After a splendid experience of visiting Aarhus, the second-largest city of Denmark, it was the time to visit the country’s largest city, Copenhagen. My experience was truly an enriching one. You’re never just a tourist in this city! The city has a lot to offer, from beautiful and cosy cafes to superb nightlife. While I was studying in Denmark, I decided to spend a weekend in Copenhagen. Here’s what happened. 

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We had booked a hostel away from the city centre. Thus, after reaching, we immediately went there to freshen up. Then, it was time to explore! 

#ProTip – Buy city a pass that costs 80 DKK (800 INR) that will allow you to travel unlimited vias both bus and train.


Copenhagen, Denmark – July 28, 2017: Copenhagen cityscape with tourists and old clock tower. Strøget district, shopping street in European city

Our first stop was Copenhagen’s city centre. Here you will all the top attractions of Copenhagen from shopping streets to cafés, gardens, and museums. Copenhagen’s largest shopping area is in Strøget, a street in the heart of the city. We took a bus from the hostel and reached here after 4 stops.

Strøget is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets (a 1-kilometre long stretch running from City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv) and is lined with shops for everyone; on the same street, you’ll find budget-friendly chains and some of the world’s most expensive brands. Shopping was the main attraction here. After walking of 2-3 hours, we started getting hungry, so we stopped for some Chinese food at Wok China Town

Christiansborg Castle

Castle - weekend in copehagen
Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

After food safari, we left for Nyhavn, the most awaited attraction. But, on the way, we stopped Christiansborg Castle. The palace is home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office, and the Supreme Court. The place is serene with a lake alongside and a lot of small gardens. One should definitely visit the place.

#ProTip – Visit Christiansborg Castle in the evening, to enjoy the great lighting at the palace that is reflected in the water.


Picture Credits: Shalmali Jadhav

Our most-awaited tourist attraction in Copenhagen was Nyhavn. Here you will find colourful houses lined in a row along the canal, with a number of small cafes on the street. We walked to this place in the afternoon, and were amazed to see the view! The bridge was full of locks with a lot of wishes from a lot of people. I put a lock on the bridge to symbolise my love for Denmark. Don’t miss the ferry ride here. It costs around 50 DKK (500 INR) and takes you across the canal for 1 hour. 

#ProTip – Try one of the many ice cream stores at the edge of the canal. Copenhagen is known for its world-famous gelatos!


After spending afternoon and evening here, we had our dinner in one of the hidden streets near Nyhavn, and then it was time to return to the hostel; but not to sleep! We were yet to experience the nightlife of Copenhagen. We went to the hostel, changed, took a bus and returned to the city centre. There’s a street here where you can find a whole lot of clubs lined in a row. We decided to visit the Culture Box. Culture Box is Copenhagen’s one of the top-rated clubs. 

The red disco lights, live DJ’s, a flowing drinks counter, and the enthusiastic young crowd of Copenhagen will make you fall in love with the city! We danced our heart out and got lost in the rhythm of the music. The parties at Copenhagen begin at 12 in the night and go on till 6 in the morning. So, when you will get out of the club, you’ll be amazed to see that its morning already!

#ProTip – the entry fee at Culture Box is 100 DKK (1000 INR), but it is worth the money.

That was my first long yet fulfilling day of my weekend in Copenhagen. And, I was waiting to see what was in the store for the second day!

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