With the new year, many of us make resolutions and think about travelling more every year. But do we? Many of us don’t. We wait for the right time to travel. 

If you have experienced a trip that left you smiling for weeks, you’d know that travelling is a blessing. Travel not only gives you exposure but also gives you a different perspective towards life. And if you have not experienced travel enough, you need to start it. It also gives you some great stories to tell.

But do we travel enough? According to a survey conducted by, 44% of the Americans regret not travelling enough. We always have some or the other reason ready to not travel. Today you might have pending bills to pay and tomorrow you won’t have enough money to travel. There always will be excuses that will come in the way of your travelling plans. There will be no right time to travel, there never will be. Sudden plans or sudden short trips are the best way to travel because you don’t give yourself time to think. You just get up and go.

I want to ask you if the following reasons are adequate for not travelling:

Not Enough Money

Not having enough money to travel is the most common excuse that people make. But not all travel experiences need to be luxurious. You might spend a lot of money on the things that you do not really need. But you can always travel to places that can be travelled even if on a low budget. You don’t need to be rich to travel, you need to be smart.

You Have Never Travelled Before

Okay… First of all, No one’s judging you but why haven’t you? Is it because you are not comfortable getting out of your comfort zone? Trust me, travelling is worth it. If you are still scared to do it, research about the destination first and then do the bookings. We live in a world that runs on the internet these days. With just one click, you get to know everything about everything. Then why not use it to travel the world?

Your Job Is The Obstacle

That’s true! This is again one reason that you can not avoid “apparently”. Yes, you have a job in which you are allowed to use some leaves. You get long weekends that can be used for travelling. Plus, travelling is healthy for your work life. Tell your boss to spare you some days so that he gets his monthly reports quicker. Your work efficiency increases when you travel guys. It’s a scientific fact!

You Don’t Have Anyone To Go With

Everyone is different, people might not like travelling as much as you do. You can always go alone or travel with a group of other travellers. There are companies that fulfil the needs of travellers. They plan your trip and help you with sightseeing. What else do you need? Be your own company and see the world.

It’s Not Safe

Let me ask you something, is crossing a road, safe? Is driving safe?

Or… is jumping on a bed, safe?

No, but you still do it. You still do everything your life needs you to do. Then why can’t travelling be a part of it? Travelling is equally safe or equally unsafe. You can control your security by taking precautions. Don’t let your desire die because it’s, “unsafe”.

You Don’t Speak Their Language

Twenty years ago, this excuse would have made sense. But today you have many applications that help you while travelling with the language problem. Some applications help you to translate the words or sentences that will help in conveying the message for you. Also, you can always use the universal language – body language and gestures!

You Fear Flights

You can always use trains, buses, ships to travel. These might take more time but at least you have an option which is cheaper comparatively. Have you ever heard of Grahan Hughes? He was the first guy in the world who travelled to 201 countries without using a plane. If he can do it, so can you.

You Are Too Young To Travel

If you are in your teens, you are ready for travelling. Be it with your family or your friends or alone. It is actually better to travel with your family if you are in your early teens. It’s awesome to travel with your friends or even travel alone if you are in your late teens. But, it is great to travel.

You Are Too Old

I have seen people making travel plans after their retirement and I have even seen people going for solo trips in their old age. If you are not going to travel now, when is it going to be then? It is NOW or NEVER!

You Don’t Know Where To Start From

Start from anywhere. Go to a nearby place for travelling or plan your travel if you are travelling solo. Pick a destination, research about it and push off. The mantra is,

Do Not Think!

Just go and do it. There are destinations where you can travel and still save some money for yourself. Just Go!

Excuses can go on and on but not wasting your time in thinking is something that can be done later. For now, it’s good to pack your bags and live the best moments of your life. Try what you have not tried before and let travel bring a smile on your face.

Please let us know in the comments section below about your travel experiences and travel stories.


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