Top 22 Best Places to Visit in Manali And Around

Have you been planning a trip to Manali anytime soon? Well, you might need all the help with what places to visit in Manali. There is no doubt about the fact that Manali is one of the best locations to visit during the vacations. After all, who wouldn’t just love to have a refreshing break while they go explore the mountains and the beautiful lands of Manali. There are many travel guides that talk a lot about the place to see in Manali. However, this travel guide that we have for you in here will let you know about much more. Stay tuned if you want to have the best experience of travelling to places to visit in Manali and sightseeing in Manali.

Overview / Introduction About Manali

When we talk about the wonders of Mother Nature, there is only one name that comes to the mind and that is the beautiful lands of Manali. If you want to have the best experience of travelling, then going to Manali would be the best idea ever. Many tourists and explorers travel from different parts of the world to come to this amazing land of beauty and wonder. The frozen mountain, chilly winds, and all that greenery are sure to make you feel blessed to be in the locations of Manali.

Plus, there are so many amazing places to visit in Manali that you might just end up with time, but the list of amazing Manali tourist places doesn’t really come to an end. You could go to the mesmerizing land of Solang valley or just bask in the pleasure of seeing the snowfall at the Rohtang Pass. There is the great Himalayan National Park which you can visit in order to see the best species of fauna that is presented to you. Manali is also a place of devotion, so you will definitely find some amazing temples where you can go to.

If you are ever in Manali during the time of the festivals, then consider yourself the luckiest because Manali has some of the best festivals ever. The Hidimba Devi Festival is one of the most famous ones as well. There is the Lohri Festival that happens every single year and so much more.

It is now time to take a break from the monotonous lives of yours in the city and come to see the best Manali tourist places. One visit to this magical place and we swear you wouldn’t want to leave for sure. This is one of the main reasons why people are so crazy about visiting Manali in the first place. Because of the beauty and places to visit in Manali.

How to Reach Manali

So you have all your bags completely packed so that you can travel to Manali? Well, in that case, you need to know how to reach Manali and you will be all set. There are many different ways by which you can reach the magical place. Here we will tell you how to reach Manali by car, train, bus, and by air.

By Air

You will find that Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Manali and you can easily book the tickets of some domestic flights that will take you to Bhuntar Airport. Since Manali is just 50kms away from the airport in Bhuntar, you can easily book a ride by a taxi from the airport and reach your destination. If you have a big budget and you want to travel comfortably, a flight is the best option. 

By Road

You would definitely enjoy riding a car till Manali as the roads are breathtaking to look at. Find yourself getting lost in the scenic beauty as you will get to explore some of the best locations in Manali if you go by road. It doesn’t really take that long and you will enjoy the experience for sure. Most people prefer going to Manali in a car and that is the reason why.

By Train

If you travel by train and you have a small budget, then you will see that Joginder Nagar has a railway station that is closest to the Manali railway station. There are many locations from which you can easily board the train such as Chandigarh and Ambala and so much more. Make sure that you book early as you might not get the tickets in the season.

By Taxi

Most people just go by Taxi because they want to explore the nearby areas that are surrounding Manali such as Shimla, Dharamshala, Kullu, and so many other places. There are private taxis available for the people who want to do that. If the long distance of the journey doesn’t really bother you, then you can choose this mode of travelling for sure. And probably this is the best way to reach the places to visit in Manali.

Well, now that you know how to reach Manali, why don’t you just make the bookings and get ready to explore the best of the Manali tourist places.

List Of What To See In Manali: Top 22 Destinations

When you are visiting Manali for the first time, there are some places to visit in Manali that you just can not miss. For someone who is travelling for the very first time, what to see in Manali can be a very big deal for sure. However, we are here to help you out. We will list some of the best places to visit in Manali so that you will know exactly where to go. Trust us, people. Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you miss out on these places to visit in Manali.

Hadimba Temple

You might not have heard about the demon goddess Hidimba to whom this temple is dedicated but then that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be visiting it. One of the most amazing places to visit in Manali, this temple is an example of sheer beauty. If you are not impressed with the amazing stonework there then we don’t know what will impress you. The temple remains open in the mornings for 1 hour and there is no entry fee as well. So, you might as well just visit the place.

Solang Valley

If you don’t want the common Manali tour then this is the place that you need to go. The Solang valley is one of the best places to visit in Manali. The place is about 13km away from Manali and is a very attractive destination for the honeymooners. You can see the glaciers from the distance and it is a magical feeling for sure. No doubt that you will be mesmerized by the sight of the place. Experience the thrill of horse riding and paragliding in here amongst other adventure sports.

Best places to visit in Manali
Solang valley

Jogni Waterfalls

The Jogni Waterfalls is not a place that most people visit but then that gives you all the more reason to visit this enchanting place. Also known as the Jugni Waterfalls, this place is about 3km away from Manali market. Take a car and drive to this amazing waterfalls and have a wonderful trekking experience there. There is no doubt about the fact that is place is the best for a majestic view of the waterfalls.

The Great Himalayan National Park

If you just want to see the amazing collections of flora and fauna that are present in Manali, the Great Himalayan National Park is the best option for sure. Many tourists come from different parts of the world to experience the sheer beauty that you can see in Manali. Housing some of the best species of fauna and other scenic beauty items, this is a must-visit place for sure. Situated about 70km away from Manali, this place is a treat to watch in the month of September, June, and October.

Manu Temple

There is another temple that is in Manali and it is known as the Manu Temple, dedicated to the Sage Manu who has a very religious significance to the people who live here. Even the name of the place Manali is derived from Sage’s name. So, there is no doubt about the fact that this temple is something that you should definitely go and visit in Manali.

Cafe 1947

If you are in Manali and you do not get to go to Café 1947 then your trip to Manali is not complete. It might be a little bit hard to think that this cafe is one of the famous places to see in Manali, but it definitely is. Situated close to the Manalasu River in Manali, you will be able to see this amazing music café that is one of the oldest gems in Manali. Make sure that you do visit the place for some good food and good music. Try the burgers that they serve in here as they are amazing.

Old Manali

For those who don’t really want to see the new shade of Manali, Old Manali is the best place to go. Just cross the River Manalasu and you are all set to enter this part. The charming village is filled with exotic stuff for you. You can go for downhill cycling in here and make sure that you don’t forget about the amazing eateries that are in here such as Red House Café and Lazy Dog.

Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave)

If you go about 5km away from the lands of Manali, you will pass the amazing Arjun Gufa. These caves are certainly the star attraction for sure as they will mesmerize you with the beauty. There is a legend about the cave and it is associated with the Mahabharata. So, there is no doubt about the fact that you should definitely come here if you are in the area.

Nehru Kund

The highway from Manali that leads to Leh holds another one of the treasures. Just a little bit away from Manali, you will get to see the famous Nehru Kund which is yet another amazing place to see. This is basically a spring that is originating from the Bhrigu Lake and is a popular place amongst all the tourists and the locals as well.  Click some amazing photos of the place and you are all set for the exploration.

Van Vihar National Park

Here we have got another one of the Manali tourist places that you can check out. The Van Vihar National Park is also the main attraction as tourists from all over the world visit this amazing place sees the amazing groves that it has. Find yourself getting lost in the deodar and pine groves in here and you will never wish to leave. The site is just a little bit away from Mall Road so it is pretty easy to find as well.

Rohtang Pass

For those who want to see this amazing sight of snow, Rohtang Pass is the best place to go. This is certainly one of the best places in Manali that we have here. Just on the Manali-Keylong Highway, you will get to see the Rohtang Pass and it is one of the highest points that you will ever go to. So, make sure that you have all the essentials with you. Look over the Pass and have a full view of the Kullu region and Spiti Mountains.

Places to visit in Manali
Rohtang pass

Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

This is yet another amazing attraction for the people in here. This Buddhist Monastery will fill your hearts with devotion for sure. You will be impressed with the Tibetian architecture that it has. Located right on the Mall Road, it is a great place to visit for sure. Witness the lives of the amazing Buddhist monks right there and you will have an amazing experience for sure. The best time to go there is between October and May.

Pandoh Dam

You might want to check out the amazing Pandoh Dam which is about a little bit away from Manali. Go and check out this amazing location if you want to see the stunning sight with your own eyes. You will be mesmerized with the sight of the tall pine trees and the view of the Himalayas for sure. You might not be able to experience water sports, but the site is just worth it.

Places to visit in Manali
Pandoh Dam

Vashisht Hot Water Springs & Temple

If you travel just 3km away from Manali, you will be able to see the amazing Vashisht Hot water springs in there. The place is all about nature and beauty. Many believe that the water from this hot water spring is the cure for skin infections as well. You will also find some Turkish styled showers that can be used by both men and women. The place is open for a visit all day so you can go anytime to have a breathtaking experience.

The Castle Manali

If you go to the Naggar Town, you will get to see this magnificent castle that stands tall and narrates the history of the place. This wood and stone castle is one of the best tourist attractions for sure and you will have an amazing experience visiting it. You can visit the castle from 7 AM in the morning to 10 PM and night. The entry fee is about Rd.15 so it is not that much. This castle is one of the best places to visit in Manali.

Rahalla Falls

The Rahalla Falls cascade from a total height of about 8500ft and is one of the best sights in Manali for sure. On your way to visit the Rohtang Pass, don’t forget to stop and take this breathtaking sight for sure. The falls are certainly one of the best places to visit in Kullu Manali. Just a little bit away from the Manali town, you will be greeted with the sight of this amazing beauty. Take pictures and have a wonderful experience here when you are sightseeing in Manali.

Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art

Just after you visit the Hidimba Temple, you can take a little time and go visit the Museum Of Himachal Culture and Art a little bit away from there. There are literally so many different artefacts and antiques that you will love for sure. The entry ticket fee is just 10 rupees so that shouldn’t be a problem. This place is a must visit for the people who want to know about the history of the place.


If you are here in Manali, and you don’t visit Kasol, then the entire trip is not even complete. This amazing location is the best place for someone who wants to see the Himalayan Mountain Peaks. Just a little bit away from the Manali town, this small yet comfortable location offers a lot of beautiful places and attractive sights to the people. Come to Kasol as it is certainly paradise on earth. Try trekking, backpacking, mountain climbing, and other amazing sports here.

Hampta Pass

If you are ever in Manali, then you need to see this corridor pass that connects Kullu and Lahaul. The Hampta Pass is another one of the locations that provide mesmerizing sights to the people who want to experience the best in Manali. You will enjoy the trekking experiences here as they are thrilling and adventurous. With the most amazing sceneries to please your mind, this place is a must-visit one if you are ever in the area.

Places to visit in Manali
Hampta Pass near Manali

Bhrigu Lake

The Bhrigu Lake in Manali is popularly called the ‘Pool of Gods’ and this picturesque location is something that you cannot possibly miss for sure. There are thousands of tourists who come to visit this place and enjoy the water sports that are provided in here.


Here is another scenic village in Manali that is a star attraction for sure. The place is surrounded by tourists who want to have a piece of knowledge about the culture and the heritage of the people. Just a short drive of about 27kms will take you to this amazing location which is charming with the beautiful surroundings.

Beas River

We all know that the Beas River in Manali is a place that you have to visit if you are in the area. Come to the amazing location after a drive of 47kms and find yourself getting lost in the beauty of the place. You will see that there are many amazing water sports awaiting your attention to you.

Places to visit in Manali
Beas river in Manali town

Best Time To Visit Manali To Explore The Best

There is no doubt about the fact that Manali is one of the most popular destinations that people absolutely love to visit in the first place. Although you could visit Manali any time of the year and you will feel completely mesmerized with the beauty of it, we mostly recommend that you visit this magical place somewhere between October to January. The monsoon season starts to face away as October nears and you will be able to see the first snowfall if you are in the place. However, most people just choose to visit the place in the month of December and January as this is the time when Manali is at its full glory. The mountains will be all laced up with the snow and the whole place will look magical to the people. If you want to have the best experience of going to the places to visit in Manali, then this is the time when you need to go to the place. After all, there is so much to see and do that you might end up staying for a long time.

Interesting Facts About Manali

There is no doubt about the fact that Manali is one of the most popular destinations where people go to in order to have some fun. There are so many places to visit in Manali and the list of Manali attractions just doesn’t come to an end. So, there is no doubt that if you want to go to Manali for a vacation, then you will get to experience the best of travel.

But before you go to an unknown place, it is your job to know every single thing about the place. So, if this is your first visit to Manali, then you need to know each and every single thing that there is to know about the place. Well, Manali might just be a fun location to be in but there are so many secrets and interesting facts that are surrounding the place. Here we will be telling you all about these facts. When you are going to the places to visit in Kullu Manali, make sure that you keep these facts in mind as these will help you with your travelling experiences for sure. Let us get started then, people. We are pretty sure that you would enjoy the facts that we have for you in here.

  • There are three different but adjacent hills that constitute the place Manali. Every single hill has a village.
  • There is the Old Manali Village where you will find the very famous Manu Temple. And also the Vashishtha Village and it is here that you will get to see the Vashishtha Temple.
  • Dhungri Village where you will get to see the Hidimba Temple. All these temples are some of the best tourist places to visit in Manali.
  • When it comes to adventure sport, there cannot be a place that is better than Manali. If you see the amazing frozen mountains and the cool locations, you will completely agree with what we have to say here.
  • Some of the most amazing adventure sports that people love to try in Manali are Skiing, Trekking, Paragliding, Mountain Climbing, and some other amazing options. You need to make sure that you try these if you are travelling to Manali.
  • Although Manali is situated in between the hills and give more of a rural vibe to the people who come there for travelling, there is no doubt about the fact that all the villages that are in Manali are pretty much urbanized.
  • If you go around a little bit, then you will see many amazing riverside cafes that are present in the hill station. The sights from these cafes are simply amazing.
  • If you are a food lover and you want to experience the best of the food paradise that is in Manali, then you need to make sure that you go to the right places.
  • Manali is a place where street food and foods from the stalls are some of the best additions to the cuisine.
  • Apart from the local dishes that are found here, you can try several state cuisines and other options as well.

Some Travel Tips For Your Trip To Manali

So, you think that you are all set to travel to Manali and see the wonderful things that the place has in store for you. Are you sure that you are not forgetting something? Well, your ticket is all booked, you have all the things that you need. But then again, you are definitely forgetting something. Whenever you are travelling to some place, you need to make sure that you are always notified about the things that you can expect in there. The travel tips when you are going to new locations are something that is very essential for the people.

So, when you are going to Manali India’s point of interest, then it is our duty to provide you with some of the safety tips that are going to help you out with your journey to the places. Well, it turns out that there is more than one tip that you will need so you can visit the place in a better way. This travel guide will provide you with the best tips that will help you visit the amazing lands of Manali in a better way.

  • One of the most amazing things about Manali is that most of the places, no matter where you go, have got no VAT associated with the expenses. So, you can easily get to explore the place without having to pay the additional tax money. Doesn’t that seem to be an amazing thing, people?
  • The expenses that you have to pay for the rides are something that will depend on the type of the car that you choose. Most of the people who are in Manali prefer SUVs for sightseeing and we recommend that as well.
  • If you are travelling during the winter season, make sure that you are always carrying some woollen clothes so that they can protect you from the freezing cold. This is something that you always have to keep in mind. Even if you are visiting in the summer, as it is a hill station in the North it can still be chilly so carry a jacket or sweater.
  • The local food joints in Manali are filled with delicious local foods. But, if you want to have the taste of the true and authentic local cuisine of Manali, then there is no better option than the food stalls that are on the streets.
  • There are many different places for shopping in Manali but if you want to see the best shops and markets in Manali, then Mall Road is the shopping hub that you need to go to.


So, that is all that you need to know about your trip to Manali. We sincerely hope that this travel guide is helpful to you during your trip. So, what are you waiting for people? Get to packing and travel to Manali right now.  


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