Hello dear explorers! Welcome our fascinating guide on best places to see in Karnataka. Located in southwest India, Karnataka is a state that encompasses many worlds. This Indian state is a treasure trove of tourist attractions ranging from historical places to places of cultural significance.

Its capital Bengaluru (or Bangalore) is a cosmopolitan centre, and there are many popular places to see in Karnataka, such as the royal Mysore, medieval Hampi, and numerous natural sites.

Stretching from Belgaum to the north to Mangalore in the south, Karnataka is a diverse state, with its own rich cultural heritage and historical treasures. Blessed with stunning beaches, fascinating architectural wonders and much much more, there are many places to see in Karnataka.

Our virtual guide here is all about some of the best places to visit in Karnataka. 

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10 Best Places To Visit In Karnataka


Your visit to Karnataka cannot be complete without going to certain destinations and one of them is Bangalore. The capital of the state is alternatively popular as the Silicon Valley of India and the Garden City of India. The weather here is absolutely pleasant and you can enjoy some moments of serendipity watching the beautiful lakes and parks, surrounding yourself with the calm and peaceful vibes. 

Top attractions in Bangalore: Top attractions here include Church Street, Lal Bagh, Bangalore Palace, Nandi Hills, Bannerghatta National Park, Vidhana Soudha and Cubbon Park to mention a few.

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Chikmagalur is alternately known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka.
Chikmagalur is popular for its coffee plantations.

Famous as the Coffee Land of Karnataka, Chikmagalur has lush coffee plantations. Nestled in between the foothills of the Mullayangiri Range, Chikmagalur is a must visit place for those who are fond of exploring wildlife and love spending time with nature. Additionally, this place is also a great spot for those who love hill stations. People who are ardent lovers of coffee are definitely going to love this place because of the coffee plantations and the coffee museum. 

 Top tourist attractions in Chikmagalur: Top tourist attractions here include Baba Budangiri, Mullayanagiri, Kudremukh National Park, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Hebbe Falls. 


The magnificent Shiva statue is the centre of attraction in Murudeshwar.
The 123 ft magnificent Shiva statue is the most popular attraction in Murudeshwar.

One of the best places in Karnataka, Murudeshwar is the ideal destination for those who want to witness something of religious significance. It’s most popular attraction is the Shiva statue in a sitting position. What makes it special is that it is the second tallest statue in the world. The 123 ft tall statue is magnificent and is an ideal place for all Shiva devotees.

Top tourist attractions in Murudeshwar: Top tourist attractions here are Murudeshwar Temple, Murudeshwar Fort, Netrani Island, Murudeshwar Beach and Bhatkal Beach. Those who want to be a little adventurous can try scuba diving here. Strolling here on the beach is also a great option that relaxes you out and gives you the opportunity to witness some of the most breathtaking views. 


This is another destination without visiting which, your Karnataka tour would be incomplete. Mysore is among the many places in India that are popular for their rich historical importance. This is the place where you can hear the echoes of the valor of the Great Tipu Sultan, also famous as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’.

Top tourist attractions in Mysore: Mysore has some of the best and the most popular tourist attractions including Brindavan Gardens, Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, Somanathapuram Temple and Shuka Vana. It’s also popular for a very rich and delicious sweet called Mysore Pak that is finger licking good! 

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Another popular destination in Karnataka, Udupi is ideal for those who want to have beach fun with friends and family. It’s a coastal town in Karnataka that is adorned with some of the most beautiful beaches, forests and ancient temples.

Top tourist attractions in Udupi: Some of the must visit tourist attractions in Udupi are Malpe Beach, St. Mary’s Island, Krishna Temple, Kaup Beach, Manipal and Delta Beach. To have an interesting experience, you can also visit the Coin Corp Museum and explore the Anejari Butterfly Camp. 


If you want to witness the breathtaking beauty of waterfalls, then you must visit Shimoga. Shimoga has scenic landscapes and amazing waterfalls, the beauty of which can leave you speechless. The weather here is mostly pleasant throughout the year. It’s also a great place for those who love exploring historical places.

Top tourist attractions in Shimoga: Popular tourist attractions in Shimoga include Kodachadri, Jog Falls, Keladi, Bhadra River Dam, Honnemaradu and Dabbe Falls. Those who love animals and wildlife can go for a tour at Tyavarekoppa Tiger and Lion Safari, visit Gudavi Bird Sanctuary or watch elephants at Sakrebailu Elephant Camp. 


Another top destination in Karnataka is Mangalore that encircled by the Arabian Sea on one side and Sahyadris on the other. This destination is no less than a heaven for beach lovers.

Top tourist attractions in Mangalore: Some of the must visit tourist attractions in Mangalore include Panambur Beach, Kudroli Temple, St Aloysius Chapel, Kadri Manjunath Temple, Ullal Beach and Kadri Park. 


Also known as Hampe, Hampi is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka for those who love exploring historical places. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site where you can discover the ruins of the ancient Vijaynagar Empire.

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In this small village, you can find 500 ancient monuments and temples. The rich historical significance of this place makes it a must visit.

Top tourist attractions in Hampi: Top tourist attractions in Hampi include Virupaksha Temple, Vithala Temple, Lotus Palace, Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple, Elephant Stables and Lakshmi Narasimha Temple. 


Those who love hill stations can visit Coorg, a place where your daily hectic life can take a backseat and you can enjoy a few moments of peace. Officially known as Kodagu, this place is nestled between stunning mountains.

Top tourist attractions in Coorg: Some of the must visit attractions I’m Coorg are Abbey Falls, Raja’s Seat, Coffee Plantations, Namdroling Monastery and Iruppu Falls. 


This is a magnificent site that attracts tourists with its palm trees, golden sand, and clear, blue seas. Earlier, it was recognised as a Hindu shrine, but now it has become more popular for its magnificent beaches.

Top tourist attractions in Gokarna: Must visit attractions in Gokarna include Om Beach, Mahabaleshwara Temple, Kudle Beach and Paradise beach. 

Best Time To Visit Karnataka 

Karnataka enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, but the summers (April to June) can get quite hot, with temperatures going up to 45C. The crowd is also very high in this season. Monsoon starts from June and continues till September, and sees temperatures between 23 and 28, and is the best time to visit waterfalls, plantations, and natural sites though it also sees bad weather along the coast. Winter (November to February) sees the best temperatures, between 21 to 32C and is the best time to visit Karnataka.

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Parting Words

We know our virtual guide on best places to visit in Karnataka must have left you craving for travel delights. The stunning beauty of Karnataka can be felt just by reading about it. Experiencing it in reality is an even more surreal experience. 

From delectable cuisines to places that deserve to be explored, Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful gems that adorn this magnificent state in the most wonderful way. Whether you want to explore some religious sites or you want to visit places that are of historical importance, Karnataka offers you almost everything. 

One of the most sought after destinations of this country, Karnataka has some of the most exquisite places that are unique and make our country the Incredible India! 

So, when are you planning your trip to Karnataka? 


What is the best time to visit Karnataka?

The best time to visit Karnataka is from October to April. Because of its close proximity to the western coast, this state is quite humid during summers which is why it is best to visit this state during the months of October to April. 

What is the local food in Karnataka?

Bisi bele bath, Mysore Pak, gojju, Ragi Mudde, Mysore Masala Dosa are some of the popular local foods in Karnataka. 

What are the five famous tourist place in Karnataka?

Karnataka is home to a lot of destinations that are immensely magnificent and are worth witnessing. The names of some of the famous tourist places include Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Hampi, Gokarna to name a few. 

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Karnataka?

There are various places in Karnataka that are worth exploring. The names of some of the best places in Karnataka for tourists include Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Mangalore, Hampi, Hassan, Udupi, Gokarna etc. 

What kind of clothing should I carry for Coorg?

While planning your trip to Coorg, it’s best to pack light, cotton, comfortable clothing. You can carry a sweater or a jacket because it might get a bit chilly in early mornings or late evenings. 

What are some famous things I should buy from Karnataka for my family?

Karnataka is famous for a lot of things that could be good souvenirs. You can buy Mysore Pak, Sandalwood Products, Coffee, Silk Sarees among many more for your family. 

Which place is more beautiful in Karnataka?

Each destination in Karnataka is beautiful in its own way. Which destination is more beautiful actually depends on personal likes and preferences. Some of the most beautiful places in Karnataka include Coorg, Mangalore, Chikmagalur, Shimoga etc. 

Which is the best place for family trip in Karnataka? 

If you are planning a trip with family then there are a lot of places that you can visit in Karnataka. These include Hampi, Coorg, Udupi, Gokarna, Nandi Hills, Bangalore, Mysore, Kabini etc. 

Which is the best month to visit Karnataka? 

Any month from October to April is great for visiting Karnataka. During these months, the weather is extremely pleasant and is suitable for exploring the scenic beauty of this state. 

Which is the most visited place in Karnataka?

Some of the most visited places in Karnataka include Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Mangalore, Hampi, Hassan, Udupi, Gokarna, Kabini, etc. 

Which city is known as City of Temples in Karnataka?

Udupi is a city in Karnataka that is also famous as the city of temples by the locals. It also has various educational institutions and is considered to be one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in South India. 


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