After a relaxed first day of my weekend in Copenhagen, it was time for an exciting second one. Obviously, this city had a lot in store for the second day too! It was filled with adventures and a lot of food! We visited a lot of food streets, popular gardens, and shopping streets and just enjoyed a nice bus tour!

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Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

Raffenburg is a very popular street food market in Copenhagen. This is a perfect tourist spot, which gets crowded especially during weekends. You get to hog on a variety of delicacies all under one roof! Enjoy pizzas to beef curries, turkey chicken to tacos and gelatos to churning shakes! Raffenburg is decorated with colourful benches and is known for its relaxed ambience.

I chose Margarita Pizza and French fries for my breakfast! It was located around 8 km from my hostel, therefore; we took a bus to reach there. The pretty little corners at Raffenburg are perfect for some Insta-worthy photos!

Little Mermaid

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

After a delicious breakfast at Raffenburg, we caught a bus to Little Mermaid. Located near  Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid statue is another famous tourist spot. You need to walk a little, but the beautiful statue of Little Mermaid sitting on the stone makes it worth everything!

You can also see lots of massive cruise ships in a line ready to leave the harbour. Along with these, there are also other boats that can give you a ferry ride in the blue sea. As for me, I chose to sit down and relax at the edge of the harbour. Believe me, it was a soothing experience!

#ProTip – There is no entry fee to see the Little Mermaid statue, but it demands a long walk alongside the harbour.

City Centre

Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

After my visit to the city centre on my first day in Copenhagen, it was on my itinerary for the second day also, just to experience the unique vibe! There are different artists performing just on the side of the streets, people eating food, people shopping; and then, there was me, just watching. The city centre is a perfect amalgamation of art, shops, food, and people! Imagine a street where you can just walk, walk and walk, with no traffic to bother you. This endless street has a lot to offer and will never let you leave empty-handed!

#ProTip – do try the many flavoured nuts on this street! I bought all kinds of nuts that are a speciality of Copenhagen just for 60 DKK (600 INR).


Christiania is a former military base just outside Copenhagen that sat abandoned for many years before becoming the neighbourhood we know today. In 1971, a group of hippies broke down the barricades and began settling there. Nowadays, approximately 900 people live in the area, creating a community that has its own rules and regulations completely independent of the Danish government. Cannabis trade takes place in its famous “Green Light District.”

As I entered this place, a sign confronted me. It read: “Dear friends, There are three rules in the green light district: have fun; don’t run—it causes panic; no photos—buying and selling hash is still illegal”. Taking photographs is illegal here and so (as you can see) I don’t have a single photograph of this place.

Tivoli Gardens

Well after a busy second day, it was the time to bid goodbye to Copenhagen. We had already booked our bus home, and we had to take it from the stop near Tivoli Gardens. Though we didn’t have time to visit properly, the view of the lit gardens was simply magnificent.

#ProTip – if you’re planning to visit Tivoli, make sure to plan it in the evening, the lighting is amazing and the view is breathtaking!

Have you been to Copenhagen? If so do share your experiences int he comments below. Finally, a heartfelt farewell to Copenhagen! Until next time; you are sorely missed!


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