Have You Heard About The Benefits Of Travelling? Here’s What Science Says

When I say the word “Travel”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Food? Vacation? Meeting new people? Or taking Instagramable pictures? What if I give you another reason to add to this list? What if I tell you that there are loads of benefits of travelling?


Yes, it is scientifically proven that travelling is good for our health. And by health I don’t only mean physical health, I also mean mental health. There are many benefits of travelling that I am going to tell you today.

Travel Creates Stronger Antibodies

When you travel, you are exposed to different weather conditions and different surroundings. This means that you are exposed to new bacteria as well. Don’t worry! Your immune system is trained to fight that bacteria. When you travel from place to place, your body gets adapted to different kinds of bacteria and makes your immune system stronger. Antibodies are the main members of the immune system. Exposure to the dirt is a warm-up for them. Exposure provokes the multiplication of T-cells that guard the immune system.

Travel Helps To Lower Stress Levels

This might not surprise you. But now the fact is scientifically proven. You have plenty of free time on a vacation that eventually keeps you away from the stress and gives you time to think… to breathe resulting in stress relief. Even if you are not able to take a full-fledged vacation, try to take a break like a small trip. This will help you lower your anxiety levels and put you in a better mood.

Travel Decreases Heart Disease Risk

Framingham Heart Study did a study on the subject. They gave a questionnaire to a few women and asked them to fill it giving the details of their travel in the last 20 years. The women who took a vacation in 5-6 years were most likely to develop coronary heart disease than those who took 2-3 vacations per year, the study claimed. Elaine Eaker, a co-author of this study and president of a private research company confirmed the study.

Travel Improves Your Brain Health

Studies have shown there is a connection between travelling and increasing creativity. Neural pathways of our brain are influenced by new sounds, new environment, new smells, language, tastes and help the synapses in the brain to revitalise the mind. Another study shows that the people who travel more, are emotionally stable.

Travel Increases Your Life Expectancy

Travel reduces stress and increases brain health resulting in a longer, healthier life. It keeps your body healthy and that helps in increasing life expectancy.

Planning A Trip Itself Increases A Sense Of Happiness

A study from Cornell University discovered that people get more happiness from planning a trip than actually buying something. So not only going on a trip but planning one can also be good for your well-being. People are happiest for their upcoming trips. Why not?

Travelling Reduces The Chances Of Depression

Our modern lifestyle includes a lot of busyness and stress that can have a really negative effect on our productivity and health. Many tests are conducted to prove that travel releases stress levels and helps in building mental health, hence reducing the chances of depression.

Travel Makes You More Creative

Travel brings out the best in you. You must have understood this by now. And if not, here is something to add on to the benefits of travelling. Studies show that the more you travel, the more creative you become in your work. Travel can act as a catalyst for your professional life. Travel allows your brain to make new pathways and connections.

Helps You Sleep Better

Restless nights and lack of sleep is an indication that you need a break. If you need one, then take one. Your tired and stressed mind is the reason that you can’t sleep properly. It can help you get rid of every stress, make you healthier and let you sleep better.

Helps You Survive Periods

I have heard many people saying that exercise during periods is not good and you should rest as much as possible. But here is a fun fact for everyone. Travelling mostly means staying outdoors. Staying outdoors include a lot of Vitamin D, walking and releasing stress. And all these things are good for you if you want to survive your periods. Sunlight helps in reducing cramps and also provides warmth to your back and abdomen. Moderate exercise such as walking helps in increasing the blood circulation and provides relief from bloating. The endorphins that are released during travel help reduce the crankiness.

Increases Iodine In Body

A visit to coastal areas, swimming in the sea water and consuming seafood can increase the level of Iodine in your body. I don’t need to tell you how important iodine is for your body. Iodine improves immunity and influences thyroid glands functions.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your trip for your health’s sake. Take a break and come back smiling. The positive effect of travelling will remain with you for weeks. After that plan another trip. 😉

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