Poseidon’s Home – Sabah l Malaysia

If anyone ever said there is no place on Earth you can find peace, that’s a lie. If anyone said that peace needs to be solved by intervention, that’s a lie. If anyone even mentions to you that the idea of peace is bogus, that’s a lie. The basic idea of peace and tranquility can be found in one of the most beautiful places ever. I have not felt tranquility like this in my life. I couldn’t comprehend the silence that was surrounding me, and neither could I believe that I was one of them. This is when I really wish I was Poseidon – God of Sea.  I bet you that Poseidon loved living in the ocean, but his home would have been Sabah. When man, water, and marine life live in harmony – you feel at peace.

Non-Swimmers can Swim

When you do your research about Sabah – all of its diving and water sports will call out to you. Sailing, parasailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, rafting are adventure sports – but the actual drama, mystery, beauty, and unpredictability is when you go ocean walking and snorkeling or in my case free diving. If you are wondering ‘I’m not a swimmer, I won’t survive’, it isn’t true. There are people I know who are terrified of water touching their face in the fear of drowning at 2ft in a swimming pool which is impossible for an adult. So trust me when I say that if people like that can manage to snorkel with the help of a friend or professional, you can too. Look at the experience of snorkeling and diving like a beautiful looking experimental dish – if it tastes bad at least you’ve got a gazillion likes on Instagram, but if it tastes really good too – there is no stopping you.

Picture Credits: travel.earth

What Lies Beneath?

Just like that, you will be obsessed with the view underwater. For years I’ve always wanted to just look at how the fishes live. Yeah, there have been documentaries, pictures, stories from others – but nothing compares to being part of a school of fish in the coral reef. In a million years I never thought fishes would enjoy my company, that’s how I convinced myself while I was with them. The clarity of the water in Sabah is a true testament to the Sabah Tourism Board and the people for making sure they do not pollute the water in any way. The island we had gone to was buzzing with intrigue and extreme enthusiasm. I was witnessing a hoard of tourists from the South-East side of the world dipping their toes in the water to test if the smallest of fish would be interested in interacting with them.

Picture Credits: travel.earth

Moments of True Emotion

One of the most beautiful laughs that caught my attention was when a kid with his floaters like a bicep felt fishes on his feet. He was happy, confused and excited – I think in some way he decided he will become a professional diver. The anticipation to my first ocean walk was building, but nothing prepared me for my reaction when I borrowed goggles and looked below the surface of the ocean, to see where we would be walking – I was left in absolute disbelief. From a wreck to a bridge and corals, I saw everything like I was meant to be a fish or let’s be honest a killer whale. During my ocean walk, I was brushed by a lot of fishes and I’ve never been so touched emotionally while seeing fishes come close to while I feed them – it was a blissful feeling. I became best friends with a family of clown fish as I introduced myself as The Joker.

Picture Credits: travel.earth

Take a Deep Breath and Get Lost

Sabah and its waters will bless you with some of the most intimate moments of your life, and trust me if you’re anything like me – you will not get out of the water. Visit Sabah and become one with mother nature.



  1. Wowwww. This place sounds amazing,. Sea walking sounds like lot of fun. Would love to experience this. Beautiful pics too. Beautifully written.?

  2. Feels like I was in SABAH!! The writer made me feel like I just witnessed it all personally. Definitely a must visit place in my bucket list! Cheers!

  3. Well written travelogue! Congratulations.. it reminds me of my first rendezvous with ocean in Andaman and Nicobar islands where I could closely see and feel beautiful and colourful live corals and fish. Amazing world inside the waters. Thanks for sharing.


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