Top Places To Visit In Lombok, Indonesia

It’s always travelling season, and Bali is one of the most famous places to go. But a not-so-well-known destination is Bali’s sister island, Lombok Island. It may be overlooked by the fame of Bali, but don’t miss this wonderful paradise; there are lots of places to visit in Lombok. Located to the east of Bali, it is known for its beaches and surfing spots. 

Getting To Lombok Island

Getting to Lombok is an easy task, and cheap too. You can find multiple ways to travel from Bali to Lombok, the easiest and most convenient being by air.

By Air

Flights are the most convenient way to travel to Lombok, via Lombok International Airport. Daily flights fly in from Bali, Jakarta and Java as well as regular flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

By Fast Boat

Fast boats are another option but are not that comfortable. It takes about 2 hours by boat from Bali to Lombok. The price differs if you take the public boat or want to hire a private one. Maximum luggage allowed is 25kg, with 48INR per extra kg.

Speedboats, Lambok
Speedboats, Lambok
By Slow boat

The slow boats take about 4 hours to get to Lombok. It may be the slowest, but is also one of the cheapest ways to travel to Lombok Island.

By Public Ferry

Public ferries take 4-5 hours and depart from Padang Bai. Ferries leave every hour but there is no guarantee of the exact departure time. You can also take your bike or car by paying extra.

Places to visit in Lombok

There are many places to visit in Lombok. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, waterfalls and views. Take in all the amazing adventures this place has to offer, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Here are 5 things to do in Lombok:

1. Visit Tui Kelep Waterfall
Tui Kelep Waterfall
Tui Kelep Waterfall

The waterfall is tucked away in Senaru Village and is about a 45-60-minute trek. You can also swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall, so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. Looking for this waterfall is a bit tricky, so do hire a guide. It’s definitely worth it, plus the Instagram pictures will be amazing.

2. Air Kalak Hot Springs

This hot spring isn’t one to miss. It is said to have medicinal healing powers. Submersion in it is believed to rejuvenate the senses, slow the ageing process, and refresh the soul. It is accessible from Segara Anak Lake and is one of the best places to visit in Lombok.

3. Snorkelling at Gilli Nanggu
Gili nanggu, Lombok

It is the most beautiful places to go snorkelling on the island. The water is so clear that you can see yourself even when submerged, and the sands are straight out of a postcard. It is a paradise inside a paradise.

4. Hire a two-wheeler

The real Lombok Island can be enjoyed from a two-wheeler. Hire one from the local shop and enjoy the beautiful weather and the amazing view.

5. Trek to Mt. Rinjani
places to visit in lombok, The caldera of Mount Rinjani with the crater lake Segara Anak and the volcanic cone Gunung Baru
The caldera of Mount Rinjani with the crater lake Segara Anak and the volcanic cone Gunung Baru

Don’t forget the most famous attraction on Lombok Island! Trekking this mountain is an adventure you will remember all your life. But, it’s not for novice hikers or casual travelers. Mt. Rinjani is the second largest volcano in the country and looms proudly over Lombok Island. A hike to the crater rim of the volcano at night provides breathtaking views. (You need to pick from the two points of entry, and plan your trek with a guide)

All in all, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your vacation. Everyone deserves a little break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and Bali’s sister island, Lombok, is the perfect getaway. Take in the amazing sunrises and sunsets panned over the paradise that is this island.

Remember, Lombok Airport is not a free visa entry point. While you can get a free Indonesian visa for up to 30 days, a separate departure tax is included for Lombok Island. 

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