As someone who is a mountain soul in every sense, the world underneath the ocean has always intrigued me. The idea of venturing deep into the sea to witness its wonders seemed equally exciting yet brought a slight nervousness considering my terrible swimming abilities. I had an opportunity to go on a sea walking experience with Borneo Reef World in association with Travel Earth and Sabah Tourism. And I told myself, I might as well surrender to the ocean than resist.

Borneo Reef World is a Reef Activities Entertainment Centre with multiple activities that offers a wide range of unique underwater experiences. Today, the reef activity pontoon is the second largest in the world and by far the largest in South East Asia. Located between Sapi and Gaya Islands within the area of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, it is one of the best places for an amazing underwater experience.

A clown fish amongst the sea reeds - sea walking
The stellar coral universe will enthral your senses

A short boat ride got me to a point in the ocean where coral reefs and marine life exist in abundance. I was assured by my guide that it is a cake walk even for the non-swimmers. Geared in my swim suit and a glass, I was all set for my sea walk. The clear blue waters were calling out to me.

A woman seawalkingApprehensively, I walked down a stair to a pathway that led to the coral reef. I was assisted by a professional diver into this new world. Submerged underwater; letting myself loose, I allowed the ocean to surprise me. What my eyes witnessed was an explosion of colours. Beautiful fish were the only passersby around. Some even stared at me as I gazed in awe.

A clown fish amongst the sea reeds - sea walkingColourful, shimmering gangs of fish appear at once in a flash. There’s something mesmerizing about close encounters with marine life. The strikingly pristine corals caught my eye; inducing an otherworldly feeling. Suddenly, the nervousness ceased to exist. An aura of tranquillity took over. I felt at peace; one with the ocean. As if the ocean knew me inside-out. All it needed from me was an open heart to embrace its love.

Borneo Reef world’s experiences are a great initiative to familiarize people with the rich marine bio-diversity. The sea walking is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s definitely worth a try. If sailing away dreamily is your fancy, Borneo Reef World also organizes glass bottom boat rides for marine entertainment.

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People sea walkingYou can visit the Underwater Observatory Aquarium – the only aquarium in Sabah at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. Borneo Reef World’s Fish Education Platform enables visitors to take delight in observing a variety of marine life closely. Borneo Reef World aims to promote awareness on sustainable seafood and marine conservation. This awareness program can educate travellers on the challenges faced in the conservation of marine biodiversity and the environment.

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A group of people sea walkingYou haven’t seen Sabah until you have seen it underwater. It’s down here that a vivid world lives. A variety of fish and marine plants dance away to the rhythm of the ocean.  Being underwater is like being in love; you hold your breath yet you don’t wish to come up for air and miss out on the beauty underneath. The ocean can unravel its magic if you surrender to its charm. I am truly grateful to have experienced the magical underwater world – something that has found a special place in my little book of memoirs.

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