The words Las Vegas and family will never go together and we all know why! But there a few surprising places where you can hang out with your family and buddies, without having to face any awkward partying groups and gambling cultures in the Party City! And with or without family, there are numerous fun things to do in Las Vegas!

Nightlife as against what we assume can be bright, colourful, and super fun when we know about the right things to do at the right places!

You don’t have to dig deep to get a wealth of entertainment here!

Where to stay in Las Vegas – Hotels galore! 

Circus Circus
Las Vegas Strip showing Circus Circus hotel and Casino
Las Vegas Strip showing Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

The casino here serves really good drinks. But this is one of the best places for family fun with the kicker being the free circus acts. They are always worth stopping in for lots of fun and are very exciting. There are video games and several carnival games that are not impossible to beat and where you can actually win a prize. The buffet is worth trying for the food is great.  

Bonus point: 

It also has plenty of free parking, a big plus!

9:30 pm to 2:00 am scenes

Since for the most part of the night, the city is active, this is the best time to stroll through the place.

Flamingo Hotel
Flamingo Hotel Casino at night
Flamingo Hotel Casino at night

Is, in fact, the oldest and the first big casino in Vegas. Don’t let that make you judge the place because the casino resort offers a spa and an outdoor pool, plus a zoo and number of restaurant options which will seriously surprise you!

The Flamingo has 3 pools. The 21 and over Rehab pool and two smaller pools with one having slides and waterfalls perfect for kids. The smaller Beach Club pool will work out perfectly for the entire family as well.

Ballys Casino
Bally's Hotel and Casino lit up at night in Las Vegas
Bally’s Hotel and Casino lit up at night in Las Vegas

When you stay at the storied Bally’s Las Vegas, you are sure to enjoy a classic Vegas hotel experience because of its chic décor and modern amenities.

Bally’s is also home to great restaurants and bars, as well as an oversized outdoor pool and shopping galore at the Grand Bazaar Shops and Shops at Bally’s.

The Venetian
The Venetians Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada
Venice? Nope! This is the Venetian Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the best hotels in Las Vegas without a doubt. The hotel is incredibly beautiful from top to bottom.

If you have never been to Venice, Italy, come to Venetian hotel, just to get a little taste of it first!

You will love all the paintings on the ceiling, the grand lobby area and the artwork and the architecture which is very Roman with modern flares.

Note that: 

With a lot happening, the casino is always crowded!

For food, you really needn’t worry! You will find many restaurants near the Canal Shops. Moreover, authenticity matters and when you purchase here you know you are buying the real thing.

Also while you are shopping, don’t forget to check out the gondola – amazing picture spot!

Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas
Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas

Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is the center-Strip resort where the only thing you need to worry about is finding time to do everything, literally everything.

You would wanna miss none! The gamblers rustle to foodies haven – you’ll find one of a kind spots for everyone!

Go here!

The newly remodelled Valley Tower rooms are worth checking out!

Treasure Island Hotel
Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada with the lake at the Mirage in the foreground and the Fashon Show Mall and Stratosphere tower in the background
Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada with the lake at the Mirage in the foreground

This ought to convince you to go there.

Not only does it have a big freshwater pool with lots of lounge chairs and cabanas, but you will also find that a DJ hosting young and old crowds to fresh music and party anthems is also a regular sight.

Things to do in Las Vegas

A plethora of food options

Well-liked restaurants include a steakhouse, buffet, Vietnamese, and Mexican nachos and tacos.

Relax, chill and drink!

Multiple bars, like a Senor Frog’s and a country-western saloon. 

For the Marvel fans

The Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere will leave you screaming in excitement and the Marvel Avengers Station is a must visit!

Gamble and play

Always crowded casino with table games, sports books and gambling slots! Gambling is, of course, one of the most notable things to do in Vegas.

Roulette wheel in motion - things to do in Las Vegas
Roulette wheel
The mirage – So lit!

The word beauty will be redefined for you when you see the Volcano at the Mirage.

Fire and water combined to produce spectacular “eruptions”, will leave you spellbound. The 150 sources of fire at the bottom are synchronized with the music. On the west side of the Strip, you’ll be able to find the volcano (between The Venetian and the Mirage).


Set behind the famous Fountains of Bellagio, this luxury Las Vegas Strip hotel and casino offers an upscale day spa and multi dining restaurants with food to die for!

With its dramatic combination of music, water and light, the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas will surprise you with some spectacular performances.

The highlight of the place would be the fountain and display show put up every 30 minutes in the evening.

Fountains of Bellagio: luxury resort casino in Las Vegas
Fountains of Bellagio: luxury resort casino in Las Vegas
Excalibur hotel casino

As one of Hollywood’s best-loved live music venues, casino/club exudes a sense of rogue style and vibrancy. The refined, yet raw space showcases amazing live performances by emerging dancers and artists!

This fantasy castle-themed resort and casino is located centrally on the Las Vegas Strip which is an additional bonus!

Mandalay Bay Coral

Rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha and a Komodo dragon. Dive into the underwater world!

You get a chance to dive with so many exotic sharks – more than you’d find even in the wild! Become an Aquarist for a day and feed the stingrays, shark or turtle.

Don’t miss!

Shark Reef Aquarium – their newest exhibit!

MGM hotel

This is basically a sprawling casino resort with renowned restaurants and lively nightclubs with multiple pools and a spa.

Theme park its highlight! Too good to be true types especially with its rides and adventure sports! Free falling at 70 miles per hour, you’ll feel the pumped-up action even after you’re done with it! Each time you visit, it will be differently themed.

MGM Lion Habitat

Getting into the King of the Beasts at the Lion Habitat (which is right next to the gaming floor), inside the MGM Grand Hotel, will help you witness a surprisingly huge number of wild cats.

Their permanent full-time home is not the Habitat since they stay at a ranch 12 miles from the MGM Grand.

Note that:

The Habitat is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m, and admission is free.

MGM Grand hotel casino in Las Vegas at night
MGM Grand hotel casino in Las Vegas at night
Hotel Luxor

Let’s hop on to Luxor!

The theme here is ancient Egypt, built with mummies and mimicking the tomb structures.

Topped by the world’s brightest lights, enough to reach space, its main highlight would be the blue masked group with stunning visual performances for entertaining audiences 6 nights a week.

When the show is over, it really means it’s not over. It opens the doors to do so many other things!

Watch a movie at Imax

Yes, sounds quite lame as a recommendation for things to do in Las Vegas. But it is a thing to do, and it is an IMAX! If you need to catch a movie while you’re there, might as well go to an IMAX.


Dance the night away at RAW – one of the hottest Nightclubs at The Strip.

Tropicana Hotel

As we leap ahead of the Street and times, we can chance upon the beautiful Tropicana hotel!

The treasure’s right in front of them with a jackpot and still, people miss out on seeing the same. Or in case of the Tropicana Las Vegas, above their heads. The glass ceiling will leave you mesmerized.

All this extravagance obviously had a practical purpose, which is hinted at by the many mirrors inset amongst the amber-tinted glass.

New York New York

With a gigantic 150-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty, New York New York features a state-of-the-art casino, a 180-degree rush pump in the form of a roller coaster and amazing live entertainment. What’s more?

McCarran International Airport is a ten-minute drive away from the hotel that will cater to all your quick and easy travel requirements.

The unique live entertainment lineup at New York New York includes Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity,” which dazzles audiences with a seductive twist on reality.

Don’t miss!

Without hopping a cab or car you can gaze upon the statue of liberty and Brooklyn bridge!

Go Shopping in Vegas!

Desert Passage or planet Hollywood? Never mind- shopping experience in Las Vegas is just as good! When fashion’s irresistible force has you under its spell, you cannot miss binge shopping here!

With undiscovered regions, exotic dances putting up a colourful performance, you can dance along and enjoy your shopping outing here!

Bellagio Botanical Conservatory

This sky-lit Bellagio atrium with vibrant seasonal scenes of plants, flowers & trees is a treat to the soul! You get to admire the essence of every season recreated with exceptionally gorgeous plants, flowers and trees thoughtfully arranged to inspire full splendour.

The displays are seasonally changed every month so you are bound to get the best of blossoming fragrances of flowers during your visit.

Stratosphere Tower
Tourists sit inside a cart of the thrill ride "X-Scream" on top of the Las Vegas Stratosphere tower (1149 ft/350m), the tallest freestanding observation tower of the US - things to do in Las Vegas
Another popular thrill ride “X-Scream” on top of the Las Vegas Stratosphere tower (1149 ft/350m), the tallest freestanding observation tower of the US.

The Stratosphere tower is quite a landmark in Vegas. Apart from being the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US, it is known for its amazing views and crazy, extreme thrill rides.

One such is the Big Shot Ride – INSANITY!

YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS! In fact- this is why you should be there.

Not for the observation deck view, not for the food, not for the casino, not for the heck of being a tourist!

It’s called insanity for a reason!

They don’t say you’d have to be “insane in the membrane” to set foot on the Insanity Ride for nothing! Or maybe all you need to have is an appetite for fun, CRAZY heights and a whole lot of spinning!  

Over the edge of the Stratosphere tower, Insanity – The Ride whirls the passengers around up to three Gs. Sitting in your escape proof seat, you’ll be lifted up at a blood pumping, BP raising, chilling and yet spectacular, 70-degree angle, at speeds up to 40 mph! With views of the Las Vegas Strip, this ride combines both a physical and psychological and stomach rush!

Another such extreme thrill ride is the X – Scream, a roller coaster ride with a twist – it goes on back and forth on a verticle track (remember you are going to be over 900 feet off the ground!) with the track extending and heading off the building before suddenly coming to a halt, giving the impression that you might just fly off the edge of the building! Thrilling, much? 

So there you have it, gorgeous, sparkly hotels to stay at and an insane number of fun things to do in Las Vegas. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these things or if you have anything to add in the comment section below.



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