I’m going to play the older woman card again here – when you reach my age, you enjoy the spa visits a lot more than younger people do. It’s coz bones gets creaky and muscles are not as supple as they used to be. A massage does wonders for my well being and improves my mood in seconds!

We stayed at the plush and superb Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Resort. We had premium rooms in the Ocean Wing (check it out here) – there was a hot tub on the balcony! Need I say more! As you walk along to your room, the rainforest is on your left and once you get into the room, you have a mind-boggling view of the South China Sea. If there is a paradise – this is it, this is it, this is it!


A sunset view from Shangri La Rasa Ria
Photo courtesy: Kamya Buch

Seeing as we had done the river rafting the day earlier, I was a bit sore. Put it down to travel and hardly any sleep as well. Am I shuffled along the lawns of this magnificent resort, I met Arun of and Regina Sulit-Lain – the charming and gracious Director of Communications at the Shangri La.  She had one look at me and I think being a woman, knew I was in dire need of some ‘me’ time. She suggested I try the spa. Of course, I needed absolutely no coaxing. Jumped at the chance and headed off to the Spa in the inter-building shuttle. It’s situated in the building where the Golf course starts.


I had to fill out a form which asks for details of any health issues they have to be aware of and any particular areas of focus for the massage. Traditional sarongs are provided for you to wear at the spa. With soothing music in the background, the place is so serene and peaceful. Just what the doctor ordered for me!

Greeted by a smiling Appolonia who was to be my Masseuse, I knew I was in for a fantastic 1 hour 45 minutes. I chose the Heaven and Earth treatment – this included a facial, body and head massage. It was nothing short of being in heaven. Believe me!

Essentials for a spa day
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I changed into a robe and lay face down on a massage bed. She began with my shoulders and back – gently kneaded the stress knots in my shoulder. It hurt but once done, felt wonderful. Then onto my legs. It lulled me into a deep sleep and she had to wake me up so that I could turn onto my back.

My face was gently exfoliated and cleansed followed by a very soothing face mask – again I fell asleep!! Sheesh! But so good for me seeing I was very sleep deprived. I then felt her pouring some warm oil onto my head. It dripped down my long hair into a basin.

Once that was done, she rubbed some powder into my scalp and massaged. Boy, that felt so good! She used just the right amount of pressure and understood where I needed more attention. For me, head and shoulders are the focus area. She did just that! My calves were very taut and she teased the stress out of them. Hurt like hell but once the stress knots eased, I was relaxed.

Spa room in Shangri-La Rasa Ria, Sabah
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Time flew by and before I knew it, the massage was done. I headed into the shower cubicle to have a nice hot shower. My hair felt like silk and my body all scrubbed and invigorated! My face tingled and I think actually looked luminous! Might have been the lighting in the room but judging from the way I felt, I think it did shine a bit.

A nice ginger lemon tea later and I was all set to come back to the main resort to have lunch with the team. I literally sleepwalked to the restaurant – I was so relaxed and de-stressed. Joycelyn (Manager Sales) and Marsha (Manager Events) teased me saying I looked like a zombie – all dreamy eyed and floating around!

A must try for all in my opinion – The Spa offers a range of massages and treatments. The menu is not vast but covers everything from the shoulder, foot, back and head massages pedicure, manicure, body treatments and wellness massages. They use natural, herbal and botanical products are used and are also available if you’d like to buy.

Viva la Spa – they made a new woman out of me that day!

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  1. VIVA LA SPA for sure
    i do need to RELAX n BE PAMPERED sounds so very tempting GOOD WRITE UP Mrs. Mavis Smith might make a trip there next year

  2. Maeve – there’s going to be a lot of new business coming along for many spas after reading such beautiful stuff

    Glad you had a great time and surely waiting for when I can enjoy such luxury at Sabah


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