Raja seat is a jewel laid in the verdant surroundings of Coorg. The moment you enter into this lovely garden, you will be carried away to the land of celestial beauty. Imagine for a moment a place that formerly bestowed its splendors of nature upon kings and queens, and now it invited you to enjoy this richness. The air gets filled with the scent of flowers floating lightly in this mountainous terrain. The inviting pathways of the trimmed grasslands lie ahead of you. Take the winding pathways of the trimmed grasslands bordered by verdant foliage, and soon, you will have stumbled on the court of kings. Belched upon a cliff, Raja seat Coorg boasts amazing vistas that will take away your breath. And then the valleys of blossoms opened to the eye like a verdant carpet, the distant snow-capped peaks towering and majestic against the azure skyline.

raja seat view point is worth the visit
View of Kodagu (Coorg) from Raja’s Seat in Madikeri. Image Source: istock

Raja Seat Timings, Location & Entry Fee

Timings: 5.30 AM to 8:00 PM

Musical Fountain Timings: 7:00 PM on weekdays, 6.45 PM to 7.20 PM on weekends

Location: Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

Entry Fee: INR 5 and an additional INR 20 for the toy train ride.

Best Time To Visit Raja Seat Coorg

The best time to visit Raja seat Coorg is during the early morning and evening hours. The early morning hours at this beautiful garden will give you a breathtaking view of the sunrise behind the fog-laden mountains and you can catch the spectacular sunset during the evening hours. Also, it’s important to check the weather conditions before you plan to make a trip to this place. October to May is the best time to visit this place as the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear. Also since the Coorg region receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season it is best to avoid visiting this place between June to September. 

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Top 5 Activities To Do At Raja Seat 

raja seat entry fee must be paid before visiting.
Great sunset views from Raja seat view point.

Enjoy The Sunset

View the panoramic color pattern of the Raja seat sunset, which paints the sky in a beautiful, picturesque view. The colors forming the sight change every other moment from bright oranges to subtle pinks. Get a relaxing place to sit on one of the benches or the grassy hillock, and let the tranquil ambiance soothe your soul as you witness nature’s grand finale for the day.

Garden Stroll

The gardens around Raja Seat Coorg are well-maintained and draw nature lovers to long walks. Stroll down the snake-like paths through the colorful blooms and lush foliage lining your way. A whole array of flowers with the whiff of its fragrance and fresh leaves rustling in the air form a sensory symphony that in itself refreshes the mind and the body alike.

Relax And Have A Picnic

Lay your picnic blanket in the shadow of the trees swaying over your head in a leisurely feast with your loved ones. Relish the taste and feel the freshness as you savor the mouthwatering treats with the backdrop of fresh air and the company of your loved ones that fills the air in close company with nature. 

Explore The Attractions Around

Go beyond Raja Seat and explore the hidden beauties of Coorg. Enter the historic walls of Madikeri Fort, feel the misty spray of Abbey Falls on your skin, or gear up for an interaction of a kind never known before, at Dubare Elephant Camp. Assuring each visitor of a different peek into the rich tapestry of the cultural and natural heritage of Coorg.

Musical Fountain Show

Make sure to first find out the Raja seat musical fountain timings and plan your visit there accordingly. As the sun sets on this place, the air here is filled with melodies and water jets dancing in a beautiful rhythm, illuminated by colorful lights. And it’s a sight to marvel at – the dance of coherent lights, colors, and music that grabs audiences of all ages to be lost in the rhythmic harmony of nature and technology during the musical fountain show. 

check for raja seat timings before visit.
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Concluding Thoughts

Wait no more and visit Raja seat Coorg where you can watch the beauty of nature unfold in front of your eyes. Immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere with the flower-filled pathways and the majesties of the view. Let us take a trip through this timeless place because you all deserve to be surrounded by moments of tranquility and happiness. 


How to Reach Raja’s Seat?

By Flight: The Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport to Raja seat which is nearly 150 km away. The airport taxis or public transport systems are the options you can use to reach Raja’s Seat from the airport.
By Train: The Mysore Junction is the nearest railway station to the area, which is about 120 km away. Once at the railway station, you can take a taxi or a bus or any other local transport or a private car to get to this place.
By Bus/Car: Coorg is well connected by roads and you can easily this place by bus or a private car. SH17 of the State Highway is another way to travel from Bangalore and reach Coorg. Besides, many government and private buses are running regular services from major cities of Karnataka to Coorg.

Why is it called the Raja’s seat?

This place is called Raja’s Seat or “Seat of the Kings” as the Kings & Queens of Coorg favored this spot for leisure & relaxation from which they could enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding hills and valleys also famously known as the Raja Seat viewpoint now.


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