of your love. The thoughtful curation of this fine dining experience speaks volumes. 

The menu here is a limited edition of culinary delights, fusing diverse cultural influences and themes that mirror your unique taste making it one among the best places to visit in Bangalore for couples. 

So, those that love to go above and beyond, NAVU Project is your choice. It’s intimate, it’s cozy, the hosts take very good care of their guests that they know beforehand as this place needs you to reserve a table prior to your arrival.

(except Mondays, because even culinary geniuses need a day off).

Timings: The kitchen is buzzing from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and then again from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

A Couple Who Learns Together Stays Together

1. Slurp Studio: Cooking Sessions

cooking with your partner
Cooking with your partner is great fun.

Nothing screams romance like cooking up a storm together and you can do that while you learn from the experts at Slurp Studio! Surprise your significant other with a date that is not about sharing meals but creating them at this culinary hotspot in Bangalore, the reason it is special is because the whole process involves understanding your partner’s taste a bit more.

You don’t need to go Gordon Ramsay to rock this joint. Whether you’re a master chef or just a pro at ordering takeout, Slurp Studio welcomes all levels of kitchen prowess. It’s not about the skill; it’s about the sizzle.

As you prepare to conquer the kitchen in your aprons, do not make this about who will cook better. Rather, make it about bonding, laughing, and creating memories that’ll linger on your tongue long after the meal is over.

Where is it located?

It is located in the heart of HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar.

Timings: From 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM Everyday

Charges: INR 1500 onwards (Approx)

2. Woodworking Classes: THE Workshop

Build team working abilities with your partner at DIY workshops
DIY workshops to attend with partner in Bangalore.

THE Workshop – where DIY dreams come true, build that bond stronger with your partner while literally learning how to build together. Ever thought about welding power tools, mastering wood joinery, or creating your own masterpiece? Well, this is a place where you and your partner can go from clueless to carpentry cool!

Everything you learn to make here under the supervision and friendly guidance of trained staff can be taken back home along with your newly formed team working abilities with your partner. Gain access into their minds as you watch them build things like – chair, a funky box, a wooden art piece that will be the envy of your friends.

This cross disciplinary space is for makers and curious ones to come together and explore the world of creation. It’s a playground for grown-ups who want to turn their ideas into something more tangible, this saw-dust filled adventure will allow you to have a unique experience with your partner for tailored durations and prices. You can check their offers here.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, lovebirds, it’s safe to say this city is like a cupid’s playground! Whether you want to feel the torrential energy of roaring waterfalls, or have a classy evening in the vineyards of Grover’s. There is a flavor for all kinds of couples with different interests. The whirlwind of indulgences and options for places to visit in Bangalore for couples are truly endless and if getting down and dirty in nature is not your thing then massages and post spa day glow can help you reset together.

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Bangalore has rolled out the red carpet for your romantic escapades. Choose to soar high in the clouds with the most important person in the world or savor the culinary wonders tailor made for your special night – this city has you covered.


Which are the best pubs and clubs in Bangalore for couples?

Toit Brewpub: Lively ambiance, craft beers, lovely for a perfect night out. High Ultra lounge and Sky-high venue in World Trade Center are good choices for a fun filled and relaxing drink as they both offer a stunning view.

What are the best resorts in Bangalore for couples?

Golden Palms Resort: Spa, lush greenery and a luxurious retreat for recreational activities with your loved one. 
Angsana Oasis and Resort: For Those that love and enjoy seclusion with their loved one coupled with relaxing and rejuvenating. This is the perfect escape.

What are some romantic things to do in Bangalore for couples?

Boating in Ulsoor lake is recommended at least once with your loved one. Cubbon park walk: A leisurely stroll in this historic park is also a must.

What is the best time to visit Bangalore for couples?

October to February is ideal as the pleasant weather is great for outdoor activities and ideal romantic getaways.


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